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  1. im glad to hear that ccm also has clarificated and i believe eunjung is right.
  2. at least i can see eunjung on vitamin can't wait to see
  3. daebak hope t ara will become success and be number one
  4. daebak, eunjung's words is good and t ara is in the top of girlband in korea
  5. wow daebak cant wait please vote t ara on mnet, t ara is third now please vote t ara
  6. wow t ara is so kind im glad be a fan of t ara especially eunjung
  7. eunjjung is beautiful i love u so much. eunjung jjang
  8. the vidoe was removed any other link of this video please help me
  9. any other link because this link is broken pleasee. i want to see it
  10. eunjung i love you so much eunjung fighting you are so adorable hehehehe
  11. eunjung is the most busy in t ara i hope she is fine
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