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  1. i don't know what to say...just LOl...pretty nice picture though..
  2. oh my goddess!!!!!!! make it stop..!!!!! she's too gorgeous!!!!
  3. no.1jiyeonFan

    Mnet Wide News (08.25)076

    omo... i always saw her wearing this gold bracelet with hearts in it. I wonder if it has sentimental value...anyways,it looks really pretty...
  4. no.1jiyeonFan

    KBS Hello (08.30)006

    jiyeon's nose is just Wow..!!!
  5. no.1jiyeonFan

    KBS Hello (08.30)005

    t-ara girls are so pretty!!! ilove them
  6. i love t-ara!!!!! hwaiting!!!!! best female group ever!
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