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  1. 120104 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin [26P] http://t.co/4vC9xZqM (via sup3rjunior)

  2. 120104 Wannabe Splash Page Update [2P] http://t.co/boIZyyip (via sup3rjunior)

  3. I'm having a field day omg We Used To Love, Lovey Dovey, FIX album and Round And Round!

  4. [Pic] 120103 Sukira official update (2P) http://t.co/bTGnNzNU (via love-ryeowook)

  5. iSungmin Splash Page Update [2P] From 111231 http://t.co/khJpGZW6 (via sup3rjunior)

  6. 120102 Eunhyuk, Siwon, Kyuhyun filming Kyochon CF in Manila [29P] | Part 8 http://t.co/UhtatGb4 (via sup3rjunior)

  7. You said I sounded old RT @_JungSungGi: /pukes/ cocky much? RT @LEECHAERlN: DO I SOUND SO OLD YOU ALL HUH I'M 14 ONE FOUR FOURTEEN I'M YOUNG

  8. 111228 Shimshimtapa Official Update – Shindong [3P] http://t.co/pAvErrbq (via sup3rjunior)

  9. Pakistani NEWS! ‘Asian superband sings out against trafficking’ From 110627 http://t.co/RMZRDGxU (via sup3rjunior)

  10. 111226 Super Junior’s Siwon, “Here is a kiss from me” http://t.co/viOm6GIF (via sup3rjunior)

  11. staring at school portal and realized they haven't release timetable for next year

  12. 111225 LT, SD, & DH at Y News Recording [1P] http://t.co/Z1ZeDi5N (via sup3rjunior)

  13. 111222 Eunhuyk and tiffany take pictures together http://t.co/dCOMglTq (via sup3rjunior)


  15. 111220 Kona Beans by Leeteuk, Sungmin and Kyuhyun’s mom at Apgujeong | Part 2[1P] http://t.co/30EVY2T5 (via sup3rjunior)

  16. 111220 LG Endorsement – Leeteuk, Sungmin & Donghae with f(x) [1P] http://t.co/Q8wymfFP (via sup3rjunior)

  17. 4/7, 3 more to one down! :D

  18. [Fancam] 111207&111215 Sukira – Ryeowook, Sungmin http://t.co/tAVMPhY5 (via love-ryeowook)

  19. "狮子(喜欢装可爱)" I'm so guilty of this :3

  20. 111218 Sukira (KTR) Official Update – Sungmin & Ryeowook [2P] Part 2 http://t.co/3jCFJd1W (via sup3rjunior)

  21. 111218 Sukira (KTR) Official Update – Sungmin & Ryeowook [10P] http://t.co/Wo4mYeo0 (via sup3rjunior)

  22. 111217 Donghae updates his Twitter with “Oppa Has Arrived” studio recording photos http://t.co/UyQKJmCd (via sup3rjunior)

  23. At Gimpo Airport (back from Japan) – WonKyu [4P] – From 111212 http://t.co/LHRUMSRd (via sup3rjunior)

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