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  1. huh no it's okay ^^

    I am kinda from the Philippines cause I am Filipino :)

  2. oh, sorry. i thought you're from Philippines.

  3. lol sorry ^^"

    that's good :)

    I don't have school now cuz it's summer break here. Wait when is ur summer break?

  4. it's... um, quite good. haha.

    how about yours?

  5. So um what do you want to talk about?

  6. add mo ako kim_angel_09@yahoo.com


  7. unnie same with you take care God Bless!!

    hehe.. hwaiting! bye po~

  8. yes po.. :))

    I'll add u up unnie whats yours?

  9. yah, well, take care! :) God bless. may FB ka?

  10. naabutan mo na ko! haha. :D

  11. oo nga unnie.. haha d na rin me magiging active tom's school..

    yes.. i do hope maabutan kita..

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