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  1. seriously they need to hide her or else m gonna ounce on her!!
  2. omg its so true. t-ara can manage any concept they are given. even though jiyeon is my bias, i would have pounced on qri literally if she was a guy. pride, my ass!!
  3. hey can u tell me which variety program u made ur gif from?
  4. uwahh hyomin looks so pretty. i can't wait to imagine how jiyeon looks like!!!
  5. hiya ppal!! rrecently joined and a fresh member!!

  6. waah!! can't wait for their upcoming song black eyes, i also know it's quite soon for them to be making their comeback after 'roly poly' and with their latest bo peep bo peep in japnese version but i think they can pull it through. it's a tough competition going against snsd, g-dragon, brown eyed girls and iu but i really like their confidence here. girls stay healthy, don't over exert yourself into exhaustion, eat healthy and blast your way into black eyes, and soyeon show what snsd are missing !! hahaha!!! and i seriously can't wait to see jiyeon in her new avataar, she's my bias!!!
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