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    Soyeon's hair is so cute! Getting long again!
  2. Soyeon looks so cute! Particularly in the second picture! And gah! Hyomin! She looks so adorable, I actually love her eye makeup! It looks different than usual.
  3. I love watching the girls' dramas, but that said, I do hope that this means they can focus more on group activities vs. individual activities. I get how filming a drama + shooting music shows + promoting in another country, etc. can be hectic and tiring! Maybe taking acting out of their schedules will cut down on some of that stress put on Jiyeon and Eunjung, specifically. I hope that this also means a 2nd full album is to be released later this year? The girls deserve to comeback with at least that much after working so hard for 3 years!
  4. Soyeon!! She looks stunningly younger (?) without her eye makeup! I love the second picture
  5. I love her voice! Her vocal range may not be considered "strong" by some, but I love it when she does sing slow songs - they totally fit her! I love DH2 - if only to watch Jiyeon's scenes.
  6. I couldn't help but laugh when I heard Hyomin making noises during the forehead kiss XD Oh, our Hyomin is so adorably awkward!!
  7. Ooh, I'm loving the different beat and the rap! It does sound the same during the chorus - but that's to be expected, right? I've been looking forward to the MV since I first heard about the concept! Can't wait! >_< SPEED fighting!
  8. Hwayoung's pout is adorable! Geez, how cute is she with short hair? I, too, love the color. It suits her, I think.
  9. Aww our Hyomin looks so cute And her husband's handsome - hope he's nice!
  10. Aww, Eunjung should really rest that leg of hers.. But you know, it really shows her devotion to giving back to the community, despite her own hardship! It makes me think that there's always someone else who has it harder... Eunjung
  11. Hyominnie's just so beautiful!! I'm excited to see her in another variety show (with more focus on her. Yay!) Her charm is mesmerizing, I hope the guy treats her well! I heard that the two of them actually need a translator to communicate. But she's such a lovable dork, I'm wondering if the language barrier will even matter at this point
  12. I'm so glad for T-ara's first Triple Crown! The girls have earned it at last! YAY! I love how versatile this group is, from performing LD to scaling the tone down to sing WWIL. The girls are amazing As for Hwayoung, I really hope the girl's feeling okay But it wasn't noticeable, lest you were looking for it. CCM better have the images taken down if they're still up, on that note.
  13. CCM must give the girls a break! Not having anytime for vacationing in the past (nearly) 3 years is ridiculous! South Korean entertainment companies (in general, though I'm picking on CCM here) should stop treating their groups like money-raking machines, and realize that they're human too. They need time to rest, regroup, visit and spend time with their own families like normal people. These girls deserve rest - and we've been hearing a number of complaints coming from them lately for the past few months. Which, by the way, is heartbreaking to see that they have to make public announcements in order to feel heard by their company. Even if they were to stop promoting for the next few months altogether, their fans wouldn't love them any less, and their next comeback could probably actually be seen as a highly anticipated comeback (as opposed to promoting one song after another).
  14. Goodness, the fanchants have gotten louder O_O And that's so amazing!! This song totally suits Hyominnie's voice. Qri & Hwayoung stole my heart in this performance T-ara fighting!
  15. Hwayoung's SO gorgeous! I love her short hair, it makes her seem more edgy Ohh, and look at Qri! How cute
  16. Aww. Boram's soo cute That guy was a total fan!
  17. Aww, I'm glad that four of our girls got onto the list! (I also noticed that 8/9 SNSD members are on the list - who are they missing?) But even objectively, Qri outranks a lot of the girls on here, although the list doesn't seem to be so objective lol All of the T-ara members are gorgeous, nonetheless. Edit: Nevermind, I realized they were missing Hyoyeon.
  18. I'm so happy for them!! They deserved the wins, & I bet they're looking forward to their break next month CCM should be proud of their girls - who looked gorgeous during the SMAs
  19. Her hair's getting longer! I think. I'm going mostly by the last pic, but she looks cute, though comfortable. And I like her bag, but I don't think it goes with her outfit - red or a neutral color would've been better.
  20. Love the fancams, thank you for posting! Soyeon waved to the camera in the last one, lol Gotta love her
  21. YAY! I'm so proud of the girls! And I'll pray for a triple crown! BTW I think I love the camera men during their LD stage. They didn't disappoint me at all today, especially during Hwayoung's part
  22. It does seem scripted though, in my opinion. But it sounded more like he was just jealous about Eunjung's drama husband. YAY~ More T-ara on WGM. That last "blind date" episode was totally a fail (as it was cut so short), so I hope something interesting happens next week. Soyeon always makes me laugh, and Jiyeon seems to have much more to say in her presence. 2Yeon Sisters FTW
  23. The cameramen seem to have a thing for Soyeon & Jiyeon lol. I agree about the dance being reduced, though. Probably toned it down for the audience.
  24. Aww, Qri & Rambo Qri actually looks like she was crying~ Congrats to T-ara for the win!
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