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  1. jiyeon looks more mature with bangs, she is always beautiful
  2. HD picture finally out.. thanks for sharing... but the second pic still 7st...
  3. another unique concept from t-ara... so far i like it.. wish t-ara success....t-ara fighting
  4. love the teaser...sexy dino ... hope t-ara success with this song...
  5. can't wait sexy love comeback,..can't wait to see baby dino..baby robot again...

  6. thanks cyclone.... i can see whole album... my album hasn't arrived yet because of the shipping problem..
  7. my girls come back again.. the first and second photos have different feel, but i like the second photo more.. 7st...??LOL...hope CCM change 7st to 7th asap.. wish this comeback will be success and many people give much love and support for t-ara again.. t-ara fighting..!!! sexy love fighting !! baby dino fighting!!
  8. baby dino or lady dino...still the best...very beautiful the photo concept is unique..
  9. jiyeon bright expression... so lovely...i love you jiyeon-aahhhh...
  10. LOL..jiyeon so funny in 3rd pic...so cute.. and the last pic...eunji couple.....i like it...
  11. i think they have a same hair color, except boram
  12. yeay..t-ara have an officiaol fancafe... i'll waiting for joining tutorial
  13. i love you candy... hehehe..thanks for sharing.. nice picture, the girls are beautiful...
  14. i love jiyeon and baby mavin.... they are so cute,,
  15. Jiyeonnie, you make me crazy, why are you so pretty..
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