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Status Updates posted by albee_s2_minnie

  1. Minnie's birthday is coming!!

  2. I didn't see it in twitter..But anywayz Thanks again :D

  3. I juz translated the lyrics in EunJung page

    Love is so complicated~~Nothing like that women~~ For you to repeat and repeat~~ A sudden luck that was given by someone~~ An appoinment with swollen hearts ~~I have flat foot to kick someone~~ And whenever woman make a mistake,I'll kick them out~~ I will shout into their face : "Get brush it"~~

  4. Dear Admin!

    Could you plz to change my name into Albee?

    Thanks you so much!!

  5. Yup~~Graphic Design is one of my hobbies~~

  6. Nice to meet you..I love Graphic Design so I hope we would be friend :D

  7. SoYeon is your wife but she's my lover lolz..

  8. You'r Viet as me??Nice to know you:D

  9. haiz..my name is Albee..

    Minnie is my wife lolz

  10. Are U come from Vietnam cookie?

  11. Continue to make duet with me lolz..bo beep bo beep oh~~

  12. helo Balor..Nice to meet u!!!

  13. So yoen!!!you are a princess on me!!!

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