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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [AD/PROMO] T-ara for Ray magazine (01/04)   
    [AD/PROMO] T-ara for Ray magazine(01/04)

    For more magazine spreads:

    CREDIT: haams.tistory.com + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [13.01.01] T-ara Top Female Group at 2012 Soompi Gayo Awards   
    They were also named as one of the Top 10 artists of 2012 and Lovey Dovey got #8 in the Top 50 Songs of 2012 category.
    I always did prefer Soompi compared to a AllKpop..
    Source: http://www.soompi.co...awards-results/
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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [12.12.23] VIDEO/CHART - Lovey Dovey #1 Top 100 K-Songs of The Year 2012   
    The videos were made by KpopItalia but it is based on the Gaon's National Physical Albums Ranking and Online Download Chart from mid-November 2011 to mid-November 2012. Check out their channel for the other parts of the chart.
    Top 20 (Lovey Dovey #1)

    Top 40-21 (Day by Day #28)

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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    This gives me a bigger suspicion that the alcohol CF deal was likely just a lie for PR - a terrible PR tactic, to be precise now that the timing is considered.
    I agree with klee95 and iAmEd here.
    People need to goddamn see that while netizens can be a bunch of whacks, the damage they do can be ultimately recovered from through time and laying low. However, damage from the agency is just asking for trouble to brew up if it's not fixed ASAP and looking at CCM's record, fixing internal problems is next to impossible for it.
    These guys are burning T-ara down to the ground and it seems like their management tactics/strategies, excuses and all that are becoming far more pathetic for every dumb public announcement they make. I don't see ANY way T-ara can recover from CCM's sheer idiocy in the long run.
    Anyone wondered why DBSK split? Internal issues between the group and SM. Not exterior ones like antis or netizens. The way I see it, idol groups seem more frail to internal damage than external.
    "Hallyu actors and KARA have also done advertisements for pachinko machines."
    I don't know about actors but KARA is massively big in Japan. T-ara pales in comparison. CCM seriously needs to stop dragging other groups in articles such as this. It's stupid and childish.
    Hell, it even looks like CCM still has some sort of bitter hatred towards KARA simply over a lawsuit way back in 2010 that didn't even involve CCM itself in the first place. Again - stupid and childish. Full stop.
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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    <facepalm> CCM.. when are you going to learn. Get proffesional help for public relations!!
    Pachinko is actually more like the game machines in arcades that give you tickets that you can exchange for prizes (dolls, cigarettes etc.) only in the form of silverballs.. It's legally not considered as gambling but illegally you can exchange the silverballs with tokens/coins instead of prizes and usually in the back alleys near every pachinko shop you can "secretly" (though everyone knows) exchange the tokens with hard cash...
    .so legally its not a gambling machine (gambling is officially illegal in Japan) but they are being used by the Japanese underground for gambling. But since it is common knowledge for Japanese (doubt the girls know this) CCM should've known better.
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    SilverPlume reacted to iAmEd in [12.12.20] Alcohol NO! Gambling OK? T-ara embroiled in new controversy in Japan   
    "Hallyu actors and KARA have also done advertisements for pachinko machines"
    And if they jumped off a cliff would you make T-ara do so as well?
    CCM really knows how to annoy people.
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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [EVENT] T-ara @ Premiere Of "Marrying The Mafia 5: Return of the Family" (12/17)   
    Oh come on... this particular photographer probably just screwed up his timing & missed the "smile shot."
    Its freezing there and they are only wearing miniskirts, it must be hard to keep on smiling for the dozens of photogs there when there is a winter wind blowing through your exposed legs & rattling your teeth..
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    SilverPlume reacted to Robbe_881 in [EVENT] T-ara @ Premiere Of "Marrying The Mafia 5: Return of the Family" (12/17)   
    [EVENT] T-ara @ Premiere Of "Marrying The Mafia 5: Return of the Family" (12/17)

    For the rest of the images:

    For the rest of the images:

    Credit: newsen.com + tvdaily.co.kr + robbe_881 + Sweettreasurer + tiaradiadem.com

    Download this photoset:


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    SilverPlume reacted to aleya in [12.12.14] Video - T-ara @ Melon Music Award   
    t-ara performance

    t-ara behind the scene

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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [12.12.05] T-ara reveal their ideal type of mother and which member's child they'd want to be   
    [12.12.05] T-ara reveal their ideal type of mother and which member's child they'd want to be

    I think from amongst the questions asked from the Roly Poly Interview, one question stood out. "If you were born again, whose child would you want to be from amongst the members." Before that, lets ask if you want to become mothers and if so, what is your ideal mother type?
    Jiyeon: Like my mother. I want to be a wise parent.
    Qri: I also want to be like my mother. Doing everything, even that which is invisible. Because I don't want to spoil my kids, I dont mind being strict.
    Soyeon: I want to be the opposite of my mother. My mother exhausted me in work. She didn't think of me, but her "career of work". She made me do all the housework and raised me by exhausting me. I do want to be a hard working mom, but unlike my mom. Because I want to be a mom who makes her child grow strong.
    Boram: I speak as someone who has a sense of friendsihp to my mom. If I give birth to a child, I want to be a mother who is like a friend to it.
    Areum: I want to be a mother who is called upon like a friend.
    Hyomin: I want to go shopping together, a mom who is a friend. Like a fashionable sistar. Even friends of my child will say "Hyomin okasan [mother] is so young", "you're beautiful!" (laughs)
    Eunjung: Me...um, I haven't thought about it.
    - Never have imagined it?
    Eunjung: Yes. People who are loved. I think I want to give love to other people. I want to be a mother who gives a lot of love.
    - Now a question from the readers; if you were born again, whose baby would you want to be. Well everyone?
    Jiyeon: For me, Areum. Because I want her white complexion.
    Areum: For me, Jiyeon. I'm envious of her small face and pretty skin.
    Hyomin: For me Jiyeon. After all she has a cool personality and if someone bad shows up, she'll be his angry opponent.
    Eunjung: For me it's Soyeon. She would make me eat my breakfast properly. Since she is strong, she would properly protect her child.
    Boram: I also go for Soyeon.
    Soyeon: Really? (laughs)
    Boram: Because you're polite, that's why you will properly raise a child.
    Soyeon: For me Eunjung. She acts like a mother in the group, I think she is the ideal person, and she is very homely.
    Hyomin: Ah~ Skilled at cleaning? Maybe Qri is her own ideal type? (laughs)
    Everyone: Ah~
    - Does Qri think the same as the other members? (laughs)
    Qri: Yep, myself. (smile)
    Everyone: Hahaha!
    Jiyeon: Qri would raise a strong child. She can do anything if she puts the effort. She would raise it to have an independant spirit. Though I wouldn't want her as a mom. (smile)
    Everyone: We know!
    - She would be strict, that's why. (smile)
    Soyeon: Who would be my mom? Boram would be bad. (laughs)
    Everyone: Hahaha!
    Boram: Why?!
    Soyeon: I'm worried about Boram changing diapers. She would feed me a lot of food, then I would become fat.
    Everyone: Hahaha!
    Soyeon: After that, because she is a bit childish, the daughter will have to look after the problems of her mother, but you can buy me a lot of goods and cosmetics.
    Boram: Mou~ I want to get married someday. If you say that, it's not going to happen!
    Everyone: Hahaha!
    Source: Web 1 Week
    Translated by: OmegaKrypton @ Diadem
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    SilverPlume reacted to Sweettreasurer in [EVENT] T-ara @ 20th Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards (12/06) - UPDATED   
    [EVENT] T-ara @ 20th Korean Culture & Entertainment Awards (12/06) - UPDATED


    For the rest of the images:

    For the rest of the images:

    CREDIT: Falling-U.com + Sweettreasurer + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to craZy in [CY] Qri's Cyworld Update (12/03)   
    [CY] Qri's Cyworld Update (12/03)

    CREDIT: Qri's Cyworld + craZy + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to Toan in [12.11.27] Fancam - Vietnamese fans rush to T-ara onstage   
    Don't take this as a sort of bashing, but I grew up in Vietnam. I know how this generation of Vietnamese is over there, and frankly, the vast majority are crazy.
    As for this act of, perhaps, over-excitement, I really hope that not just V-Queens, or Queens, or Kpop, but all fans out there would be more considerate toward their idols. I'm pretty sure in most cases, the fans meant no harm, but fans need to take into consideration the position that the idols is in. After all, the first thing that they surely see is a mass of fans-but-strangers rushing toward them, who knows what can happen?
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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [12.11.27] Fancam - Vietnamese fans rush to T-ara onstage   
    Although it was an unfortunate incident, I really don't want Queen's to start bashing the V-Queens.. They have showed much love & support to T-ara even through the controversy and were quite visible during 'the fans vs anti-fans' comment wars in youtube and other sites. This could've happened anywhere when passionate fans are met with bad event organizers.
    Barring that nobody got hurt (physically or mentally) I hope that the girls would just think 'daebak' and actually get a kick out of this (er.. bad choice of words). I mean do you remember any other K-pop act getting Beatles-style bum rushed on stage by a whole crowd? (the single wierdo who tried to kidnap SNSD's Taeyon on stage doesn't count). It's the T-ara effect you guys, the poor V-Queens just couldn't help themselves
    But on the other hand.. the organizers (and indirectly CCM) are really the ones to blame. Let's be honest, almost all T-ara fans dream about getting close to their idols and the organizers should've known this and take measures. T-ara are international superstars and they should've got the protection and first rate treatment they deserve. I don't want Soyeon & Co. to lose their friendly attitude and closeness with the fans but CCM should've made it clear with organizers that all fan interactions should be done in a safe and comfortable manner for the girls.
    I just hope that the girls won't leave Vietnam with a bad impression (no one can deny that they did get MUCH love there & Vietnam is a big market for them) and =vice-versa= the Vietnamese fans won't get sour on T-ara because people are criticizing the V-Queens so much..
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    SilverPlume reacted to kuriya17 in [EVENT] T-ara at 67th Police Department Celebration (10/31)   
    so sexy.... and gosh, Jiyeon's bangs!!! she is sooooo cute!!!! I miss that style!!!
    XD but i can't see any pics of ssyo...i wonder where is she??? o.0
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.10.24] T-ara reveal their lunchboxes, Jiyeon "fruit diet" vs. Hyomin "meat diet"   
    "Their agency said, "T-ara eats and diets according to their varying types of bodies. They don't go on extreme diets, but they all choose to diet specific ways. Often times they get tempted to eat from each others lunchboxes."
    Yea, that's rich. So why did Soyeon recently say in "T-ara: Confession" that the girls were starved by an extreme diet so badly during the BPBP promotions that they even grabbed leftovers after performances and ate them at the toilets to avoid getting caught?
    Even Hyomin has confessed about being poorly fed on TV before, where Hyuna joked to her that Hyomin should move over to Cube because the latter feeds its idols decently.
    And if they're chosen to diet specific ways, then why does Boram look like she's been released from a labor camp?
    CCM, if you're gonna lie, at least make it believable or don't say anything at all.
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    SilverPlume reacted to jknlet in [12.10.24] T-ara reveal their lunchboxes, Jiyeon "fruit diet" vs. Hyomin "meat diet"   
    The girls said, they starved during bo beep bo beep promotions and now CCM shows pics of them eating. Yes CCM we believe you are good with them....
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [12.10.24] Director Cha EunTaek speaks about T-ara & Eunjung   
    [12.10.08] Director Cha Euntaek talks about T-ara & Eunjung in an interview with News 2 Day

    "The T-ara incident made me detest even more the way Korean society does not tell right from wrong"
    Reporter: Recently, you've supported Eunjung through twitter and this became a hot topic. You didn't expect that right? What are your thoughts about the T-ara incident?
    In response to the question that the reporter asked mindfully, Director Cha Euntaek surprisingly gave a calm and sharp response. Because of his message of support to Eunjung, Director Cha was also criticised by some netizens. Director Cha was the director for T-ara's MV's like Lovey Dovey, and so have known Eunjung for a long time. He understands Eunjung more than anybody else and truly feels sad and worried about Eunjung.
    "Although my message wasn't left simply without thought nor was it left simply just to cheer her on, it still represented my worry and care for her. When she knew that she was casted for "Five Fingers", you wouldn't know how happy she was and how hard she worked in preparation. If I was a member of T-ara, I might have hidden away somewhere because of the pain. T-ara being ostracised by the public, this has made me really detest Korean society. I really detest those who, after someone's mistake, add insult to injury without first determining right from wrong. To be honest, I thought "Should I gamble my career in the entertainment industry and just say it all [and argue]? Just say it all on twitter?" I was really angry at the time."
    "I've watched them grow since the T-ara members were still trainees. They are kids who have worked hard to become singers, and I was really hurt to see them criticised like that. Eunjung's message on twitter was actually really simple and pure. They cannot go out and play like other teenagers, but have to practise with all their might, running around to complete their activities. They cannot live like other kids of the same age, but are constrained by their work. They are kids who are more simple and pure than others of their age."
    "At the time, I was really very upset. To see how the public, without understanding the circumstances, became so sure that there must have been bullying between them. I don't understand, there have been incidents in the past that were much worse, idols who have done illegal things, but why only treat T-ara with such harshness?"
    About how his message of support for Eunjung caused a stir amongst netizens, Director Cha said: "Although we should criticise acts that are wrong, but to see people carelessly criticise and condemn acts that are right simply because of their own subjectivity and bias, I really could not carrying on living pretending that I did not see this in our society."
    "Eunjung ah, you have to live with strength"
    "I always talk with Eunjung, and she told me 'Because of Director-nim, I've gained a lot of strength." She cannot clarify everything that has happened, simply for the reason that they are all very close. In reality, their relationship is not what outsiders have portrayed it to be like, and they do not want each other to be criticised or blamed because of themselves. Because of this incident, they really cried a lot. I really can't bear to see them cry like that. I tried to find ways to comfort them, but I couldn't come up with any good ways but to say to them to live with strength. After Eunjung was forced out of "Five Fingers" I had once worried that she would do something stupid."
    English translation from Chinese translation by Woojung Baidu:http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1941485235
    Original Korean article: http://www.news2day....7a101c71aa3280d
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.10.20] Video - T-ara Confession   
    I understand how you feel about the haters in AKP but honestly, there isn't much that can be done about that place. It's best to ignore the people there.
    Besides, the fandom in general has been pissed off with CCM a LOT this year and the last thing they need to do is be concerned with a group of people behind the keyboard throwing mud all over the place. They're only going to laugh back at you if you fight back, hence creating a fanwar, something that isn't necessary at current.
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.10.20] Video - T-ara Confession   
    Aite guys and girls, I just went through the whole vid (robbe_881 - thank you very much for providing the HD version ) and while I can't provide a full translation due to the length of the footage, I'll describe this out as best as I can (for those asking, I'm Korean here so the language is no barrier to me at all, though the music background could have been lower in audio so I may have not heard everything correctly - or maybe my speakers are just...well, ah whatever).
    I really must say, I'm terribly sad to tell those who were expecting the girls to come forward regarding the scandal had expected too much. In fact, the first half of the video had nothing to do with 'confession' at all and was more set to their showcase in Malaysia.
    When the group were altogether in the hotel room (after the ad break) where the subject regarding that mess was talked about, Hwayoung herself was not even directly mentioned and they were actually very, very vague as to what occurred and even then, spent a great deal of the second half of the show mostly talking about themselves and the group as a whole.
    What Soyeon did however, admit (note - this has little to nothing to do with the scandal) is that way back in the BPBP days, the group was particularly starved and forced into something that may be seen as a severe diet up to the point that when other idols or singers that were their seniors (in terms of how long they were in the industry) usually left behind leftovers after performances, the girls actually grabbed as much as they could - particularly snacks and gimbap, shoved such food in their pockets and even ate them in the toilets to avoid getting caught.
    That....is pretty darn nasty. When Areum says that what she's going through doesn't even amount to even one bit of what T-ara had to go through since debut, Soyeon then lets out that there were quite a lot of moments that the members cried.
    Basically, the title of the show 'Confession' is rather quite misleading. In fact, none of the members look even willing to spill anything in detail at all - in other words, what exactly transpired. I'd even go to say it did little to nothing to actually contradict what antis, netizens believe.
    And why? The most likely reason is that what they say is being filtered and monitored by a certain someone (no prizes to guessing who that is). CCM is part of Mnet Media itself (and Mnet Channel is the one broadcasting this) - there's no way they'd let anything in detail be told at all, no matter how much T-ara wants to speak out for themselves without internal consequences.
    All in all, it's rather disappointing, even for me who didn't expect much out of it.
    If anyone wants to ask for more details of what they said, feel free to PM me.
    Edit: I also forgot to mention this - the members, Hyomin and Soyeon in particular, have said that they're worried for us fans as well. Whether if they actually know how divided the fandom has become or simply that they're concerned with the crap we had to pull over with from antis or netizens as a whole is debatable, as they were quite vague with this too.
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.10.19] T-ara's Dani poses with their Gold award for "Jewelry Box"   
    T-ara's lifespan would be lucky to even break the infamous 5-year-curse >___> Supposedly, some of the members' contracts are expiring at some point next year (I suspect this may strongly apply to Boram and Qri in particular) and looking how overworked they've been this whole year, fans should really prepare themselves of the possibility that most of the current members will not continue on being in T-ara once those contracts expire.
    Considering that CCM's future looks also awfully bleak and with its image completely tarnished in the eyes of the public, there's little reason for them to stay any longer. Davichi didn't renew their contracts with CCM for a good reason.
    Dani's year of birth - 1999
    Jiyeon's year of birth - 1993
    A six year gap is nowhere near to 'almost the same age' at all.
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    SilverPlume reacted to Jiyeoniixx in [12.10.19] T-ara's Dani poses with their Gold award for "Jewelry Box"   
    I completely AGREE with you.The reason i became a t-ara fan was because of their mature concepts (cry cry especially) not because of BPBP LOL.i am a girl and cute concepts never appeal to me at all....so i am pretty much worried of their future concepts.In my opinion,Dani should train more and debut at a later time (and in another group if possible)She needs to improve her korean too.I am sure people would accept her more easily when she is older...*sighs* its so hard being in this fandom...
    Well said scatter....I AGREE what you said wholeheartedly.
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.10.19] T-ara's Dani poses with their Gold award for "Jewelry Box"   
    I couldn't agree any more with these three posts. At worst, I think fans should really start worrying about the possibility of T-ara taking AS or AKB-48's path. This is quite distressing really, adding in that they've been promoting far too much this year (possibly even more so than last year or at least in a comparable scale), it's just asking for another round of trips to the hospital.
    Hell, they may be the most prone of all K-idol groups to hospital visits. Considering the current members are barely holding out with the amount of over-promotions, it makes no sense for someone twice as young as Boram and Qri to hold out any better.
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    SilverPlume reacted to Ehlana in [PICS] T-ara for Android Application (09/2012)   
    [PICS] T-ara for Android Application (09/2012)

    For the rest of the images :

    For the rest of the images :

    Credit : brandinator @ Minus + Ehlana + Tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to PrincessT-ara in [12.09.06] T-ara completes M!Countdown comeback recording, "Because of controversy, opening stage was cut"   
    To be honest, I'm not surprised this has happened but I can't say that I'm disappointed. While I wouldn't have minded the children performing (especially since it was for such a short period of time), I wasn't particularly interested in it. Plus, this situation brought more controversy to an already sensitive situation involving T-ara so I think this was the best decision for them to make. I do, however, feel sorry for the children as I'm sure they worked hard and were looking forward to performing for the opening.
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