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  1. My wish is that hwayoung will comeback.

    my eyes teared as i saw this title, Hwayoung to re-join..

    i want her back now. WHEN she joins, i really hope the rest of t-ara members show her peace,

    share the love she once shared with them, i cant say anything else.

    i never can understand why the treated her so bad, i never knew t-ara was like this.

    just hearing her voice in the songs im listening to now makes me cry, and again.

    i wish for her to come back.

  2. I kinda dont mind, HAH is all i can say. People will hate on me, MEH.

    she nearly suffocated hwayoung, she was the main bully that gave hwayoung the most SH*T.

    My hate has grew towards t-ara, I love them all but this hate wont stop growing. (maybe but yeh...)

    I have to admit, i wanted her to get kicked instead, once again i will get hated for saying this but ohwell.

    I support hwayoung with my heart, i dont care what any others think.

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