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  1. Wow they are just... AMAZING. Everyone singing with all their heart. Ahh this make me really proud. Not even a single time I regret being QUEEN'S. I really love them!!
  2. She is both slim and healthier! I like the fact that she don't starve herself to have body like this. It's great for Eunjung
  3. ohh well., Shinsadong tiger for me! (^o^)/ I kinda have the feeling that his song will be great. Just take the risk ccm. Brave Brothers song you can use it another time.. keke
  4. Finally finally!!! kyaaa~! cant wait for their comeback. Queen's! lets make them become number 1!
  5. Omo! This is so sweet!! I love the song Hyomin is so adorable
  6. They already going crazy on twitter including me lol
  7. Queen of retro is back!! haha Im looking forward to it. T ara is known for their fusion of modern and traditional song, maybe we will get to hear some sound traditional instruments also in this song? December will be a great month!
  8. Maigad!!! O.O Really? the return of retro?!! uwaaaa!!! Again 1977? will it be like repackage album? If it's true, I need to start saving!!
  9. The incident make them be more mature. Instead of giving excuses, they accept it and fix themselve to be better They hv been through a lot T.T Jiyeon who usually quiet now cry a lot until her makeup ruined. They must hv been kept this feeling for too long. T ara is the only group that I love. No matter what I will support T ara. Only T ara. In the past, present and forever
  10. She must already saw how hurt T ara is.. really thanked her because she give support T ara, such a nice person Jungeum unnie >,<
  11. DAEBAK DAEBAK DABAK~!!!! The Queens of music industry will comeback~!! haha Indeed this image teaser has this kind of strong aura. XD Jiyeon look like a boss.keke All pretty!!
  12. October CB!!! T ara fighting!!

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