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  1. Thank you but it's error i can't watch it! please reupload it!
  2. thank you for these pic for t-ara new album but every one don't like jiyeon eye but it's cute
  3. WHAT! She is very young girl what she feels !! i hate that
  4. WOW! Hyomin's clothes very sexy i want it thank you for this Photos With High quality
  5. Hwayoung very cute When She cut hair Thank you Too Much
  6. Thank you very much for this pictures. Hyomin seem very shy
  7. My Jiyeon Very Cute I LOVE T-ARA Thank you verry much
  8. Oh! I can not wait for the song and the new trend Gang kiz I am very excited
  9. i miss dream high 1 and 2 eunjung + jiyeon i love them
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