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  1. her legs are so pale!!! love this look on he, so pretty
  2. Soooo happy now that a date has been finalized!!! YOOHOO. Can't wait for their comeback. Hope they hit us with a smash hit again! And the concept looks so cool and stylish. Also really happy they are not going for a sexy concept. They don't even need it for starters! T-ARA is perfect just the way they are. No need to sell their music through such concepts. Fighting!
  3. YASSSS!! Following Jiyeon, now we have Eunjung, I hope I get to hear many good news like this from now on. By the way, is it Kim Jun who played Song Woobin in Boys over flowers? If it is, then /swoon
  4. Yes!!! Finally, now I can't wait for September to come. I just realized when I read the article, I think this is longest time T-ara has had for a break before their new album. Just 8 months but even then Jiyeon and Hyomin were actively promoting their songs. Hope Hyomin gets to have a good rest too like Jiyeon. T-ara fighting! Cause I know it will be awesome
  5. Her face looks so fresh here without any make-up, especially in the last picture. Heart Jiyeonnie!
  6. I have noticed that they always use only black and white colours on Jiyeon in this drama. Are they going for basic colours or the monochrome look as in trying to define her personality through her colour of wardrobe? In any case she has a chic and stylish fashion sense here, love it! <3
  8. Gyahhh!!! So happy to see her again. Even if its another short minute but still!!! And omo Jaejoong and Jiyeon in the same screen, can you believe it? I hope she gets to interact more with Jaejoong, even a little bit more is enough. And take a photo together! Seriously my Jiyeon feels are on a berserk mode right now!!!
  9. Those high heels are ridiculous! Still she performed so well! And god that black hair, I think it definitely added onto her sex appeal. The ending was so cute though!
  10. I want it!!! Heol! I believe its only available in Korea though!
  11. I don't know why they pushed it two days ahead but I am just glad I'll be able to see her sooner. OOOHHH, can't wait to hear her song and the one she self-composed too.
  12. YAAASS!!! There is God! OOOHHH, I'm so happy seeing our Jiyeon come back into shows again, no matter how small or sudden the role is, always nice to see her in dramas. And I'm even more happy now that she has a permanent role in there, Go go fighting Jiyeon. Its a completely new role for her but oh well, she's great at it.
  13. Finally been waiting for the pics!!! But ara I thought it was Happy together? I even checked the title multiple times to confirm it since I kept on confusing it with Hello Counselor. Oh whateves as long as I get to see Jiyeon. hehe!
  14. awwh adorable, does anyone remember jiyeon performed this song with hyomin and other artists as well a few years back? waah sure brings back memories!!
  15. I really like her performance and yes the fanchants have grown louder. I'm so happy for her, hope Hyomin's solo goes just as successful and if possible even more!!!
  16. I don't know about this show and I'm hearing about it for the first time. Honestly, I'm a bit skeptical about Eunjung appearing on it but if it helps promote her and she's okay and comfortable doing this, then I guess it's okay. I just hope it doesn't go awry, all the best!
  17. subtle_yuki


    I was skeptical of the title at first. But then I read the article and it made sense. Yes, now that they are doing solo activities, the public doesn't look at them as T-ara, they only see that single person and I think this is a good strategy. However I believe that the fault doesn't lie in T-ara but in the netizens for their selfish and narrow-minded thinking. It's like they've shut off their ears and are now hating on blind prejudice. Jiyeon getting a lot of endorsements now is a good thing and I also hope for better things to come along her way and the other members however I disagree with this being their last chance. T-ara is strong. They've overcome so many hurdles and become who they are now and I firmly believe they will continue to do so always and always.
  18. That's my Jiyeon. So proud of her. So so much!
  19. yessss, finally an official release date and can I just say wow? jiyeon looks sexy!!! I just hope jiyeon is comfortable in those clothes and that she's not forced into this option as she once stated in an interview that she'd rather choose an androgynous concept than a skin baring one other than that fighting!
  20. Everyone looks so beautiful but Qri, oh my God, she looks like some Grecian goddess in that white dress. The last photo though, Jiyeonnie and Eunjung, what are you doing? lolol
  21. I cried when I saw this news! I'm sooo happy for our Eunjunggie! She's finally getting a lead role after so long. Hope the movie will be amazing and Eunjung does an amazing job at it!~~~
  22. Hohohohoh, she's already unrecognizable! Damn, I feel it's gonna be one hella intense transformation! I think I'll need 911 on standby while watching her MV!
  23. Oh my god, incredibly sexy. Total image change?!! What? I really liked the teaser and the song sounds promising and I was really looking forward to it but now that they're saying its 200% sexy, I'm getting a bit worried. Lets just hope it's not Stellar's 'Marionette' sexy and the parents don't have to shield their children's eyes. Other than that, all the best Jiyeonnie!
  24. Truth be told, I was a bit apprehensive about Jiyeon and Hyomin going solo. It's not CL or Lee Hyori we're talking about - no offenses. I was afraid somehow their schedules would clash, also how the public is going to react to a solo promotion from a T-ara member? But still I was already looking forward to it and thinking 'Heol, April 30 is so far away. How am I supposed to hold on till then?' And then they go and drop this teaser image for Jiyeon. Now all I wanna say it 'BRING IT ON BABY.' I'M PUMPED UP FOR HER SOLO DEBUT. ITS GOING TO BE FANTASTIC, I JUST KNOW IT. HATERS CAN THROW THEMSELVES IN A DITCH FOR ALL I CARE. BOOYAHZA! That was refreshing. Jiyeon fighting. Also now I'm excited for Hyomin too!!!
  25. This is one bold look. Yes, not the attire she usually wears. I have a feeling her stylist had a hand in this. But I'm loving it and the fact that she's trying more mature looks. Jiyeon so pretty!
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