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  1. initially I wasn't that appreciative of her blond hair but seeing her in these pictures, wow she looks pretty awesome! did she dye her hair blonde again or was this taken way back? the latter options seems a bit unlikely though
  2. seriously qri is so pretty, every time I look at her I can always expect perfection. She looks just like a doll. hnngg~~~
  3. Yes, this was going to happen, so happy for t-ara, wish them loads of success and happiness. All the best girls. sigh, t-ara please come to Australia too!!!
  4. the cheongsams look really pretty~~ the red colour especially, thanks to the lady who designed it <33
  5. lol love Eunjung's pervy hand and lol the Sanji reference
  6. SURE magazine sure does love having Hyomin on their icon spreads, to be expected since Hyomin is so fashionable gehehe I love the one with the red oversized coat, just creates quite an impression.
  7. Loved the fanchants! Loved the performance! T-ara fighting! I had so much fun just from watching the live vid!
  8. aww the snoopy pic is so cute~~~ keke also nice to see hyomin's pic with her dogs, it feels like a shoot for a magazine lol
  9. Oh my god, this is sooo nice!!! So worth the wait!! SLAY-ara all the way!!! T-ara fighting!!
  10. Woooh! Tattoo is real, baby dino is all grown up. Now she's sultry Jiyeon lol. Still she's as cute as ever
  11. Soyeon looks devastatingly beautiful in that black lace dress. Personally I prefer Boram's and Eunjung's shoes. They're my style.
  12. For me, Jiyeon stood out. Other girls looked nice too but Jiyeon looked gorgeous here. T-ara fighting!
  13. Wahhh soyeonie is knitting. I love knitting too. It's so nice~~~
  14. Am I the only one starting to ship this couple even though I've yet to watch the drama? uuhhh unnie!!! I really liked kim jun as song woobin in BOF, he was my favourite hehe
  15. Wow so honest, this girl. She's just like me, I also don't care much for makeup despite my peers being so into them. Carefree Jiyeon is the best!
  16. I listened to this song after hearing that T-ara will be remaking it and I loved it. Its very fun and catchy, just like T-ara's style. Can't wait for 6th November now, huh t-ara create another storm again. I can't wait to see them in their Chinese promotions, I hope they even get to play in dramas hehe
  17. They are really making Eunjung do the denim on denim look. I love Hyomin's style her and also Jiyeon and Qri.
  18. Yay!!! Truth be told, I was apprehensive the first time I heard news of T-ARA that they might be entering the Chinese market and that was like a year ago (I think). It was a time they were still facing the scandal and I was like 'NO!!! THEY CAN'T EVEN SPEAK CHINESE!!!' but now slowly learning about all these news like how T-ara is really popular in China and how my Chinese friend even knows so many of T-ara's song even though she's not into K-pop, I think their venture into the Chinese market will be successful. I pray for their success and for people to love them and wish them good health and happiness.
  19. who are the other people besides soyeon? don't recognize any of them
  20. yes!!! not only do they get to do music but even get endorsements deals and dramas, I am so happy for my girl! keep fighting t-ara!!!
  21. love jiyeon's dress and I want that sugar free bottle too yum the food /drools
  22. Love this denim concept. I particularly love Qri's style, how they used bold accessories and double denim for her and love Boram's cute sweater and wavy hair. Evryone looks so pretty. Urgh my babies!!!
  23. wow I am really loving the style in these concept and the girls look so pretty~~~ soyeon especially striked me hard with this style and qri looks ever so so sweet no matter which concept T-RARA takes
  24. agreed, at first I was like 'yayyy' but then I went to 'omo wait a minute' and then my feelings went downhill lol but at least YAY we get to see all of them in weekly idol~~~
  25. Wow, I am sooo loving their styles for this comeback and the concept, I cannot tell you how much I hearteu it!!! The girls all look so mature and pretty. I especially love Jiyeonnie with that long hair and that hair style in the first pic! And I am so glad they chose to go with shinsadong tiger!!!! So excited and pumper up uh yeah!!! T-ARA FIGHTING!
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