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  1. so you blame 6-ara? you are a fans but you believe 6-ara bullying hwayoung? so you not trust 6-ara? okay i understand. i will always remember what T-ara said on inauguration ceremony, they hope Queen'S will always love and support T-ara in the future. so as a Queen'S i will always support T-ARA.
  2. i agree with this, if hwayoung really cares T-ara she wouldn't make tweet after KKS announcement. she just wanna ruined T-ara image. okay she really hurt, but don't she think her tweet just make all this more complicated. sorry but what she do just make she try to take advantage on this situation. why she not be calm, try find a better agency, and try to debut on another group or debut solo. sorry this is just my opinion, because if you really love and cares someone, you will not make the situation more complicated. but i learn something on this situation. T-ara will know who is the Real Queen'S and who is the Fake Queen'S. and i believe T-ara just need Real Queen'S.
  3. so you believe 6-ara bully Hwayoung? so you not a Real Queen'S. T-ara don't need a immature Queen'S like you. like i said before, i don't believe all KKS reason kicked Hwayoung, but i don't believe 6-ara bully hwayoung. if you a Queen'S please think smarter. but if you not a Queen'S, please stop make negative comment.
  4. i really don't understand, you said you are a Queen'S but you still make this a big deal. Okay Hwayoung kicked from t-ara its a big mistake, but T-ara not only Hwayoung right? why Queen'S not try to unite, why everyone try to blame KKS, etc. if you blame KKS so you believe 6-ara bullying hwayoung, if you not trust on T-ara, so don't call your self is a Queen'S. i'm not believe on KKS reason, but i'm not believe too my 6-ara bully hwayoung. please think smarter, if Queen'S continue like this Queen'S just make sad the rest member. Real Queen'S will always support T-ara!!! Real Queen'S will try to think positive in this situation. T-ara need Real Queen'S!! T-ara and Real Queen'S Fightiiiing!!!
  5. Real Queen'S will always support T-ara!!! Real Queen'S not blame this situation to 6-Ara!!! Try to be Real Queen'S!! T-ara Hwaiting!!!!
  6. i like eunjung answer. i hope sexy love will be next #1 song... fighting T-ara!!!
  7. get well soon ramboo.... hope everything will be ok. fightiiing ramboo....
  8. I don't know this will be a good news or bad news. Cause i loved to see them in drama too. But i still support them for their decision. I hope they will be more succeed with this decision. Fightiiiiiing T-ara.....
  9. Jiyeon really cute and gorgeous.... but poor jiyeon, i think she really tired with all her schedule. Even i'm happy see her in dream high 2. But i still sad when i remember how busy her schedule. I hope she never get sick. and will be get her free day... Fightiiiing jiyeon....
  10. Wow..... it's really huge contract.... congrats t-ara.... i don't know why but i always happy when their received a good achievement.
  11. even this ver little bit weird but from this ver T-ara prove their singing live not lipsync. i can't wait to see them make Roly Poly promotion in japan.
  12. they really cute..... i hope i can watch it with eng sub.....
  13. T-ara back to before debut, just 5 member. Lol, just kidding. I really missed t-ara with our 7 queen not like this. Performs with 5 member and received award with 3 member. I feel empty and not fun anymore when see the stage, especially when encore performs. Anyway still wanna say Congrats for our Queen T-ara... and please mention ur fans not just Queens, please make it Queens and Kings.
  14. jiyeon so cute.... ah, she better look so cute than mature. hahahahha........ all of them so pretty..... i hope they can spread Roly Poly Virus in Japan....
  15. Wooooow....... our queen really pretty...... I like when eunjung wear a chic and simple outfit like this...
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