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  1. I seriously want to smile to you and say f u c k you for doing that to me :) karma's eating you :P

  2. Even though I like you I had enough of you Starting from now, I’ll stop caring about you And whatever happens to you has nothing to do with me now F u c k you :)

  3. 지금은 우울모드 온 -_-

  4. "후회 없이 살자! - 윤아(소녀시대)" 합시다 엘라야! 후회 없이 살자! :)

  5. hahaha.... hallow XD

  6. 하 ㅡㅡ 이 더러운 새상...

    1. Sajangnim


      what's that means ~.~

    2. ela


      ha -- this dirty world..

  7. *also btw... hahah >.<

  8. sajang!! happy birthday^^ have a very nice birthday!! n laso.. GBU^^

  9. the new u-kiss is good~!! 0330 daebak!! btw.. i'm missing my shinee oppas so much T^T

  10. yeah... r u?? i'm from bandung^^

  11. so ur fave t-ara member is hyomin?? :3

  12. i'm good... haha.. how about u??

  13. 아.. 완전 짜증나 -_-"

  14. ela

    hohoho... indo use abc's too :3

  15. ela

    LOL.. so do vietnamese look chinese.. our language r almost like malay.. but there r some difference..

  16. xander: "i've never chose to leave you guys" :( NH media is mean!! btw i've just know i can write a status here XD

  17. ela

    haha... there's bou in a thai mmovie.. hehe..

    i'm from a country that starts with I n ends with A ... LOL.. we have a lot of islands.. btw is ur language similar to thai?? *curious*

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