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  1. let me get some popcorn and sit back and watch this drama so interesting. after this is all done they should really make a drama on this
  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why you give up noooooooo. i think that she should have never gone back and tried to make into another company
  3. sorry for what. she just admitted to something. i wonder if kks will let her tell her side then maybe i might start to believe
  4. just shut up it was mostly kks fault for letting her go now he should confess and go on all this drama is bad for t-ara and almost everybody is still on hwayoungs side
  5. god why deos kks and ccm keep brining up hwayoung do you want to dig a deepet hole?
  6. ahh t-ara just needs to make an apology. man this it way out of controll
  7. ya not stupid and i am supposed to believe that. i want the t-ara members to clear this out not stupid kks
  8. just make a public apology. say the truth and that might fix it
  9. this may sound harsh but i am starting to dislike some of t-aras members. why where they being so mean to hwa young. just be nice to her you cant change that she was in the group hwa young i will always support you and i feel for you. you slowly became my bias
  10. good to see that t-ara is growing in populartiy. im glad to see that they are expanding into different places. the still shouldent try to go to the us yet
  11. jiyeon will always be my favorite hopfuly dani will actuly be mature and actualy have some talent
  12. ccm take care o theme so they stay helthy hanks
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