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  1. Why Boram is missing?? anyone knows??! T.T
  2. yes, Eunjung, yes! I miss you very much! ..so take me with you (i'll try but then...eehh i don't think that she will be listen to me XD)
  3. it's very strange to see a chinese photoshoot in HD XD generally they have such a bad quality ^^ well, good !
  4. uuuoooh! this photoshoot is simply amazing!!! also, O my Jiyeon!!
  5. ahhh i already knew U.U the Boram's episode will be talking about food!! my little sweet snack eater ahahha
  6. O My Jiyeooon!!! ..i ... i ... i can't say any other words O.O
  7. oooh, i can't wait to see this episode in english for understand what they saying ahahaha XD
  8. a beautiful interview...but 1 or 2 question, if i was the interviewer, I would have excluded U.u
  9. She is perfect !! ...but i don't know why, from today i can't enter to the entire gallery T.T why? why?
  10. yesss!!! ...but i hope that they will return on the important korean tv shows T.T
  11. i can't wait for the OST album, ... i hope that they will realese it soon !!
  12. i fight with you Sso !! *^* this campaign is very close to me !
  13. there is a translation for the korean part of the description??
  14. awwww so cute she is really adorable
  15. but this type of texture on the clothes are so really popular in Korea? it must the 4th time that i see it.
  16. beautiful as usual and those lens ...ahh it'll killing me XD
  17. what is that? a tree?? with some slips of paper...
  18. but this is the SNSD Sunny's cat!! aww is so cute!!
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