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  1. Hope this turns things around for the better! Congrats Eunjung!
  2. This must be hard on Qri. Qri be strong. Hope people support her through this.
  3. It's always so nice to read good news. Gotta love the supportive fans out there! Exaggeration or not, a sold out showcase will definitely lift the members' spirits! T-ara hwaiting!
  4. I watched it early since someone ripped it from GOM. It was really fun to watch! Much like lovey dovey in Tokyo. It's great watching the girls just having fun and being happy!
  5. Wow 4 at once?! The madness! I love it! Can't wait for their release! I'm looking forward to the continuation to the Day by Day drama the most, followed by the robot version of Sexy Love
  6. I like the concept of the second picture. I can't wait! Let's hope they stick with September 3rd.
  7. Qri probably has the nicest writing. Like how in Lovey Dovey, Eunjung asked Qri to write the words on the food stand cause she liked her writing. I hope the letter changes things for the better. T-ara hwaiting!
  8. I really wanted Eunjung in the cast and for the show to continue getting high ratings, that way the antis wouldn't get their way. I think if T-ara starts to lose cfs and dramas, it would be a lot harder for them to get more work in the future...but if they could prove themselves now then companies might be willing to take a chance on them again. I know people think it would be good for Eunjung to take a break but at the same time, I think losing this drama would just be another big hit to her morale....
  9. Awww...I wish this happened a little further down the road so it would be more distanced from the current situation. It's nice that Eunjung will get a break but at the same time I think leaving the show at this time might just hurt Eunjung more.
  10. That's such a scary accident. I hope Soyeon recovers quickly and the rest of the staff.
  11. At first I was liking it but after the flashing started, I did not feel well. I would prefer it if they just did it in their practice studio...like the practice versions of Cry Cry and Lovey Dovey with the still camera.
  12. Excited about the orchestra! I think it's going to be a very grand comeback! but really sad that Jiyeon wouldn't be there. I was really hoping they would perform Don't Leave but mainly cause I love Jiyeon's part in that song. Jiyeon's nose is so prefect so I really hope she fully recovers soon. In the mean time I hope they give her time to rest, this probably happened cause she was too tired.
  13. Whoo I loved it the last time Jiyeon was on Running Man~ Hope it's just as funny this time! =D
  14. This is awesome! They worked so hard so I'm glad they are topping the charts! Can't wait to see their performances!
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