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  1. I feel sad which T-ara will goodbye stage this week. I wanna to see Roly Poly on stage next week agian but they will promoting in Japan I will follow them too. T-ara Fighting!!!
  2. Jiyeon and Eunjung are pretty girl. Sooooo pretty. And pocket puppy so cute too.
  3. Hyomin so cool. she look like the boy. Really smart girl.
  4. JiYeon look really sexy. HwaYoung so cool. I want to play this game.
  5. All girl look really gorgeous. Maknae HwaYoung so beautiful. OMG!!
  6. All girl are so cute but where is Hyomin?? .... shooting drama??
  7. Thanks for sharing with us. Our girl's dress was so beautiful. Hyomin's red shoe ?? haha .... Cute.
  8. Hyomin fighting!! I think you can do your jobs as well as you can. Take care your health too.
  9. Wow congrats to them that's alot. T-ara is very famous now!! Roly Poly is good song.
  10. Wishing them all the best in Japan!! We must support our girls!! T-ara Fighting. T-ara daebak.
  11. 40 second !!!! That's too short!! but I wanna to watch all girl on show.
  12. Congrate...This is good new. That is large number. T-ara daebak!!!
  13. T-ara are pretty but this concept is scary. huhu I wanna watch this movie.
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