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  1. OMG she's not human ( which star does she come from???
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIADEM! It's so amazing that we have been together for a long run...Diadem is the 1st fan forum which I joined..The 1st place I could fine info, pics about T-ara..and could chat, discuss on T-ara.. I have many memories on Diadem..There's times I spent most of my time on Diadem chatbox and get many friends thanks to there..and Me and my ex-bf had met on Diadem chatbox lol... I wish all the best to Diadem and admins, staffs...I love you all <3
  3. I feel so excited for both of them Hwaiting go go!! Goodluck to them Coutdown to April
  4. Qri Goddess I like SsoYeon in that hair!!
  5. Lol..Sub-unit was made up without the main-vocal!! What'r you thinking KKS???
  6. JiYeon and Qri use the gifts which fans gave them!! So adorable Qri and HyoMin!!!!
  7. OMG!!Plz dont Ham BaekGu!!! I'm waiting for this drama so much!!!
  8. I prefer Ji Chang wook than Joo Ji Hoon And Our Ham BaekGu is so gorgeous!!
  9. Go Go Girl!!You'r always #1 in my heart!! Don't care and be pressure by Charts position ^-^
  10. My goddess look gorrious in this photoshot!! I wanna bye all items!!
  11. Congrt our girls for successful Concert!! Thai Queen's are so happy and lucky..I'm jealous with them!! Hope for a concert like this in Vietnam!!
  12. I just know Original T-ara members are Jiwon and Ji Ae.. I couldn't what KKS said!
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