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  1. wow... i hope t-ara will go here in phils. to promote tony moly c",)
  2. waaahh, they are really look good together.. i'm looking forward to this couple i
  3. <P>seductive eunjungssi c",)<BR></P>
  4. AizaJoy0303

    KBS Hello (08.30)010

    wow qri is so pretty
  5. wow jangoonim is included in the MV how nice..... ge really likes T-ARA c",) how lucky eunjug is....
  6. she looks more prettier this days...
  7. amazing jiyeon... she still manage to dance despite of her knee injury (same knee injury scenario as Eunjung last Jan 2011)
  8. thank you for posting the screenshots... can i ak for the link of this shoh (with eng sub) thanks
  9. oh my what happen to jiyeon?
  10. AizaJoy0303


    gorgeous qri
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