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  1. today so many article about t-ara !!! very sad day for me . but anything happen to them the blame must be to KKS ! anyway t-ara perform as 8 mmbr is happy for me ! they all look pretty !
  2. hwayoung and eunjung look bored and tired . please get enough sleep girls !
  3. their perfomance is okay . but i miss hwayoung rap . she the best rapper in t-ara . i hope she get well soon . please give more line to qri and boram . they aLso can sing .
  4. hope this 'big annoucement' is not a very bad news ! Please be together t-ara . don't break up please !! they not insulting other mmbr . they just want to cheer up . i'm very worried !! :'-( please be a good news !
  5. well what i'm suppose to say . firstly i think two new member is ok for the addition to t-ara . Areum can sing well . so she can back up soyeon on stage . Dani also can rap she can feat. with hwayoung . i think . also dani can teach other t-ara mmber english language . i don't care abouy other people say bad thing about two new mmber. as t-ara die hard fan . i must support them . T-ara fighting .!!
  6. hyomin is so humble . i like that . she know that she can't compare the style with other group . that's why she said that . but for me you are fashion-idol too . hyomin please take care of health and your body ok !?? we love you!!
  7. haha . eunjung is so funny with her dance . wow are they jealous of each other ?? i think not . coz they are friend . go t-ara and sistar !
  8. why hwayoung doesn't attack she just standing there . is this where hwayoung get her leg injured ?? qri is on 100m competition . at least she run and make t-ara proud . go unnie !! wow they are the best in ping pong . nickhun is so hot and handsome . jiyeon is beautiful even she in stress like that . haha .
  9. OMG soyeon so sexy~!!! love her vocal . she can even sing upside down . although that a dangerous move but she manage to do that stunt . proud of you soyeon unni ! The Trio is the best performence ! the dance was so so coollll~!!!! The Duo is too cute and adoreable !!!!! just love them . i might fainted if i saw it live . Hahhahahahaha !!! Areum also got the solo perfomance . fighting ! Dani for me she just cute and pretty and tall ...
  10. wow soyeon had her solo performance ! can't wait to see her perform . boram and qri get to sing together this is time for them to show that tgey are really good in singing . dani also get to peform . hwayoung why are injured at this time . the big moment of your life . please get well soon . areum also got to sing . the trio is most anticipated event . haha . love them together . eunjimin fighting !!!
  11. thx for uploading . but we need subs video . don't understand what they talking . but when they start crying my tear just drop by itself . hahaha . please subs .
  12. i wonder why they cry ?? must be sad for them . can't wait to see this show in eng subs . i wonder why they cry ?? it must be sad for them . can't wait for this show in eng subs . t-ara hwaiting !!
  13. congrats to my girls . i seen this article before . sorry for late replies . t-ara girls are deabak ! love them so much ! please have a rest and eat healthy food !
  14. omg jiyeon mc-ing again !!! it has been long time i've seen jiyeon do mc-ing . haha . sorry for my bad engrish . lol!
  15. dani and areum soooo~ cute !! absolutely t-ara !! eunjung with her short hair ?? boram is funny and cute .
  16. wow areum seems a little cute with that smile . i'm confused about eunjung hair is that her hair or wig ?? they look cute with the doll . haha . what are they promoting ?
  17. this video is cut from t-ara star life theater right . doesn't matter . soyeon is super cute !!!
  18. even though this video not available in my country but i watch how hyomin fall . poor hyomin take care yourself . eat more healthy food please . eunjung the reaction... i know how she felt that time .
  19. thx for sharing . love eunjung new hair cut . look pretty good on her . i bet jangwoo love her hair . haha . they keep better n better . areum improving a little bit .
  20. OMG!! the fat guy smell . just look at them i feel like i wanna puke ! the sweat is so smelly . oh no . i'm fasting . feel like wanna puke . i don't know how t-ara can smell the sweat . hyomin reaction like she gonna fainted .haha .
  21. wow ! eunjung hair is... waahh.. very pretty ! make my heart melt . others are gorgeous . hwayoung rap is the best part . hahaha !
  22. wow ! so fast . that show the popularity of the girls at japan . i hope they can reach same level as KARA,WG or SNSD . anyway they coming to my country this october for their showcase . wehoooo !! haha .
  23. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! Seriuosly !!! Daebak!!! I will do a countdown starting from now !!! T-ara let's meet at PGRM HALL !! can't go to airport . coz i'm working !!! shis! love u girls finally i got to meet t-ara in personal . haha !!!
  24. the #1 girl group in my heart is T-ara !! they can adept to any genre of song ! they really are uniqe group . which is they can succes on number 1 spot on chart ! really proud of them . Go Go t-ara fighting !!!
  25. oh my god they have a solo concert !? poor them never get a rest ! but i'm still happy that their dream to do a solo concert has been realize ! i can't come to their concert coz i'm at Malaysia ! hope they will do a world tour concert ! and come to MALAYSIA !!!
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