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    SilverPlume reacted to nathaniel in [13.03.27] T-ara's Eunjung-Hyomin-Jiyeon-Areum to form a sub-unit and create national trend   
    [13.03.27] T-ara's Eunjung-Hyomin-Jiyeon-Areum to form a sub-unit and create national trend

    7-member girl group T-ara will return in late April or early May as a sub-unit consisting of Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin and Areum. The team's name is not yet decided, but they plan to takeover with a national dance trend.

    T-ara's agency Core Contents Media said on the 27th, "We are sorting out the details for a sub-unit for Eunjung, Jiyeon, Hyomin and Areum right now."

    T-ara will work with the new hitmaker, Double Sidekick. Double Sidekick has made several hit songs lately, including Davichi's "Turtle" most recently. This will be the first time T-ara works with this composer.

    Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum will appear similar with their promotions with T-ara, contrary to what most usual sub-units do. Their agency said, "We want to take this chance to familiarize the public with them individually."

    T-ara plan to appear on stage with a dance similar to the Village People's "YMCA" dance which became popular in the late 1990's that is easy to follow. The song will have an easy and gentle melody and dance their agency hinted. T-ara hope to make the dance a national trend. Their agency joked, "The song will hopefully be the second coming of 'Gangnam Style'."

    The other members, Qri, Boram and Soyeon, will stick to individual activities. T-ara will reunite in the summer and plan to reach over 150,000 fans in a Japanese Arena Tour.

    Last year, T-ara held a six city tour in Japan including two sold out performances in Tokyo's Budokan Arena.
    Source: http://media.daum.net/entertain/enews/view?newsid=20130327095908739
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [CY] Hyomin's Cyworld Update (03/05)   
    [CY] Hyomin's Cyworld Update (03/05)

    CREDIT: Hyomin's Cyworld + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to lovejiyeon.hyomin in [PIC] Boram's new selca (02/16)   
    [PIC] Boram's new selca (02/16)

    Credit: brandinator.minus.com + lovejiyeon.hyomin @ tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to thexcalibur in [13.02.07] YeIn E&M's Apology about Eunjung and Five Fingers   
    After those long BS, the point is they only want to avoid 2 years penalty (#8).
    They don't think about how they "will restore her reputation and try our best to remedy the damage" (#6).
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    SilverPlume reacted to vervainify in [13.02.07] YeIn E&M's Apology about Eunjung and Five Fingers   
    It takes almost 6 months to state an apology letter..sigh. What can be done. The damage is done. Hope this will be a lesson for the other companies so they won't easily accept rumors and kick someone out like a boss without mercy =='
    But then again, this industry is indeed harsh.
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [13.02.07] YeIn E&M's Apology about Eunjung and Five Fingers   
    YeIn E&M's Official Apology Sent to KEMA Regarding Eunjung and Five Fingers

    January 23rd 2013- YeIn E&M's official apology sent to the Korean Entertainment Management Association.

    Recipients: Korean Entertainment Management Association, Penalties Adjustment Ethics Committee
    Date: 2013. 01. 23.
    1. We wish for the everlasting prosperity of KEMA.
    2. YeIn E&M decided to cast Core Contents Media’s artist Ham Eunjung for the role of Hong Dami in SBS’s Special Production Drama “Five Fingers.”
    3. After casting Ham Eunjung, our company did not adequately discuss and communicate with Core Contents Media and the actor in question, did not have an accurate and full understanding about the T-ara incident, and unilaterially decided to remove a faultless actor from the drama “Five Fingers” before releasing any notice [about the removal].
    4. Further, our company’s removal and replacement of the original actor has caused great harm to Ham Eunjung and her reputation and self-esteem. [Releasing] reports about “loss of production fees” without any communication with the actor who had, with great sincerity and a positive attitude, attended script and piano practices, poster shooting, and also the press conference, and using hair-dyeing as a reason to discontinue filming, we are deeply regretful and apologetic towards Ham Eunjung and the Penalties Adjustment Ethics Committee, KEMA. Our failure to fully consider the actor’s position led to a wrongdoing and is an error on the part of the production team.
    5. Our disregard of the fact that there was no problem with Ham Eunjung’s participation in the drama, our production company’s error in judgment, and the failure of SBS Directors and writers to handle the situation properly - it was because of this that such an incident happened.
    6. Further, regarding the reputational loss and the irreparable and immense spiritual harm caused to actor Ham Eunjung, we will restore her reputation and try our best to remedy the damage.
    7. Our company is also of the view that there should not be any conventional practices of unilateral removal of actors. Not from the production company's but from KEMA and actor's point of view, this is a matter of great importance currently being reviewed, and about KEMA’s concerns and worry about this, we express our sincere apologies. To prevent this from happening again, we will participate in creating a positive production environment. In the future, even though this will not happen again, regarding similar incidents that may happen, we will work hard to communicate and to look for a satisfactory resolution in accordance with KEMA’s policy measures.
    8. In this regard, we ask KEMA to understand our company’s position and request that the case “KEMA members’ boycott of YeIn E&M dramas for 2 years”, put forward by the Penalties Adjustment Ethics Committee, be withdrawn.
    9. Our company hopes that everything can be resolved satisfactorily and will work hard with KEMA together to create a positive television drama production environment.
    YeIn E&M
    Translated from Chinese translations from Baidu HamEunJung: http://tieba.baidu.c...317877?see_lz=1
    Original Source: http://www.yeinenm.com/company4.html
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    SilverPlume reacted to nathaniel in [13.02.05] T-ara donate 100 sacks of rice + will hold ricecake event with SPEED   
    [13.02.05] T-ara donate 100 sacks of ricecakes + will hold ricecake event with SPEED

    T-ara and SPEED will have a ricecake event.
    Before departing for Japan, T-ara, along with SPEED will have an event at 6:00 PM at the Gilbalhan Chicken in Bucheon serving ricecakes together.
    According to a press release from T-ara's agency, T-ara received over 100 sacks of rice from fans and want to donate it to those with less fortunate lives. T-ara invited 12 people living in an orphanage in Bucheon where they donated the ricecakes to come with them to the event. They will be able to take pictures and get signed CDs and have a memorable day with their friends.
    Last year, T-ara braved the cold to deliver basic necessities such as rice, noodles, chicken, underwear and cosmetics to elderly living alone and those with more difficult lives. They also served lunch and gave necessities as well as dental care to children with disabilities.
    The Gilbalhan Chicken opens in Buncheon with a fansigning from T-ara and SPEED in addition to the ricecake event. It will last three hours and oepn to anyone. THE SEEYA and 5dolls will also help serve ricecakes with T-ara and SPEED.
    Meanwhile, T-ara will leave for Japan to begin promotions for their Japanese single later this month and SPEED will release a repackaged album on the 18th.
    Source: http://news.nate.com.../20130205n10852
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [TWITTER/ME2DAY] Eunjung's Show! Champion MC debut support (01/31)   
    [TWITTER/ME2DAY] Eunjung's Show! Champion MC debut support (01/31)

    CREDIT: @coremidas + T-ara's Official Me2day + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to nathaniel in [13.01.29] T-ara's Eunjung and f(x)'s Amber to debut as MCs on MBC Show Champion   
    [13.01.29] T-ara's Eunjung and f(x)'s Amber to debut as MCs on MBC Show Champion

    T-ara's Eunjung and f(x)'s Amber have been chosen as the new MCs of the MBC music program "Show Champion".
    A "Show Champion" staff said on the 29th, "After Kim Shinyoung and Shindong, Eunjung and Amber will become the two new MCs of 'Show Champion' in the new year. They are a unique combination that will bring forth a fresh MC experience."
    Eunjung and Amber recently shot the intro video and appeared close already. For their MC debut on the 30th, they are planning a special performance which they have been practicing everyday for.
    Eunjung and Amber said, "We are burdened by Shindong and Kim Shinyoung's great performance as MCs before us, but we will do our best together to put on the best show possible."
    MBC's "Show Champion" airs every Wednesday at 18:00 KST. The ranking for the show is decided by real-time chart rankings on Melon, netizen's opinion and popular voting.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130129n10319
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [13.01.28] T-ara to make a Japanese comeback with バニスタ (Banisuta)!   
    Company's probably at hard financial times (and has been for quite a while I imagine) since T-ara's effectively slashed away from the K-market and likely to be so for a pretty long time.
    But yea, it does look like a pretty cheap gimmick (and as someone mentioned, probably a copy-move of what KARA did with their members' solo material). I mean heck, CCM's got SPEED promoting and Co-Ed to make a comeback soon despite both went through numerous member changes and a very long period of inactivity up to the point they're hardly any different to a typical rookie group that most people wouldn't really give much interest about.
    Seems like T-ara's revenue has fallen quite short overall. Wouldn't count too much on an MV though, assuming costs of producing one there are more expensive, which goes to say how terribly low-budget the Japanese version of LD looked. For their music, it *should* be more higher quality, somewhat. CCM's been relying far too much on Shinsadong Tiger for the majority of T-ara's big hits since 2009.
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    SilverPlume got a reaction from Scatter_88mil in [13.01.28] T-ara to make a Japanese comeback with バニスタ (Banisuta)!   
    The promotion technique is clearly just a cheap ploy for CCM to make money, if we're assuming that fans will be willing to buy all the different versions, so I'm a bit torn, because at the same time I'm happy the girls are finally promoting original material in Japan. I do hope the production quality is up to par with their Korean music, especially when they decide to shoot/release an MV. And the decision to make a comeback in Japan is amazingly brilliant, because I thought for sure CCM would (stupidly) try to tackle the Korean market again, even with all the bad press T-ara's still getting.
    On another note, I guess we should all start saving up now, huh? Unless by some act of God they decide to release ONE album with all the songs. (Oh, and because it's CCM, I won't be too surprised if that's what they end up doing months later anyway...)
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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [OFFICIAL] Hyomin in the recording studio (01/27)   
    [OFFICIAL] T-ara Official Japanese Blog Hyomin Update (01/27)

    "Please wait. ♥"

    CREDIT: http://ameblo.jp/t-ara777 + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [13.01.28] T-ara to make a Japanese comeback with バニスタ (Banisuta)!   
    Wow this is really incredible news.. I always dreamed of an Eunjeung solo & excited for the others also. Boram & Qri can actually sing you know if they got the right keys suitable for their voices (Boram even had a solo album before joining T-ara).. oh yeah anyone knows what Banisuta means? Tried to google translate it and came out zip..
    Still I would much preferred it if all the songs were combined into one album as I hate to see the girls competing with each other for the sales. Oh, guess I have to buy them all then... DAMN YOU CCM!
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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [13.01.28] T-ara to make a Japanese comeback with バニスタ (Banisuta)!   
    [13.01.28] T-ara to make a Japanese comeback with バニスタ (Banisuta)!

    The release of the long awaited Japanese original track, バニスタ (Banisuta), has been decided!
    With the new member Areum who joined last year, big news from the newly formed T-ara!
    As craved by the fans, the new Japanese original single バニスタ has been set for a release on March 20th! (Further details to be announced afterwards.)
    For the first time, the Limited Edition will be 3 discs and the Regular edition will be 7 discs, in total there will be 10 discs on sale.
    The Limited Edition disc will feature sub units of T-ara. In addition, the Regular Edition will feature solo music of the T-ara members. That makes 11 new Japanese original tracks!
    The tracklist:
    Limited Edition A: バニスタ + Sign - Soyeon & Areum - ¥ 1,800
    Limited Edition B: バニスタ + Soap Bubbles - Boram & Qri - ¥ 1,800
    Limited Edition C: バニスタ + Dangerous Love - Jiyeon, Eunjung & Hyomin - ¥ 1,800
    Regular Edition D: バニスタ + Love Poem - Soyeon solo - ¥ 1,200
    Regular Edition E: バニスタ + Two As One - Eunjung solo - ¥ 1,200
    Regular Edition F: バニスタ + Maybe Maybe - Boram solo - ¥ 1,200
    Regular Edition G: バニスタ + For You - Jiyeon solo - ¥ 1,200
    Regular Edition H: バニスタ + Do We Do We - Qri solo - ¥ 1,200
    Regular Edition I: バニスタ + Love Suggestion - Hyomin solo - ¥ 1,200
    Regular Edition J: バニスタ + Happy Rain - Areum solo - ¥ 1,200
    (All songs titles are listed as tentative, meaning they are possibly to change.)
    The track バニスタ will be recorded by all the members of T-ara.
    Pre-orders will be available starting from tomorrow!
    Source: http://www.t-ara-off....com/topic.html
    Translation: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem
    At the moment, the meaning of Banisuta is unclear.
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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [13.01.22] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Just friends talking about friends, not celebrities"   
    Hi guys there is news that Soyeon's conversation was actually 'edited' by an anti-fan.. hope Diadem will post this news soon.
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    SilverPlume got a reaction from alexalena in [13.01.22] T-ara's Soyeon caught in a gossip controversy, "Who is 'Stitch'?"   
    Honest to goodness, I think that regardless of whether the topic was about a celeb or not, our Sso (and the other girls) should remember that netizens are seriously watching their every little move for a slip up after last year's controversy. They should try to lie low, and never give knetizens the pleasure of catching them do anything even slightly controversial.
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    SilverPlume reacted to Sleeping Ham in [13.01.22] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Just friends talking about friends, not celebrities"   
    Well, good thing is no word as "Soyeon's KAkaoTalk Story account gt hack so resulting personal convo leaked" in any line in the explanation Which is new. XD I doubt T-ara members gonna sign in Twitter or tweet anymore.. The netizens are freaking stalking them frm wherever and once they get something to twist, we'll get a headline like THIS. *sighs* And if there is really someone leaking, must be the 2 out of 3...
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    SilverPlume reacted to Elienore in [13.01.22] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Just friends talking about friends, not celebrities"   
    Well, everything was explained this time.
    Fast and reasonably too.
    Did CCM get a new PR boss or something?
    Meanwhile, I doubt netizens will believe it, but its nice to see such a prompt reaction.
    Also, that Sso picture is awesome.
    Kinda odd to casually gossip with each other on a public place, which Kakaostory thingiemajingabob apparently is.
    EDIT; Fixed something.
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    SilverPlume reacted to Ahnu in [13.01.22] T-ara's Soyeon caught in a gossip controversy, "Who is 'Stitch'?"   
    Honestly the other two girls should get more heat because of their comments. But of course... =_=
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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [EVENT/FANTAKEN] T-ara @ Golden Disk Award (01/16) - UPDATED 01/25   
    The girls looked lovey today.
    And oh my gosh...

    Hyomin looks so cuuuute!
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    SilverPlume reacted to young_syc in [CY] Qri's Cyworld Update (01/15)   
    [CY] Qri's Cyworld Update (01/15)

    CREDITS: Qri's Cyworld + young_syc + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [CY] Qri's Cyworld Update (01/10)   
    [CY] Qri's Cyworld Update (01/10)

    CREDIT: Qri's Cyworld + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [ME2DAY] Update from Hyomin (01/09)   
    [ME2DAY] Update from Hyomin (01/09)

    CREDIT: me2day.net/official_t-ara + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to Kerotan in [13.01.08] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Iris 2? Never offered any role"   
    Did KBS even say they offered? I thought they only said she was being "considered". xP
    This isn't that surprising, but it's funny, they all say they would like to hire T-ara, but don't actually have the guts to go through with it. xD Who knows how many shows these stations had planned for them before the controversy. I'll bet the producers are all waiting to see who will be the first to just go ahead and hire one of them. I'm glad they said good things about her (which never would have happened a few months ago), but still, it's obviously wrong to use her name for publicity if they weren't even considering her.
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    SilverPlume reacted to cynt29 in [13.01.08] T-ara Soyeon's agency, "Iris 2? Never offered any role"   
    LOL WTH ... first Sbs now Kbs.. those two broadcast stations, please stop using T-ara to repair your image after what you have done to them
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