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  1. I hope they'll continue to top the charts throughout the week! I'm so happy for the girls! The MV was daebak, seriously.
  2. SilverPlume

    Day By Day HD (14)

    Goodness, I had to do a double-take on Hwa! The girl is maturing beautifully!
  3. Goodness! I thought Hwayoung had a blonde ponytail in this pic, but it's just Jiyeon XD
  4. I'm in love with these photos! Ahreum kind of fits in with the rest of the girls so well that I didn't even notice her picture at first! I seriously thought it was Hwa with long hair, or something. Still, the girls look gorgeous! The blue in Eunjung's photo is quite attractive And I think that she and Hwayoung tend to have the most versatile poses in the group.
  5. Goodness, the girls in T-ara truly care about their fans above all else! News like this makes me so proud to be their fan :]
  6. Aww, my bias is finally getting to star in a drama! I don't think she's the main lead, but I'm anticipating her acting. I think I've only ever seen her act in the Bubi Bubi CF-drama that T-ara filmed, and honestly her part made me cry when she cried. And I watched it without subtitles... T_T On the other hand, I do hope that she can handle her upcoming busy schedule. T-ara is about to re-start their hectic song promoting cycle for Day by Day, after all.
  7. I'm so loving the hair color change lol But last time Jiyeon had blonde hair, it didn't suit her very well - maybe it'll look better now? I want to see more of Qri with her hair dyed, any color suits that girl! I love that Soyeonnie went back to her red hair - and I see some blonde in there too! Hwa looks beautiful in that last pic!
  8. Honestly I think I was expecting a bit more from her, but she seems to be on par (or just below it) with Hyomin and Eunjung. She's still such a far cry from Soyeon though, whose voice is one of the most distinctive ones I've heard, period. Areum does seem to have trouble hitting the higher notes - I mean, at least in these videos. And perhaps her vocal control has improved since the videos were recorded, so I'll keep an open mind on it. And as for her dancing... she's okay, but I've seen better. Particularly, Jiyeon.
  9. Excited! I was wondering what their next concept was going to be since it feels like they've done everything! But I didn't even consider a futuristic theme XD And I totally love their long MVs. The last two were pretty awesome. Will wait (impatiently) till July for my dose of T-ara!
  10. No, it's one ID, just once a day. T-ara's in the lead at the moment, so remember to vote everyday!
  11. Quite honestly I missed seeing Eunjung weekly. Hasn't it been one year since she's been doing WGM, though? I'm sure they may be winding down this couple soon, then - ah, mixed feelings on that note
  12. Oh damn it to hell. I'm trying to stay positive on the note that Dani may not be added to the group at all in December, but with the constant press about "T-ara's Dani this..." or "T-ara's Dani that..." it's damn hard to believe she won't be joining. And I hate to say it, but I don't want to care about the kid! The way she got casted.... just made me shake my head in disbelief. I mean, I wouldn't mind AT ALL if she got cast this way and ended up in some rookie group, but T-ara is about to have their 3 year anniversary! That's three years of professional experience as singers/entertainers gracing their resumes! On top of that, the girls have finally got recognized as one of their nations' beloved girl groups just last year; and for KKS to think, "Oh, this girl is exactly what my only popular girl group needs to make them successful," is flat out ridiculous. And what the heck about her does KKS think is going to help set T-ara into international popularity mode? Her lack of ambition toward singing/dancing/entertaining? Her English skills? Her height? (167 cm.... yeah, we get it, she's tall.. ) God willing this is all a ploy, and she won't join T-ara at all. And for some reason, I feel as though the 8th member may actually be talented, since we haven't heard a single thing about her.
  13. I think I'm finally starting to get Jiyeon's appeal - she's darn adorable, and can pull off any concept very well! What an amazing maknae I thought she kind of looked like Yoo Inna in the red dress, too..
  14. I wonder if KKS is aiming for T-ara to become the girl group with the widest range of ages. A lot of us clearly can't get over her age, for many, many reasons. And if the 8th member is joining soon, how come we haven't heard anything about her yet? I truly don't get CCM's market strategy... :\
  15. Really, where is Soyeon? And Qri had extensions in, it seems like she just took them out.
  16. It sounds like they're going to be pretty busy in the next few months - but on the bright side they finally get to host their own solo concert! 3 years seriously seems like a long time when you notice how many other groups that debuted around the same time have already hosted several solo concerts. Regardless, I hope they'll take care of themselves, and hope the concerts go off without a hitch
  17. I honestly couldn't recognize Qri without her mole! LOL It's definitely the easiest way to distinguish her, but she looks beautiful nontheless : )
  18. I'm loving Eunjung's new hairstyle! Such a beauty
  19. 07/14? That's my birthday! What an amazing birthday present!
  20. The girls are beautiful! And Hwayoung particularly stands out to me here But the lighting is so awkward in some of their pics... :\
  21. Oh seriously, what the hell. As relieved as I may be that none of the members are getting shoved out, I totally disagree with the idea of adding 2 trainees to the group 3 years after their debut! This isn't gonna fly well with the fans for the first few years, I'm predicting. How in the world will Qri & Boram (even Eunjung, recently!) get any decent lines to sing with the addition of more singers? This is reminding me of After School's nonsensical group member changes.. :/ Well anyway, I guess there's a reason why CCM's more well-known for breaking groups than making them...
  22. T-ara + YG Family?! I'm looking forward to the fancams!
  23. So first it was just Hyomin, then Hyomin & Eunjung, and now all of the girls are going?! LOL, Daebak. This is great news for the girls! Although they may be working, I hope they get time off to explore the sites they're visiting~! And now I'm anticipating CCM's new girl group - they're investing a lot for a rookie group!
  24. Seriously?! WTF. KKS is ridiculous. He's doing this before the girls even had their official fanclub launched! This amount of change in the member line up tends to happen prior to, or soon after a group's debut, not 3 years in, when they're FINALLY getting recognition and love from fans internationally! I'm set against T-ara becoming an 8-9 member group. That simply means less screen/air time for the girls who already have limited time due to the # of girls in the group. ALSO more members does not always = more talent. Refine the rough diamonds you already have, CCM, and please stop trolling us!
  25. What a vague comment KKS! I truly hope this doesn't mean the addition OR removal of any members - it would seem just a bit unnecessary, what with their recent success as a 7 member group. But for all I know, KKS may just be trolling us to create hype for the girls' comeback. I love this suggestion, and I truly hope that this is the case - even if not now, then sometime in the future!
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