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  1. I absolutely loved this MV, and the ending was simply amazing! I had no idea about the allusion, but find that really cool, from a creative point! I cried at Jiyeon's amazing acting, and the song that played during the scene ("We Used to Love") perfected the atmosphere. Hopefully LD and the MV will get the recognition they deserve! T-ara fighting~
  2. Hwayoung injured her ankle as well, which is why she didn't go all out like usual. Hope she gets better!
  3. Hyomin looks stunning, and the guy isn't so bad either Even if they're not to be on WGM, they still look good together..
  4. Lol, I had no idea Soyeon called her fans "Soyeons" - that's beyond cute! The girls' messages were really heartfelt and sincere. I especially enjoyed reading Hyomin's laundry letter and Soyeon's message. You can really tell that as Diadems/Citrines (?) we're totally spoiled by these girls, who constantly think about their fans! T-ara fighting~
  5. Lol, how come this feels like the best news as of late? I agree, though. I just started loving Hwayoung as a member, too. Seven is a lucky number, so T-ara better stick with it!
  6. I love how one can't deny that they just sang that live - and they were AWESOME!! The choreo looks so tiring, so I'm glad they pulled it off so well! Does Boram really only have one line in the whole song? Argh, CCM with your inequal line distributions!! *shakes fist*
  7. If I hadn't heard that she had a sprained ankle, I wouldn't have known that Eunjung was hurt throughout her performance! Much love to her for being so professional , but I do hope she rests more! The other girls were amazing, I loved how Hwayoung was featured, and the dancing was AWESOME. And Soyeon, omg.
  8. We finally got our long-awaited All Kill!! Yay!!!! I'm so happy for the girls! I was surprised to see that AKP actually had an article about it, too. T-ara fighting~
  9. I seem to love every T-ara + MBLAQ interaction the two groups have! They're the two groups in which I can't distinguish a real bias, simply because they're all so cool This was a very nice performance P.S. I caught Boram about to laugh around 1:14, while dancing with Mir. Ah, how cute is she?
  10. Awwwww, Hyomin is freaking adorable!! I completely fell in love with her during her reign as T-ara's leader. She's such a talented and beautiful girl! Congrats to her for the win!!
  11. Oooh, cool! I wasn't aware of the Tokyo version. I just hope CCM sticks to the schedule next year! BTW how is it that even as a zombie, Soyeon still looks so cute? And Hwayoung looks amazingly fierce, I couldn't recognize her!
  12. LOL "zombie version"?? I'm not sure what CCM is thinking, but I'm looking forward to it. I couldn't help but think of Thriller, so this is making me anticipate the music videos even more.
  13. Hyomin and Hwayoung's dorky dance was adorable! And it's strange, but I never pieced together how polar opposite the songs are until I heard one after the other, lol
  14. I love this collaboration!!! How amazing were their voices? Davichi + T-ara = And my jaw literally dropped when MinKyung started rapping. That part was amazing. Soyeon and Hwayoung looked particularly beautiful in this MV.
  15. Omg haha, in the first picture, I had totally gotten Eunjung and Hwayoung mixed up! Initially I thought that the girls on Soyeon's side were all the past leaders, but looked over and saw double I'm excited for yet another concept!
  16. Awww This is good news! To me, Soyeon's personality always felt the most leader-esque, among all the girls. It may have been because she was also the spokesperson, but she seems to represent her group very well and efficiently, even in her variety shows! Honestly, it was because of her that I really gave T-ara a chance, although I had seen Eunjung in DH beforehand. Well, either way I love the group and the girls! Good luck to Soyeon!
  17. Five versions of lovey dovey?! I'm so excited!! And the girls look adorable!
  18. Aww, this is great news! I hope they can continue their success until their promotions for Lovey Dovey start after the 24th. T-ara girls fighting~
  19. Oh, I'm looking forward to Qri's acting, honestly! She looks very BA in the poster and all the previews! ^^
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