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  1. We've always known Hyomin to have a sexy image and I'm glad this album shows more of what Hyomin is but I'm sad that Hyomin also has to resort to this type of image to get the media's attention. I'd just be happy with her giving off a sophisticated sexy aura rather than just revealing skin. But oh well, still I'll pray for this comeback to be a success. Fighting!

  2. I hate how they always dig up this issue with T-ara. Ok, it happened and its been 3 years already, the girls are tired from having to explain the same thing over and over again. The only thing that this interview is gonna do is make us fans cry another river and give the knetz another chance to bash on them and ask them to just disappear. Seriously I've been on those sites to read their comments on T-ara's activities and I swear when I tell you this, their actions make you want to give up on humanity. Sigh that aside, I'll always be rooting for you girls and I also sincerely hope that knetz can learn that it was thing of a past, every being deserves a second chance. Because I know despite having amazing international fans T-ara still want their kfans as well.


    Oh well, fighting Eunjung because we all know she's good with her words. :)  <3  <3

  3. Sigh! The netizens... always the netizens. T-ara's agency already stated last year near the end of 2014 that T-ara would be busy focusing on their overseas activities in 2015. 'difficulties in domestic activities?' then stop making it difficult for them will you? That aside congratulations once again to T-ara for winning 3 major awards. Its nice to see their hard work and efforts being appreciated. *cough*Burns, don't it?*cough*

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