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Status Updates posted by Mllktea

  1. I had the greatest dream in my life today, HWAYOUNG's kiss!

  2. I support GangKiz. awesome right?

  3. the amount of T-ara merchandises to buy recently is overwhelming..i say fk it and don't buy any


  5. Yay~ completed Bo Peep & Roly Poly photocards ^^

  6. yay level up in ryuhwayeong.com lolol so what does it mean?

  7. hi i lurbi durbi hwayoung

  8. haha cool then..may i noe where u got ur source? or olivia's? i really hope its dec though..more time to save up..and i hope Davichi comes too!

  9. beng.. is t-ara really coming sg? lik for real?? really??

  10. dude.. where you get ur info of T-ara coming in dec??? or now not le

  11. haha hi new g. uploader now u can help the 3 of us :) good you join bcoz us 3 old g. uploaders are dieing/busy haha, up to u and candy now

  12. dude, you manage to get candy on the team? haha cool, coz i thought u say she pull out halfway but good she bac

  13. hi finally new g. uploaders haha. so you noe what to do rite ;) anyway i thought u was busy and pulled out of the application? but good you're back

  14. wth i didn't know you could like.. read korean or smting haha.. congratz though

  15. haha thnkx, could say i'm a big fan for them both but at the same time it cost lots of $ ... but whatever haha

  16. haha sure, no need to ask lol :) thnx also

  17. Aha my friend TCK you are now a mod eh .. haha cool!

  18. dam guai lan dp hahaha.. yes i nth do

  19. same...actually i also abit tired and i twisted my small toe so walking i even more sian.. but then the $ how? they say pass to sm1

  20. dude you going to the 2nd sg outing anot, coz they are collecting the $ for the shirt. this fri + dinner

  21. hey isit quiet these few days? coz i think i mia from gallery and diadem for lik a week =.=, coz really nth to post

  22. haha thnx, i've quit uploading currently though..tired of those strikes..i think i'll get back around june or smting...

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