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  1. Roly Poly - Qri, because she looks so cuuuuuute~

    Cry Cry - Hwayoung, her short hair really suits her.

    Sexy Love - Qri with her green short hair.

    Sexy Love (Drama) - Jiyeon, so beautiful. (also badass soyeon)

    Lovey Dovey (Drama) - MANRI!!!!!!

    Number 9 - Soyeon

    DYKM - Absolutely Hyomin! I'm loving her pink/blonde hair.

    Lead The Way - Qri.

    JWD (Drama) - Cutie Jiyeon.

    IGCBOY - Eunjung <3(but jiyeon too)

    + I know the feeling - Boram, she looks so beautiful and her voice is perfect.

    well, i mentioned Qri four times :D

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