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  1. I can't wait to see them on stage again! its been too long! (well, its not really long if you look at the dates, but this whole controversy thing made it seem like months IMO!) The "little T-ara" touch is cute, but its another issue that netizens can pick at, like, there's already an article on AKP about this.. or is AKP just kinda anti, since their articles are kinda all putting t-ara in a bad light? hmmm.. isit just me, or am i really slow? :/ BUTBUTBUT T-ARA IS COMING BACK! can't wait! Hopefully people won't judge before seeing their performance! fighting, us Queens' will always be here!
  2. sighhhh KKM just has to announce a major announcement thats two days away and keep us on our toes :/ idk, i read the translation of the tweets on AKP but they seem quite harmless! i dont think the members are insulting hwayoung.. may be its just me, but the tweets really seem to show more of the member's admiration of hwayoung's determination!
  3. True....as of now i still love t-ara as it is, but why not lets all give them a chance first? its KKS thats screwing everything up, it aint the fault of the new members right guys?
  4. this awesome!(: know i just have to wait for someone to sub these videos and i'll be satisfied
  5. damn, seriously?! okay, i dont know much about the management of kpop groups and stuff, so maybe this might help, or might not, with t-ara's popularity. i cant say much on that. but what i can say is that i think they are doing great now! just get boram qri and hwayoung more screen time and more lines, fans would be happy! not only so, im sure everyone remembers that period of time when hwayoung first joined, and she had received some hate for a while. if another was to replace a current member now, im not sure that that hate for the new member would cease. im pretty sure it would be much worse off. so, fine, if KKS wants to add a new member, but replacing a current member?seriously, its like destroying t-ara's fanbase while creating anti-fans for the new member. i just hope that none of the seven members now gets replaced...
  6. What? no! i really hope that none of the current members leave or anything. maybe just switch roles? like giving more lines to certain members and stuff like that? or maybe like getting hyomin to rap more and boram to sing more? but not taking out any members! hopefully, this is just an attempt to gain attention or something, not anything serious ><"
  7. woahh! this piece of news makes me wish it was July already! i really can't wait for their new album to come out! im already wondering what type of songs they will be promoting~ i really hope they will come out with some more ballads this time round (: and their concert!! it sucks that i won't be able to go ): but then again, there are fancams to watch! this year's July is gonna be so fun!
  8. Dream High 2 seems interesting! i really should find some time to start watching it D:
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