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  1. love this episode..finally they are together in this episode...hehe..can't wait for the next episode..dorky jiyeon haha
  2. our girls finally talk about this..how hard must be for them..hwayoung ah, you should speak up on behalf your unnies..you should tell all the haters it was not bully..
  3. soyeon why are you so cute...hello malaysia??hahha...and jiyeon so cute as usuall!!
  4. diadem will sub this interview or not?hope someone will sub this...i really need to know what Hyomin and Eunjung talk about Jiyeon...hehhe
  5. hyomin said that jiyeon has a cool personality..i wonder how cool she is...they were very funny...
  6. oh man..Soyeon's voice..daebak...give me a goosebump..too perfect...no wonder she is the main vocalist...
  7. oh man..so pity...she must be very busy...or you purposely make yourself busy because you don't like to study??hahhahaha...caught you!hahhaha..
  8. so sorry to hear this..be strong Qri unnie..we are here for you...
  9. wow..Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz, Rolls Royces and Ferraris??nice offered..give it to me if our T-atra don't want...hahahha..
  10. why things are getting worst for them...don't know how they can handle all this kind of situation...wish the best for them...
  11. Jiyeon will be coming to running man right?or they already cancel?i hope is still on...
  12. i'm waiting for this moment..yeah...by the way,is she the only guest?
  13. she should ask other members opinion first..i reallly curious what other member thinking about her..hahaha
  14. they must be very busy....now they are still in japan right after coming back from thai... but still waiting for them to come msia..yea!!
  15. sold out already..they are so popular... soyeon designed their own poster..impressive..good job leader..
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