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  1. It's really final and I cannot do anything about that but the fact that she's only 14 years old,,, is she ready to push herself to the limit too like what other members did though they said that she's talented?! hope she can since she's a T-ara member now. I'm really hoping that CCM will not use the "graduation system" after school have to kick out Qri and Boram slowly from the group... Anyhow,, I still Support T-ara!!! Hwaiting
  2. Oh come on minnie she's multitalented.. "Multitasker" She grab every opportunity and make it happen Golly..
  3. Congratulation's to them... They are storming japan too.. it really shows how strong they are indeed.. Hope their Jewelry Box album will make a good hit too but for now,,, Lovey Dovey album first.
  4. This is so interesting well...We don't know what might happen if they are T-Ara today...
  5. Eunjung don't blame yourself unnie! surely if someone stole it, karma will go after him. but the lost money was oooozzzzing big! don't cry anymore!
  6. Lucky Moon Brothers, they have beautiful, talented and caring ommas oh i'm so jealous they've got a kiss from my idols
  7. Congratulations! Have a great vacation.. Yeonnie, you should rest also
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