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    SilverPlume reacted to nathaniel in [12.09.02] T-ara to release four music videos at midnight on September 3rd   
    [12.09.02] T-ara to release four music videos at midnight on September 3rd

    T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" music video will be released at midnight on September 3rd.
    T-ara's "SEXY LOVE" music video will be the sequel to "DAY BY DAY" and 15-minutes long and will also include a robot-dance version and a BTS music video making part. The drama music video for the ballad "Day and Night" will also be released at the same time.
    The ballad "Day and Night" features Gavy NJ member Geonji as well as the famous 4-octave singer from Star King from British named Shannon and T-ara member Areum. The song is a sad ballad with a stunning rap part.
    "SEXY LOVE" is fourth in the series which was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and written by Choi Kyujung. "Day and Night" was the joint-work of composer Cho Youngsoo and the lyricist Ahn Youngmin.
    T-ara will showcase a robot dance on stage alongside their electronic synth-pop "SEXY LOVE" and will continue showcasing an exotic charm they began with "DAY BY DAY".
    T-ara's four different versions (T/N: drama in two parts 'Sexy Love' and 'Day and Night', dance version of 'Sexy Love' and BTS version I think) of the music video will be released on the 3rd at midnight (September 2nd 11:59 PM).
    Source: http://news.nate.com.../20120902n05121
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    SilverPlume reacted to nathaniel in [12.08.30] Core Contents Media, "T-ara's handwritten letter was written by Qri"   
    [12.08.30] Core Contents Media, "T-ara's handwritten letter was written by Qri"

    T-ara's agency Core Contents Media have revealed Qri wrote thre handwritten letter on behalf of the T-ara members.
    On the 30th, Core Contents Media said, "Qri has taken care of the other members and wrote the letter. All of the members gathered together to write the handwritten apology that appeared on our official website."
    "I hope that people can refrain from leaving malicious comments in the future," they urged.
    T-ara released a handwritten letter where they expressed their deepest apologies and said they will reflect on their actions yesterday.
    Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109459511
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    SilverPlume reacted to Laurence_ in [12.08.29] Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"   
    What a wise woman! I'm glad to see some people stand for the girls. The cast and staff of Haeundae Lovers seem to be really nice to Soyeon!
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    SilverPlume reacted to jknlet in [12.08.29] Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"   
    i´m happy there are still some adult with a brain in Korea.
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.29] Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"   
    Actress Kim Hye Eun "Soyeon staying on Haeundae Lovers, please applaud!"

    “It is not an issue that can be solved by leaving the drama. Ostracizing/bullying is clearly a serious societal problem, but where there is debate but no confirmed facts or truth, to unconditionally accuse and criticize young adults is not right. To push the young into a difficult situation because of the existence of a debate, is this something that adults should do?”
    Actress Kim Hye Eun, who also appears in Haeundae Lovers with Soyeon, candidly expressed her thoughts about the T-ara issue. On the 28th with an interview with Daily Economy Star Today, Kim Hye Eun said “There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the drama, including Soyeon’s appearance on the drama and the Busan dialect, but on set, the atmosphere is still happy and enjoyable.” “It is true that there are many unfavorable aspects, but they have to be solved wisely one by one.”
    Kim Hye Eun said that day: “To already have promised to appear in the drama, and to have already participated in over 5 filmings, behaviour like ‘Because of your response, I will cut you out’ is wrong.” “In the T-ara incident, most importantly, it is the adults who have made the bigger errors. I want to applaud the decision of the production team to continue working together under circumstances of debate in order to not disappoint the hardworking actors.”
    She continued: “Partial conversations over twitter or SMS between young adults cannot be used to make judgments on everything.” “One cannot say who was at fault, but to avoid similar situations and to prevent kids from getting hurt, care and wise judgments are needed from adults. In particular, if the agency can take some action on behalf of the children, that would be great. Very anxious”
    At the same time, she expressed: “No matter what the problem is, to just solve the superficial issue is not the way to resolve the problem.” She added, “Right now, Soyeon, as the object of anger, is in a dilemma. If she ignores the situation and chooses to leave the drama unconditionally, then the viewers’ wounds might feel more comfortable, but the heart will not be cured. Even if the surrounding circumstances are loud and noisy, isn’t it a good thing that the actors’ acting and the production team’s hardwork together receive praise for the drama?”
    On the other hand, Kim Hye Eun’s charismatic acting as the wife of President Yang in Haeundae Lover has received praise.
    Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translation: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1826234863
    Original article: http://news.nate.com.../20120829n07603
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    SilverPlume reacted to xbot in [12.08.28] Translation - Hwayoung's Tweet   
    Brave move from Hwayoung (though I've would've prefer that she done it sooner and I agree she didn't have to be so vauge)
    I hope CCM would use this momentum to at least hammer down Hwayoung's message by letting the T-ara members talk & defend their selves in a public forum.. If this is too much for some of the girls, let the parents read written statements (KKS should not go anywhere near the mic)... apparently right now in Korea keeping silent means admitting that you are guilty, which is what the Hundae Lovers PD was saying when she criticized CCM (lying makes stuff worse, KKS you idiot).
    I always thought that people will ease off this issue since the evidences were so bogus but I guess somebody from T-ara needs to step up to the plate and face the media storm (I vote Soyeon as spokesperson since she handled the Chosun Ilbo interview so deftly with the rest of the members there for support)..
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    SilverPlume reacted to Elly in [12.08.28] Translation - Hwayoung's Tweet   
    @RHY422 Seeing articles regarding Eunjung-unni being taken out of her drama makes my heart uneasy. Although there were some confrontations in the past while I was promoting as a T-ara member, with all of this happening, my heart is in pain. And I feel bad for the amount of hurt all of this may have caused. However, when we lived together there were also very happy times; let bygones be bygones and let's strive to put smiles on our faces once again. Everyone has showed so much love to T-ara [before], so because of this accident and for causing a lot of distress and worry to everyone, I apologize.
    Translated by: Elly@Diadem
    Source: @RHY422
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    SilverPlume reacted to s-park in [12.08.27] Quick News - Jiyeon and Eunjung's mum leave messages for fans   
    [12.08.27] Quick News - Jiyeon and Eunjung's mum veave messages for fans


    Translation by s-park:

    Greetings everyone, I am the mother of Eunjung

    I am really grateful and thankful to you for coming a long way just to give your support.

    They (T-ara I suppose) will resume their activities in August,

    Hyomin, Soyeon and Eunjung are filming recently, please show them your guidance

    I love you guys, thanks

    NOTE : I think this was before Eunjung left 5F, and because things were uncertain at that time that might explain why her mum said T-ara was coming back in August when it seems to be unlikely now.

    cr :

    ming5367 / baidu

    any other stuff related please post them here.. thanks=D
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.24] Translation - Director Cha Eun-taek's tweet about Eunjung   
    [ENG TRANS] Director Cha Eun Taek's tweet:
    @goninri Eunjung has left her drama...in a very short period of time, really so much has happened...I know she even bought a piano and practiced for a very long time...I hope she doesn't suffer anymore more pain now...
    T/N: Director Cha EunTaek is a famous CF/MV director: he directed T-ara's Roly Poly, Cry Cry/Lovey Dovey, Day by Day/Sexy Love MV
    via Chinese Trans by TCN
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    SilverPlume reacted to Parismoon in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    I'm glad someone spoke up about this. I am touched by his comment. We need more people like him!
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.23] Translation - A PD's tweet in support of Eunjung   
    김태연 ‏@tykimlaw
    드라마제작사에게 제작협찬이나 PPL이 중요한 사안임에는 틀림없지만 그것때문에 작품의 기획의도를 왜곡해서는 안된다. 한작품으로 대박을 노리는 건 어리석은 거다..천남은 제작협찬이 제로지만 ㅠ 난 포기하지 않는다. 돈은 더 열심히 할때 벌어지는 것이다.
    "To drama producers, issues of production sponsorship, PPL etc are no doubt important, but to tamper with the drama's plan for these issues is not the way. A production that succeeds relying on despicable things, is very muddled. Although the production sponsorship for The Thousandth Man is zero ㅠ I will not give up. Money is something that you will have when you work harder."
    T/N: This is a producer (also CEO I think) at Chorok Stars, a production company that produced Vampire Prosecutor and also Hyomin's The Thousandth Man
    Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translations Ham Eunjung Baidu (@hameunjungbar)
    对于电视剧制作商来说,制作赞助啊、PPL这种问题毋庸置疑是重要的,但因此连作品的企划也篡改了是不行的。一部作品靠卑鄙的事而成功,很糊涂…千男的制作赞助虽然是零ㅠ 我不会放弃的。钱是更加努力就会有的。
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"   
    [12.08.24] Haeundae Lover's writer, "T-ara's situation, regretful towards their agency"

    Haeundae Lovers's Writer opened up about Haeundae Lover's Soyeon on the morning of the 24th, expressing her thoughts about the T-ara situation:
    She said, "speaking about Soyeon is a very sensitive matter" "I've not seen Soyeon before. It seems like it was T-ara's agency which allowed things to become like this"
    She continued, "The company should, in line with what the public and citizens want, give an explanation about the issue" "Eunjung left her drama recently, and the requests for the other members to leave are also continuing endlesslessly, it is like they are digging their own graves. I feel very regretful about their company"
    About the requests for Soyeon to leave Haeundae Lovers, "Soyeon is not a main character but a supporting character" "Filming already began before the T-ara issue, if she were to leave, we would have to re-film which is not easy" "Soyeon began filming before the T-ara issue" "At that time we did not expect there to be such a conflict"
    "The Tablo incident also happened before, and I felt very saddened about it" "Same about Soyeon. Even after the debate, there is no way to accurately know the reasons, we can't just let her leave the drama. I thought the agency would come up with sensible measures, but to let the incident grow large like this, it is not possible to not have any thoughts of complaints."
    "Disregarding the truth or falsity of the T-ara debate, I hope that they can take this opportunity and become even more united. Personally, I also have worries as to whether T-ara will disband because of this" "When I do sports, I also gain energy from listening to T-ara's songs"
    She cautiously said, "Soyeon was in a traffic accident not long ago, and I know there appeared rumours claiming that the accident was fake, the situation is really serious" "For me, I want to protect those who appear in my work, the cast and crew who have worked hard"
    Translated by @kckclalala via Chinese translations from TCN
    Original Article: http://news.nate.com.../20120824n13732
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    SilverPlume reacted to swastikaexodian in [12.08.23] "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!"   
    GOOD!!! this news bring some rainbow after the storm. Fighting EunJung, You go girl!!
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.23] "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!"   
    "To restore Eunjung's reputation, we will advocate her rights!"

    Regarding Tara Eunjung's receiving of an unilateral notice of termination from the drama production company, the Korean Entertainment Management Association (KEMA) has expressed its position.
    The KEMA on the 23rd published to the media an article titled "Opinion on the Unreasonable Unilateral Breach of TV Drama Contract"
    According to this article, for the success of Five Fingers, Eunjung had given up her other schedules, including overseas activities, showing her sincerity to fully participate in the drama production, but the production team of "Five Fingers" on the 21st, requested with no legitimate reason, that Eunjung leave the drama on her own accord, mentioning that if she did not comply with the request, they would put pressure on Eunjung and her agency.
    Eunjung's side did not understand this, and requested for a reason for withdrawal, but the production team only referred to the modification clause of the contract stating that the situation was not in the best interests of the drama production.
    The KEMA stated "If it is necessary to change the cast during drama production, it should be be discussed with the actor under the premise of mutual understanding and negotiation, but the production team and SBS on the 22nd did not relate any information to Eunjung about her withdrawal, but announced her termination through the media"
    It also stated "Through various evidence and proof, this association has verified and is shocked by this oppressive act of the production team."
    The KEMA said "This association works to improve the practices of drama production and to develop a healthy industry by eradicating old practices. Therefore, from a few years ago, starting with the problems of unpaid acting fees, this association has worked to improve such unreasonable contracts and practices." "Such efforts can been seen in the 'Drama Production Standard Acting Contract' project developed along with the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.
    KEMA's article concluded by stating "We will advocate for Ham Eunjung's rights to restore her reputation as she has been unreasonably harmed as described above. To ensure that all relevant parties in this incident will not be harmed, we anticipate a reasonable solution from the drama production team."
    English translations by @kclalala via Chinese translations by Ham Eunjung Baidu (@hameunjungbar)
    Original source: http://sports.chosun...ceDate=20120823
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    SilverPlume reacted to Laurence_ in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    I'm trully angry and sad!
    She was working without knowing what was happening behind her back.
    Their hypocrisy in encouraging her and searching a new actress in the same time make me sick!
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    SilverPlume reacted to Regius in [12.08.22] What happened in the 24 hours before Eunjung was dropped from "Five Fingers?"   
    This ain't funny anymore. How unprofessional. More embarrassment for the k-entertainment. And those sponsors as well, just rotten.
    Where is the justice here?
    Apologies to all who read this post, if its quite vindictive: boycott the show, boycott the sponsors' products.
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    SilverPlume reacted to anniebananii in [12.08.22] Eunjung's role in "Five Fingers" jeopardized because of issues with sponsors   
    Bullflippin. >.<
    I always hated product placements in dramas, but it was understandable because they semi sponsored the drama. But now they get to make decisions about the main actress?! Bull.
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    SilverPlume reacted to cyclone in [SCANS] Day By Day Album (08/18)   
    [sCANS] Day By Day Album

    .RAR: EU | MF | RS
    CREDIT: cyclone + tiaradiadem.com

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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.08.16] T-ara's Soyeon unable to return to "Haeundae Lovers" filming yesterday   
    KKS has made it pretty damn clear that he doesn't care about any of the members except the money they bring in and that even a medical leave counts as being 'lazy' >___> For all we know, Soyeon is probably pressured to leave the hospital as soon as possible out of fear that she'd be punished for being 'lazy'.
    Which is why I believe both the I-fans, K-fans, J-fans and pretty much everyone should take a much more bolder stance against him.
    On the side note, what disgusts me even just as more than the bumbling imbeciles in AKP is that some certain people in Youtube, claiming to be T-ara's fans, actually think KKS and CCM aren't a bunch of incompetent whacktards >____>
    It's like they've chosen to be completely ignorant of the members' health and awful working conditions and one in particular I recall, even implied it shouldn't matter because they make so much money (when in reality, most of the money from group activities goes to CCM instead >__>)
    How they even call themselves fans is beyond me.
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    SilverPlume reacted to kkyc222 in [12.08.16] Translation - 120813 Director Cha Eun Taek's Tweet   
    [12.08.16] Translation - 120813 Director Cha Eun Taek's Tweet

    @goninri: 어린친구들이 도대체 무슨 죽을죄를 져서 이 사회가 이렇게 가학적인지..
    아파도 아프다 말 못하고 힘들어도 힘들다 말 못하고 뭐가 진실인지? 그게 우리 살아가는데 뭐가 그리 중요한데..? 언제부터 우리 사회가 토론과 논란의 중심 대상이 이리 바뀐건지..
    Young kids, what capital crime did they commit that they are being mistreated like this by society...to be in pain and yet be unable to say that they are in pain, to be tired and yet be unable to say that they are tired, what is the truth? Then what is important, to live like this? Since when did our society's subject and focus of discussion and blame become like this...

    Chinese trans by Baidu Ham Eunjung (@hameunjungbar)
    English trans by @kckclalala
    T/N: Cha Eun Taek is the director who filmed their Roly Poly, Cry Cry, Lovey Dovey, Day By Day, Sexy Love MVs

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    SilverPlume reacted to FreakyFlyBri in [12.08.07] Quick News - T-ara and Davichi to release "We Were In Love" in Japanese   
    This is a bright move on CCM/EMI's part. This accomplishes two things: it simultaneously introduces Davichi to the Japanese music-buying public while also helping reveal a softer, sweeter image of T-ara, something they're in need of right now since everyone's painting them out to be evil bullies. Plus it can be used as a way to feel out exactly how much damage has been done to their Japanese careers after the controversy...if the single performs similarly to their previous releases then it's safe to say they probably haven't lost much ground, but if it tanks it'll show that EMI has some serious work to do on image repair before they start trying to make a proper comeback.
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    SilverPlume reacted to kenzo in [12.08.04] Backlash after T-ara appears on "Sebakwi", "We demand an apology"   
    To be honest, as much as I like to see T-ara again, I think MBC should edit them out. As for WGM, maybe they should delay it or something..
    Because this issue is still hot, this outcome is expected.
    If T-ara kept a low profile, the public will forget them quicker but if they appear on broadcast often, it seems unlikely that the public will easily forget them..
    This is why celebrities go on a long hiatus after involved in a scandal....
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.08.04] Backlash after T-ara appears on "Sebakwi", "We demand an apology"   
    While the bashing for pre-recording is quite unwarranted for, I think people here are getting a bit too comfortable with the possibility Hwayoung WASN'T bullied for sure and are defending them a bit too blindly.
    People, sh!t happens behind the scenes and while the 'evidence' that netizens and antis had gained has been debunked/countered for the most part, we can't really/actually fully deny the possibility some type of bullying may have occurred. I could easily say the evidence gained by fans that absolutely no form of bullying occurring is just as flimsy and circumstantial as much like what the netizens and antis had used - they're from variety shows - stuff in FRONT of the CAMERA. And idols are expected to act like fakes in front of the camera.
    This isn't the land of unicorns, fairies and the like. Kpop is a bloody cutthroat industry here and looking at CCM's past record, group conflict has been around for sure - SeeYa and 5dolls in particular. What makes T-ara such a special exception to this? Think about it. T-ara ain't saintly angels themselves either and honestly, people are back to treating them to such. That's why fanwars and conflict between fans and antis exist, ungratefully so.
    For those laughing down on T-Jinyo's efforts at current, stay off the high horse. While their recent activities/actions are laughable, keep in mind that the organization's only been around for a week or so. There's still a lot of uncertainty on what kind of stuff they can pull off. After all, Tajinyo's antics all lasted over a period of several MONTHs. Stay steady and observant, people. T-Jinyo is far from over.
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    SilverPlume reacted to adnkage in [12.08.03] Hwayoung-Hyoyoung cousin "A," "I don't know anything about the situation"   
    both the media and KKS just care about the money not about T-ara
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    SilverPlume reacted to Scatter_88mil in [12.08.02] T-ara are victims of reckless reporters   
    This reminds me of what AKFG said not long ago - Korean journalism as a whole is a massive joke, since reporters rely on forums and anonymous accounts as their sources for the stuff they report. Actually, the whole Korean media as a whole is a lousy joke to begin with.
    For those malicious rumors - it's a tossup between either the netizens or Kim Kwang Media itself. The possibility that KKM may have spread those rumors itself can't be denied, considering the girls themselves were literally silent on the whole issue.
    From this point on, both the Int. and Korean fandoms should start communicating each other more often, cooperate, recover and rebuild.
    T-Jinyo is still running around active and they're even planning to stage an organized protest outside CCM's building - probably for the wrong reasons since it's KKS himself who should be protested against by everyone. If anyone wants to dare, communicating with their head honchos should be considered as well, since the fans themselves are dying to know the truth too.
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