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  1. we are suppose to believe in t-ara also to hwayoung . i hope they will be together again . and for the anti you all fail to make t-ara going down !! hahahaha !!!
  2. please clean up t-ara name . the anti is too much... i feel like they really wanted t-ara tear apart . but this news make me feel that t-ara rumours will be over soon .
  3. this topic is i don't care much . i do care about their relationship . after all this . will the mmber accept her again ?? will other mmber treat her well . that's what i've been thinking of .
  4. sorry for what eunjung ??? please stand up and speak to us . we will support u whatever you admit !! eunjung fighting !!
  5. i want they be together again n make a powerful and discipline team . respect the other . that's all . please be back together !! t-ara fighting !!!
  6. is this the truth ?? finally they do something good . but the police say "CCM doesn't contact us"?? urmm a little bit confuse here ?? can KKS stop talking and learn to keep quiet for awhile ?? t-ara fighting ! hwayoung fighting !! KKS quitting !! Hahaha .
  7. Tiara diadem you will not shut down ok!!! we must stand by their side and support.them ok!! diadem i'm counting on you .
  8. things a getting bad every second !! how can they survive like this !! t-ara we always behind your back !! t-ara fighting !!!
  9. this really going bad !! what is CCM think about ??? another lie . after another lie . please just be safe t-ara !! GO FU** YOURSELF !!!!!!
  10. please be safe ! that's all i can say . even they take a break a year this cannot solve sooner or later . just be safe t-ara !! t-ara fighting !!
  11. these anti never gonna stop to bring t-ara down . Finally KKS use his power to prtect t-ara and hwayoung . i hope this issue will stop as soon as possible .
  12. this red alert for t-ara . but there's something fishy around here ?? does t-ara have a day off ??? wow i'm shocked ! they say they never rest for a day !! invite her to a club ?? wow that's rare !! she can't perform on chair when the song i go crazy because of you . the dance on chair suppose to be jiyeon part . but coz of her age . she pass the dance to hyomin . club !!!?? she will caught up before she can go into the club .
  13. wow . this is very shocking moment for soyeon . are u satisfied now KKS & CCM ?? soyeon please be strong . just let t-ara mmber solve this . this rumours is just between the mmber not CCM . just let them speak .
  14. i just want them to be together again . somehow i think about t-ara future just make me feel sad . KKS just tell the truth . and hwayoung please not to be selfish . and for the other mmber . please stand up and tell the truth . that's all i wanna hear .
  15. of course hyoyoung is not a threat . but she become the triumph card for ccm . but if she leave too . now that a big issue will coming up .
  16. wow another article to back up t-ara . or is this KKS job to protect t-ara . aaaarrrggghhhh!!! hard to believe !!! i'm just sad that t-ara popularity is going down like a rainfall .. my heart always for t-ara !! another group is not the best for me .
  17. after all this messed up ! you think that hwayoung re-join ?? what with this KKS guy . his mind is full of money . everybody was upset . think about the fans . and the anti . they all very angry . but this is good news to me . hope t-ara will be back together !! t-ara fighting !!
  18. wow . today t-ara are living like hell . they must be shock about this . are they gonna live like this . my t-ara i feel sad about that . please be safe . many people said this is the beginning . i don't like that word .
  19. eunjung career has been taken bit by bit cos of the anti . happy for the anti . for me i'm sad and still support for her . t-ara fighting ! eunjung be tough!! i just can't think wht will happen to other mmbr . and what the other artist think about them . poor t-ara . fighting and hope there will be no more bad things happen .
  20. nice job CCM n KKS !! ruined t-ara career is the "best" thing you ever do to them . congratulations . now the fans is going to decrease . after this t-ara will get what ?? i just crying on my room this whole day . after all hardwork that t-ara do . the fan just turn back against t-ara and support hwayoung .
  21. is this the truth ?? hwayoung out of control ? why i don't hear any rumors from the media or fans ? or this is another lie ?? should i do believe it ??? or this is just want to blame hwayoung and cover up others mmber ? t-ara fighting my bad day today . please be kind together .
  22. she must be sad right now . this is some a little good news . t-ara fighting T-T !!!
  23. speechless.... is this the truth that hwayoung has been bullied at T-ara all this time ??? look how happy anti-fan are . after this who will be terminate ??? my poor hwayoung... she didn't deserve that . now hyomin,jiyeon,eunjung,soyeon and boram career and reputation will be in great danger . t-ara at the top of crisis !! congratulations KKS u make t-ara totally a bad group . their reputation is going down ! if t-ara are going down i will support them . coz i just love them so much !
  24. look at the jobs song makes me a little bit happy . they are so cute together . day by day song as usual . best . but this performence hyomin just sing without looking at any board . well done . no controversy please !! makes me feel sad about the whole thing .
  25. please not a bad news for tomorrow . i'll get frust . this rumors and anti fan keep comment bad thingakes me feels sad . i love them being together . i love t-ara forever . no t-ara no more kpop for me .
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