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  1. @qbsunit aw hello there friend, hope everything is well w u ??

  2. 2018 cutest looks award tbh https://t.co/dHAZ73chG3

  3. @qbsunit Goodnight ??

  4. @lunardusts ty baby, pls send more

  5. RT @Morning_329: 180414 에뛰드 핑크플레이콘서트 #아이린 #IRENE https://t.co/dCGCEkNsqo

  6. @qbsunit if you did -t 00:02:00, it accepts the 00:02:00 as a duration (2 minutes), so it would clip starting from… https://t.co/FqcOrM37aq

  7. @qbsunit 2018 yourself for god's sake https://t.co/eJESd9RKZ7

  8. RT @Yerl_doll: #HappyIreneDay https://t.co/Pllnrd86HZ

  9. RT @PetitePomme0210: 180324 KIA타이거즈 개막전 퇴근길 #에이핑크 #손나은(@Apinksne) #Apink #나은 #naeun ?? https://t.co/cA3Q5O9zGK

  10. RT @less_than_333: 180316 목동 팬싸인회 #CLC #씨엘씨 #예은 #장예은 https://t.co/xCETzCJc1L

  11. RT @wendysdawon: ʸᵒᵘ ˢᵒ ᶠᵘᶜᴷᶦⁿ ᵖʳᵉᶜᶦᵒᵘˢ ʷʰᵉⁿ ʸᵒᵘ ????? ? SMILE ? ?…

  12. @spellfuI ok thank you

  13. @thenotoriousdb @fiveSeveN_ @SayaSP me as a UFC fighter https://t.co/4jTXeZh6bg

  14. @Stryferr prolly tomorrow tbh, this weekend tho

  15. RT @taste_irene: https://t.co/0OLW3QZolN

  16. thug life https://t.co/mR597FBuws

  17. before those, I hadn't made a dad joke since LAST YEAR.

  18. I played too much Superhot VR and now I constantly feel like I need to dodge bullets, help

  19. @lunardusts lmaooo I saw this clip, wow that new UFC game looks so real

  20. @Caoji178 I'm not biased or anything, but she's pretty much perfect in any look she's ever had. Not biased, I swear.

  21. RT @Caoji178: Eunjung. Because, Eunjung. Eunjung. https://t.co/ATVb99BmP1

  22. @teampied Yeah, I'm no bangs expert, but anything above the eyebrows is danger territory lmaoo...still, I think thi… https://t.co/TTx9OlpC9q

  23. When you get destroyed at Shirogane Housing War (Savage) and you and your children had to settle for this dinky apa… https://t.co/Xvj7CRO5m2

  24. @hubwub Still my favorite: https://t.co/bkfGyhhuOk

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