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    cutieprettyqri got a reaction from mindori in [13.09.26] T-ara's Soyeon revealed to have been dating Click B's Oh Jonghyuk for almost 3 years   
    woah! I'm so happy for Soyeon! 3 years? omg, that's a long time.
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    cutieprettyqri reacted to Anchang in [SPAZZ] How big is your T-ara collection? Share and show us your T-ara collection now!   
    Today arrived Banners 150x40cm and 115x65cm

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    cutieprettyqri reacted to kyopta-Qri in [13.04.03] T-ara to release 2nd Japanese album on July 31st!   
    Korean song PLEASE.....
    I miss t-ara korean song w/ full member....
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    cutieprettyqri got a reaction from Dandelina in [13.01.29] T-ara's Eunjung and f(x)'s Amber to debut as MCs on MBC Show Champion   
    OMG YES! I'm so happy! I love Amber too so it's nice to see them together. Yay Eunber!
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    cutieprettyqri reacted to Sleeping Ham in [12.06.01] Quick News - Jiyeon's dad pays a visit at Wildroses fan signing   
    [12.06.01] Jiyeon's dad pays a visit at Wildroses fan signing

    This is so sweet... ^^

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    cutieprettyqri reacted to LeslieJoon143 in [12.05.18] T-ara's Hyomin to open her own collection exclusively on G-Market   
    Unstoppable Minnie..
    This girl really .......SUPER TALENTED! Singer,dancer,rapper,actress,model,designer,stylist,photographer,music editor, MV director..I'm not surprise if next few years she become a CEO!
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