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  1. I've already said it on Twitter, but since I'm here again for the fiftieth time...

    Much thanks to Milky and Leslie for this chronology, it's been a huge help for my fanfic <3. I need the dates and everything as specifically as possible, so this was awesome. (Also a bit of promotion but hey, if anyone else is here and sees this, I hope you read my fic once it's finished.)

  2. Agree with most everyone that the lyrics are ridiculous, especially considering that they're sung in Engrish .___.

    The beat is alright, but I'm speaking about the teaser version more than the official one. I only listen to the fan-edited ones where the whole song uses the teaser's beat, lol, but the lyrics quite honestly ruin it. I might look for an instrumental or something for jogging, like Scatter said.

    (to be completely honest I deleted the song from my phone)

  3. I feel like I should clarify myself...Kakao Talk is private conversations and that would definitely involve a leak, but Kakao Story is more of a blog type thing and your messages/photos can be seen - I dunno if there's a privacy setting though, so admittedly there COULD have been a leak. Doesn't seem incredibly likely though.

    And tbh, most the time I think scandals can be attributed to detective netizens instead. If you really put your mind to it, I'm sure you could dig SOMETHING up

    EDIT: LOLOL, Elie sniped me :P.

  4. And yet another instance of CCM being inconsistent coming back to haunt them. Can't they make up their damn mind and stick to it? I admit netizens are probably looking for stuff to be annoyed about, but seriously CCM - either promote both, or none at all. Also, I agree with @iAmEd. I just hear this line "Hallyu actors and KARA have also done advertisements for pachinko machines" as being said in an unbelievably annoying, whiny voice .____.

    And yes, apparently pachinkos are often used for gambling purposes - seems like they're pretty much the Japanese version of slot machines. Direct gambling for money is illegal, but you exchange the balls for prizes and then can exchange that for money at a separate vendor so...basically, gambling.

  5. I've been avoiding this for a while, but I'll go ahead and just say it - I'm taking every public statement with a grain of salt. Let's face it, the chances of the T-ara members being able to come and say whatever they want to (the truth, for example) are zero to none. I'm not saying everything is a complete lie, but generally they won't be saying anything that paints themselves in a bad, non-sympathetic light. Not only would this be detrimental to their image, thus lowering the chances of them even wanting to give the whole account (and as you can see, a lot of things haven't been cleared up yet), they're under contract. Everything T-ara members do and say will be regulated.

    You can call this just going off on my own tangent if you'd like, but as a law school student I like to think I can at least manage to look at things objectively enough to pick out the most plausible scenario - no idol group put together by a third party is going to get along without any problems whatsoever.

    If he did restrict Hwayoung from returning, it would've most likely indicate that she would've been the source for both being a bully "and" being bullied by the other members. Think of it like a business version of a civil restraining order issued by a judge, because both parties cannot get along. Since no such conditioning was issued to Hwayoung, it made it more less likely that any bullying ever took place, to begin with.

    Honestly, if you can think of this I'm sure the people working at CCM can as well. Also, note that the clause about not restricting Hwayoung from returning was only tacked on after public backlash. Lord Kwangsoo clearly intended to kick Hwayoung out and not let her return (there is little to no purpose in that, just think about it) until the public sided with Hwayoung. At that point, KKS was just trying for damage control.

    I would really like a video recording with audio that captures this claim. I really do.

    You need a video recording...of Lord Kwangsoo specifically stating that he does not truly care for his money-making machine T-ara. Okay, I guess we can wait for that, seeing as the previous years of overwork clearly does not demonstrate this point enough for you. The entertainment industry is a fluffy place full of unicorns and hugs.

    Again, let's be clear about the facts here, Hwayoung and Hyoyoung met with Kim Kwang Soo in person. They talked while being strongly dejected from the public, but yet they forgave each other, and reconciled. Those 19 written statements by staff members is what lead to Hwayoung's contract termination. But he didn't give her any conditions that prevented her from returning to them. He even publicly announced that he'll continue to support her and accept her back. I still haven't seen any burden of proof to go along with this scapegoating angle at all, considering that it's purely based on speculation, and not the facts.

    Yep, they met and had a group therapy session. Also, idol members are indeed arbitrarily kicked out because of staff complaints, even though they're meant to make money and as long as they continue doing so no business manager in their right mind would disrupt it.

    I'm seeing a veritable cornucopia of support just effusing from every one of Lord Kwangsoo's orifices.

    What do you define as a 'fact'? If you're going with the general 'truth' definition, I assure you official statements are rarely truthful. This isn't a crime scene, where we have some cold science to give 'facts'. What do we even really know? Everything is speculation from our perspective, but we can at least make informed deductions derived from some 'facts' - for example, the entertainment industry is not friendly.

    It's even more delusional to accuse without any proof in a court of law. Disregarding T-ara's statements that no bullying occurred does not help at all.

    I think you're forgetting we're a bunch of people over the Internet; moreover, we make decisions and judgments in real life all the time based on deduction. Also, you're completely missing my point - I'm hardly accusing anyone of anything, just saying we should be at least open to the possibility of negative relationships within the group and simply moving past it. Furthermore, where is this statement that everything was beautiful friendship? As I recall, those tweets were confirmed to be directed against Hwayoung.

  6. Had it been expressing solely discontent due to stress and hardship, surely they would have said it in a more brash/irrational manner, rather than in a subtle form.

    To be honest...it wasn't very subtle. Posting anything on a social networking site is pretty irrational; any entertainer in their right mind would, I think, know to avoid this.

    But to the OP...I agree, very much. I don't think of it as "protecting the girls" or whatever to just brush this off and pretend like nothing happened - that's just being delusional. We should really consider the very real possibility of there having been bullying (I'm using the word in a very loose context here) or just...ill feelings in general. It's not like it's wrong to bend a little under pressure. I would go on and on about people blaming Hwayoung in what I view as a completely hypocritical manner, but basically -

    Accept it, and move on.

  7. ...in case it wasn't obvious enough, I was totally trolling right there. You know, ~lighten the atmosphere~ and all that. Don't take that seriously; if you read any of my previous posts, you'll know I support T-ara as well.

    I also think Kyon is trolling me...because I'm perfectly fine. Seriously, I don't even know what you're talking about right now .____.

  8. @Kyon - Put myself together? Is something wrong with me? ^___~


    ...Ahem. Come at me, I'm ready for the lynching.

    @Ryu - Thank you for commenting; glad to see my thread got so many well-thought out responses.

  9. In all fairness, CCM changes its story so often that it has little to no credibility. It keeps doing it, too, that's the annoying part. After the fifth time, I'm not inclined to believe any of the statements CCM releases.

    Especially with this whole thing. Seriously, I've lost track of all the different stories - if they were going to clear it up, they should have gone with the truth the first time around and stuck with it.

    These three statements are giving me whiplash. Debate, but...you start becoming bipolar?

    MAAAAGICAL MERMAID TEARS will save the day, alright! Qri's tears can move heaven and hell!

    This is seriously just too much win \o/

  10. @klee, don't be mad, I'm sorry if I offended you .___. I feel like I'm in a debate or something. First of all, I would like to clarify again that I don't hate Hwayoung and I'll be looking for her future projects especially with her sister. Since both of them are so miserable being in a group, they should just form a duo instead.

    And you are saying that if T-ara members feel unhappy, it's their business and we as fans have no business with this. If it's so, why are we even "protecting" them against the antis, why are we even fuming at antis' comments, it's because we are putting ourselves in their shoes. But yeah, I'll admit that we have no rights to judge Hwayoung and I'm sorry if I sounded like I'm putting all the blame on her alone. I'll say that all of them are at fault but we can't change what happened so there's no point blaming it on anyone except on some particular owner of the Midas Touch.

    Did I seem mad or something?

    You're missing my point; it wouldn't have even been the beauty salon specifically, just the fact that Hwayoung got to rest that may have upset the other members. There was no way around that, and I fail to see her having fault when locked in that kind of situation. Consideration for others can only be expected to go so far...relinquishing time to rest? Hardly reasonable. Understanding that a fellow member has some time off for an injury? Slightly easier. In the greater scheme of things, this shouldn't have been such a big issue that it was necessary to go on Twitter.

    But anyway, I think you misunderstood me - what I meant is that we don't have much of a right to judge on inter-group business. For one, we can't really know what goes behind the scenes (let's face it, we don't really know T-ara), not to mention it really is their business and their business alone - it's a matter of their private lives. It's entirely different from defending against antis, and it shouldn't be compared.

    And...no, we're not putting ourselves in their shoes. We may feel indignant for them, sure, but people are mostly throwing their anger around without this selfless empathy you're talking about. People are fuming because they can't stand an attack on THEIR idols, lol. Call me cynical if you want.

    As I've said, I couldn't care less if she was indeed the target, the problem everyone seems to ignore is IF she never responded to those tweets then we wouldn't even be having this discussion. The 3 tweets would've been in the archives by now... if they just didn't act like total babies and felt the need to respond on sns... And this is assuming t-ara were really targetting her or if those tweets were really kind of offensive in the first place... What if it wasnt?

    People keep looking at the situation as they do now, after it already happened. What I'm saying is this shouldn't have happened if the responses weren't made, especially Hyoyoung's response. But as I said, no one can change anyone's opinion about the matter, but it doesn't mean people can't hate on her... shes a victim yes. But she did make the matter bigger with those initial responses AND the tweets after. It can't be looked at any other way except she wanting revenge... and to bring down the group just because you were unhappy is highly unprofessional.

    Honestly, this: "As I've said, I couldn't care less if she was indeed the target..." I'm not quite sure how to respond in a civil manner, so pardon any bluntness in the following paragraphs.

    No, you are still ignoring that if the other members hadn't tweeted their complaints, none of this would have happened. You can't blame the person who reacted and not the person who instigated - that's obvious bias, I'm afraid. Nothing wrong with bias, but it shouldn't cloud logical judgment. If you're going to speak of "acting like babies" I can start railing on OLDER MEMBERS starting everything and responding, despite being OLDER and thus supposedly more mature and more professional.

    And there is no assumption the tweets were targeted at Hwayoung, Soyeon admitted as such in her interview. The tweets after I have already discussed in my original post; again, reasonable defenses and sentiments. It can, very easily, be looked at as something other than wanting revenge - what is this, a drama? Next you know, Hwayoung will sprout a barbed tail and horns like a devil.

    Being professional applies to all members, not just Hwayoung and Hyoyoung. You're not being very objective if you don't apply your vein of logic to the other members as well.

    If there was no harm mean't in their Twitter comments when Hwayoung responded to them, they should have explained right then that their intention was not to harm her and that they apologize if there was a misunderstanding and then went on to clarify the true meaning of what they said. That could have been nipped in the bud in a matter of minutes. They are all grown women, some of them close to 30 in age, they should have been able to reconcile amongst themselves. If they had an issue with her, they should have addressed her either in person or on the phone. Using Twitter (or any social networking website) as a means to air out your dirty laundry with other people is very immature and unwise for anyone. In my opinion, the behavior displayed in the Twitter situation is inexcusable and can only be chalked up to being a poor decision that was obviously not thought through before posting.

    Highly, HIGHLY agree with this. Everything was started by Hyomin's Twitter message. Please take note, Darkbend.

  11. We should look on the bright side; it wouldn't go over well with the public if the clip was released with Jiyeon and Eunjung recording happily and joking around. At least this way, there won't be even more backlash - and when they are aired, they can repair their images first by clarifying on the issue.

    ...optimism B) I almost want to puke from the rainbows.

  12. I'm having a rather hard time figuring out how to respond to so many people at once xD Seeing as the beauty salon does seem to be the most debated point, I'll talk about that first. I'll just quote maknae23's post on it.

    Beauty Salon : I agree that it's Hwayoung's rights to visit the beauty salon when she had her time off. The problem is she did it when the others were practicing hard (I guess) for the concert. Yes, T-ara should have understood that Hwayoung was frustrated and all that but THEY WERE GOING TO HAVE A HUGE CONCERT THE NEXT DAY. You just can't expect them to go "Poor Hwayoung, we should let her do her manicure since she's injured while we'll continue to die here" (maybe Qri did that) but normal human beings will feel uncomfortable with her actions.

    I don't know about you but I certainly won't like it if I am stressed up like a mad cow and someone is kinda enjoying herself in the midst of my misery. I don't even like it if my parents go for a holiday during my exam period. Although they don't help directly in my studies but I need them to be with me and I need them to give me the support that I need during difficult times. (I know I'm a bad daughter). The same goes to T-ara. They needed her to be there or at least not do some manicure while they were busy practising. I know it's selfish but maybe she can do her manicure err later?

    Aa, it was her right to visit the beauty salon - but you're saying that she still can't because the others were practicing? That seems a little contradictory; it would be impossible for her to wait until everyone had time off, and for that matter, what else would she even do in the meantime? But let's say she doesn't go to the beauty salon and instead heads home to rest - this wouldn't make the T-ara members feel any better, as Hwayoung is still getting time to rest. If they truly were upset, it wasn't by the fact that she went to a beauty salon specifically, it was by the fact that she could rest and they could not.

    In that case, it's a lose-lose situation for Hwayoung. She's practically trapped in a situation where she can't please anyone, and it would be entirely unreasonable to expect her to give up her free time, which is no doubt precious to any idol.

    Either way, I don't see why we as fans should be upset. If the T-ara members feel unhappy about it, it's their business and it's understandable - we, on the other hand, really have no business with this. As fans, we're in no position to judge Hwayoung because, as you say, it's her right to do what she wants on her time off. She didn't offend us.

    Long story short, I won't contend that maybe Hwayoung's actions may have led to some conflict within the group; however, this is an entirely inter-group matter and should not be used as an argument against Hwayoung. I mean, sure, one could say that this indirectly led to the whole controversy. However, conflict exists in every Kpop group, think about it - the groups are put together by a company as a way to make a profit, and generally members don't know each other beforehand. The issue is whether this conflict manages to negatively impact the group's image, and unfortunately the conflict was made public.

    I don't expect her to act all depressed but I don't expect her to publicly go to a concert and allow her sister to post happy selcas either. I don't know. Just try to do it secretly. Something bad happened, the other party are in deep xxxx and people expect you to behave as if you are in deep xxxx too. But well, I apologize again cause I should be happy if she's happy. It's just that unfair feeling I got when I saw how T-ara were slowly torned apart and suddenly there was this selca in my fb news feed.

    I'm not hating on Hwayoung but i admit it pissed me off at how she could pose for selcas and go out in public while the other members are taking all the heat for something they shouldn't have. Imagine how members like Eunjung feels when she worked hard for years to build up her career and image (i read somewhere that her acting career started in 1995?) and to see it all go down the drain because of some rumors. I just say that it was insensitive of her to do those above mentioned while everyone else is in a $hitstorm. :)

    Tweets: IMO think that they really shouldn't have done that becuase..well it lead to this whole situation sadly and they should have dealt it within themselves...plus netizens then interpreted they bullied* Hwayoung which i don't believe

    LOL when i saw the tweets i thought it was encouragements ^O^

    And i didn't like it when her n her sister were posting selca's n 'thnx to Solji i don't have a lot of stress blahblahblah etc' coz ...i dunno...maybe coz she's all happydappy like 'me kicked out?oh no big deal' while T-ara's the most HATED group being attacked here n there....... I'm still sensitive bout all this sooo much thoughts ><* n again I'm not saying Hwayoung shouldn't be happy.

    "the fact is the "facts without truth" tweet brought more people to attack t-ara and pin the bullying on them more, with the added bonus of more sympathy for her."-Darkbend

    exactly, also her tweet isn't clear..she could have been talking about the netizens attacking T-ara with their so called 'facts' ...but u knows

    Hwayoung's not on house arrest; if anything, she's regained her freedom. Exercising said freedom is no doubt a first priority now that she actually has time to do what she wants; going to a friend's concert isn't anything wrong. Furthermore, if you find Hyoyoung's actions to be unsavory, that's another thing altogether - it shouldn't become Hwayoung's fault that her sister is posting selcas of the two.

    And honestly, it's not as though Hwayoung is parading around with sparkles and glitter galore. It would be insensitive if Hwayoung was obviously delighting in the situation, but that isn't the case; she was just seen doing highly normal activities. To be frank, with how big of a news story this is, anything any of the T-ara members do is news. We can't expect Hwayoung to go into hiding.


    Ah my favorite subject since it is what started this whole mess. Okay first, Hymoin's tweet followed by the other 2 girls. I've read them, dont wanna look for them anymore and quote them here but most of us know what those are anyway. Those tweets without the proper catalyst wouldn't have been used to pin the bullying on the girls, they would simply look like tweets of disappointment or encouragement, but it cant be said that it was directed to someone...until the tweet by Hwa's beautiful little twin sister. You know that, the one where pretty face was mentioned. That along with Hwa's tweet identified a "target" for the 3 girls initial tweets. This fact is often overlooked by gray area people.. without the target the initial 3 tweets would've gone cold, still would've gone noticed but would still go cold.

    I don't care if there really was bullying, ostracizing, internal conflicts or whatever. Its irrelevant to the fact that the initial tweets were given a target and thus igniting the whole bullying thing. Call me cold or evil IDC.. I see it as the netizens see it only from the other side. Sure the twins had every right to defend themselves if one was being bullied BUT as professionals they should've known that the response would identify the 3 girls targets was indeed her... I often attribute this to their youth, they might have not known what would happen if they told twitter that Hwa was the target but the thing is it did and it put the whole group in jeopardy.

    They can't be said to be directed at anyone, but we now know they were indeed targeted at Hwayoung. In the end, those tweets were still what started everything.

    And you say that "as professionals [Hwayoung and Hyoyoung] should've known that the response would identify the target," but consider that as professionals, Hyomin/Jiyeon/Eunjung should've known not to tweet that in the first place. This was what put the group at jeopardy, not Hwayoung's response. If there had been nothing to respond to, nothing would have happened.

    Not Speaking up

    One more of my favorites, since it is still not being done until now. Yes CCM has her sister and yes KKS might have asked her or told her to keep silent. But fact is she's not with the company anymore, she is free to do anything she wants at this point or say anything at this point, plus a denial of the bullying from her would at least halve the current hating populace and why would KKS punish her or her sister for that? (unless KKS is purposely punishing t-ara, which is very possible) Anything at all to help clear the allegations against her former groupmates... not doing so proves that she is may really have been bullied and unhappy, and that doesn't help our t-ara's case doesn't it?

    It is highly unlikely that Hwayoung is free to do/say anything she wants. CCM/KKS have more clout in the entertainment industry than most people realize, and if Hwayoung wants to be able to pursue her dreams in the future, she won't say anything incriminating.

    Honestly, I doubt that the situation would get that much better even if Hwayoung came out and say there was no bullying. Once something like this starts, it needs to be taken care of promptly. As that wasn't the case, it's grown out of control - at this point, nobody cares if there really was bullying. If Hwayoung says otherwise, netizens will just interpret that as Hwayoung being forced to speak. Remember the supposed encrypted message in her apology?

    And as to why KKS would prohibit denial of the bullying - why didn't he let the T-ara members say anything until so far into the controversy? The silence policy seemed to apply to everyone until recently. Anything we hear is most likely filtered.

    I see your points but sorry, I can't support Hwa any longer..( I used to stan her before)..

    If she has any problem,could she speak out after " our anniversary"? She choose the right time to destroy that day!

    I think if she still think she's a part of T-ara,a Queen of Queen's,She didn't act like that..

    But anyways, Thuz I won't support her anymore but I won't bash her of say something bad..

    I can understand, but I have to say this anyway - why couldn't Hyomin speak out after the anniversary?

  13. @xkumakox - Haha, thank you for reading through it; I know that was a long rant. Umm, any thoughts?

    @DanielTan - May I ask what you don't agree with? I'd be up for discussion; no worries, I won't take offense. Thank you for understanding about the bashing - I hate to see Queen's stooping to the same level as the haters. But...yes, KKS haha. We can't really mentally traumatize him, and seeing as he's the man behind it all - go for it.

  14. This will contain some sensitive topics, so if I offend you, please be aware that that was not my intention. Furthermore, because I’m sure that members of this forum are reasonable people, most of this will not even apply to you. However, there are some things I’ve noticed around the fandom that I believe require addressing – namely, anti-Hwayoung sentiments and “defending” T-ara from haters.

    First of all, there’s one thing I’d like to make clear – Hwayoung is a victim. I’m not saying she was the sole victim in this controversy, like she was a perfect angel and the rest of T-ara are complete monsters that bullied her and forced her in a cupboard like Harry Potter or some farfetched story like that. BUT, in the light of recent news, a lot of people have forgotten one thing – Hwayoung was actually kicked out of T-ara. She is definitely a victim.

    As such, it is very upsetting to me when I see fans bashing on Hwayoung; she is entirely undeserving of it and should instead be supported like the member of T-ara she is. I will list here the general things I’ve seen and make my rebuttal:

    Deserving to be Bullied: This one is undoubtedly the rarest, but also the most disgusting. I am not kidding you – I have actually heard (or read, really) that because Hwayoung was the new member, any unhappy things she may have experienced were entirely justified. I honestly feel that I shouldn’t have to counter this one, but suffice to say that that belief is so vile I’m not going to get into that mess. No one deserves to be unhappy, and anybody who says otherwise…I recommend counseling.

    Beauty Salon: This is a little more ambiguous. Because of Hwayoung’s injury, she was handicapped and unable to practice, and as such she was granted time to rest. The general belief is that because Hwayoung chose to go to a beauty salon, this generated ill feelings between the members – leading to the tweets that started all this.

    However, in this case I don’t see any fault in Hwayoung’s actions. Note that she was handicapped and that staying for practice would have been highly illogical when she could finally rest for once. The argument against this is that Hwayoung should have been at home resting and not at a beauty salon, implying that she was lying/faking. However, Hwayoung had a hurt ankle. She didn’t have both her kneecaps shattered or something; she was not immobile, and resting does not have to be lying in bed 24 hours a day. Hwayoung can do whatever she wants in her time off.

    Another argument I hear is that doing so was “bad timing” and that Hwayoung didn’t show “team spirit.” Again, this is fairly illogical – what could Hwayoung have even contributed to at the practice? Not to mention it’s hard to rest in a dance studio, as that was what she was supposed to be doing. When a highly overworked idol is given time to herself, she rests. The only bad timing in this is that we happened to find out now.

    Tweets: Aha, the tweets, one of the things that most aggravates people for some inexplicable reason. The reason these tweets upset people are because they are considered, and I quote “immature, hateful, arrogant, etc. etc.”

    Of course, a lot of us forget that the whole tweeting fiasco was actually started by Hyomin with the determination thing. I firmly believe that any problems between the members, if dealt with maturely, should not have been solved (or vented) on Twitter, but once someone starts…you can’t exactly just blame someone who follows. If Hwayoung’s tweet was immature, then so was everybody else’s, no?

    As for Hwayoung’s other tweet on the 28th (“The support of my family and my fans is worth so much to me.”), the same logic applies. Furthermore, most of us say that idols have the right to tweet about their feelings too, so I don’t see why this only doesn’t apply to Hwayoung. Now would probably be a good time for me to say I do believe Hwayoung was unhappy – and no, this does not mean I think T-ara are evil (do not be black and white about this, I can support both sides). The T-ara members might not even have realized they were ignoring Hwayoung in ways that hurt her, but nevertheless, she was unhappy – hence that tweet.

    The tweet on the 31st (“…facts without any truth”) was NOT immature, in any way. I am still incredulous over the fact that some people actually believe the crap KKS spewed, especially as most of the people who choose to believe him this instance are the same people who hate on him the loudest. KKS is a horribly incompetent liar, and seeing as he was flat-out slandering Hwayoung in his statements, Hwayoung had every right to fight back.

    Acting the Victim: I admit I don’t entirely understand this one, and I am definitely slipping into sarcasm here, but – sure, Hwayoung is acting the victim by throwing herself out of T-ara and quite possibly getting blacklisted in the entertainment industry. Read that to yourself and say you agree. Can’t do it, right? It’s just like saying that Eunjung’s acting the victim by throwing herself out of Five Fingers. It doesn’t make any sense.

    Again, Hwayoung is a victim, and T-ara is as well. There is no acting involved.

    Not Speaking Up: A lot of people argue that Hwayoung, if she really loved the T-ara members, should speak up and dispel all the rumors so everything clears up. I see this type of thing a lot: “Why doesn’t Hwayoung say something so people will like T-ara again?” or “The bullying isn’t true, so if Hwayoung would just say that then everything would be okay.”

    The most obvious reason Hwayoung hasn’t said she wasn’t bullied is – she was bullied, or was unhappy about bad communication within the group (more likely). Now, before anyone flies into a rage, I’d like to say this is all about perception. Hwayoung didn’t feel happy, ergo she doesn’t say anything. This is a very understandable reaction.

    Also, we can’t be sure Hwayoung even has the ability to speak up. Seeing as Hyoyoung is still in CCM, and combined with the fact that the company is a lot more powerful than Hwayoung, she may not be allowed to speak on the issue. Just because she hasn’t come out to clarify the issue (just like how the T-ara members didn’t until just recently) doesn’t mean Hwayoung’s some evil monster who enjoys seeing the group suffer.

    And again, I understand that some people are upset that Hwayoung’s fortunes seem to be better than T-ara’s, especially with her selcas and such – but, would you really rather see Hwayoung act all depressed?

    With that being said, I hope people can continue to support both T-ara and Hwayoung.

    However, supporting T-ara doesn’t mean flaming the haters.

    I wholly advocate stepping up and calmly and logically defending T-ara; but there is one thing I’ve seen that should not happen – fans banding together, intentionally seeking out the “haters,” and then attacking in a group. This is practically the definition of cyberbullying, and seeing as that is precisely what fans accuse the haters of doing…why sink to their level?

    There’s nothing wrong with defending T-ara, but the way it’s happening isn’t going to change any minds. I’m not going to name any names, but a large majority of the “defense” is comprised of vulgar insults and immature bashing, like calling them retards or b*tches. This. Isn’t. Helping. If anything, it makes us fans, and T-ara by extension, look even worse. What’s happening here is that people are using “defending T-ara” as an excuse to vent.

    I realize that fans are angry about these antis, but that isn’t an excuse. If I’m supposed to just let it go because fans are doing this out of anger, then that would mean condoning haters as well, and I try not to be a hypocrite.

    Please stay calm. And I apologize for this super-long post; I realize I’m being very verbose.

  15. SBS and KBS are broadcasting stations and it's not their job to be concerned about T-ara's scandal issue. From their standpoint, it would be terribly stupid of them to have a drama with a member of an idol group being part of the main cast when the group itself has gotten under a lot of flak and public outrage.

    They don't want their ratings damaged and they it's already a bit of a worry for them to have Hyomin and Soyeon in dramas right now.

    This. I don't understand why people are blaming broadcasting stations; I mean, the purpose here isn't to like cultivate acting talent in idols, they're trying to make a profit.

    And guys...please stop wishing for the drama to flop or for it to have low viewer ratings. That's incredibly immature, and it doesn't surprise me that some of the people asking for it are Hwayoung anti-fans who simultaneously call for haters to stop. Even if EJ left, the other actors and actresses don't deserve any crap for it.

    I'm also loathe to say this, but if EJ did decide to leave on her own, I believe she wouldn't have wanted the drama to suffer - quite the opposite.

  16. The so-called news reports of bullying and the now debunked accounts like from the back up dancers were considered news. This report is indeed just as valid if not more so because it refutes many of the supposed evidences of bullying using the very same sources that were used to incriminate T-ara. The truth should be opening up that the conflict has arisen mostly from the efforts of the media and outside influence/perspective who have not demonstrated any strong factual evidence.

    Undesirable as it is, news doesn't always have to be accurate; even statements from supposed backup dancers are 'news' because they contain information about events that may or may not have occurred. People want to be 'informed', so any information, regardless of accuracy, is 'news'. This? Look at the title: "True or not, the public will only believe what they want about T-ara's bullying situation." Nothing happened; there is nothing to report. Therefore, no news.

    I'm not seeing where anything is debunked. Unless you count that link, I suppose, but that wasn't the central focus of this piece either.

    This is an opinion piece, and there's just as much invalidity as articles from the other side. "People who don't like T-ara will not believe the truth and only believe what they want to believe." There's an obvious bias towards bullying not having occurred, so I could say the same for fans. Fans will only believe what they want to believe too; isn't that the basis of belief?

  17. On a cold note...with the current situation going on, she couldn't have chosen a better time to debut. All the media attention and stuff, she'll be famous overnight -_-

    This part: "I dreamed to be a singer and even a girl group seemed fine to me" seemed mildly...umm...I don't want to say insulting, but idk. A girl group really is pretty constraining in terms of music though, so she definitely makes a good point there.

    But anyway, YAAAAAYYYYY for Jiae :D Will be following Jevice.

  18. As much as I agree with this...how is this news? If anything, this is an opinion piece. I'm not trying to be funny; I'm honestly confused.

    But one thing I'd like to point out - why do people insist on "hearing from T-ara"? You're obviously not expecting them to admit anything; they wouldn't be allowed anyhow. I fail to see why we cannot make our own conclusions, and people who say otherwise are trying to avoid what they do think.

  19. About the team dynamic too, you bring up a good point about them being threatened. With KKS having that whole phase where he talked about replacing lazy members, that no doubt drove a wedge in the group too. It's hard to care for others when your own career is in jeopardy, and they were probably scrambling for lines/screen time.

    Side note, rather surprised by the pole results. I thought the group that believed there was bullying was in the minority =/

    Well, bye folks...sleep x_____x I lack it.

  20. I think everybody forgets that all idols are trained to act - not in the sense that they can film a drama successfully, but in that they are very, very good at hiding what they really think. It isn't easy to portray an image successfully, and the ones who are completely real are generally labeled less than kind things. It is VERY plausible for the members to have been acting on on camera to portray themselves as perfect angels while being...different to Hwayoung.

    But I agree with the above poster, people are overreacting way too much. This does not merit such a complete reversal, and I wonder if people are bipolar =/ I mean, I acknowledge that there was probably BTS stuff, but I'm still perfectly capable of continuing to support.

  21. I'm not liking your post cause you agree with me [though that's just as cool], I liked it cause you're a Nana fan LOL. I'm just glad Hwayoung isn't going down without a fight. Nam Gyuri received similar treatment from KKS and she let them win. She never got the fans on her side like Hwayoung did.

    This. XDDD

    Yes, I really do think Hwa should debut as a solo rapper right now. Most of her 'fans' admittedly are just hopping on the bandwagon, but she could definitely ride the hype to a large measure of success. She should take advantage of this situation while she can heh. Also, Hwayoung's being pretty smart by not responding much, just simple tweets. She looks very likable, compared to KKS mudslinging at every opportunity and trying to look good about it. That turtleneck aint' flyin'.

    Well, Nam Gyuri did try, I guess...just didn't really work out that well.

  22. First - NANA! a;dsfja;ldfj <3

    Ahem. I agree with Grimlock (again). Of course, one might argue that just as Nana appeared to be okay with the teasing, Hwayoung didn't take offense either; but that's only because Hwayoung was acting that way. Again, it's a variety show - and it's unlikely for anyone to make their real feelings known. Would Hwa really have exploded in the middle of a show and gotten herself kicked out? Probably not.

    However, judging by her reaction now, it seems like she just couldn't take it anymore. I am still of the belief that maybe the T-ara members might have intended for Hwa to feel bad through their actions (but not to the extent some antis would paint, they're not sadistic monsters), but either way it doesn't matter. Hwayoung was bullied because she suffered during her time in the group.

  23. @Scatter -

    LOL, yeah I usually don't participate as much, I keep my opinion to myself ;) But this is pretty, uh, compelling.

    I admit I don't quite understand why Hwa was added in the first place, so I can understand where you're coming from. But still, as you say, I can't fully accept it as an explanation, not for such a long time. I guess I'm just one of /those/ people who try to act friendly (yep, act...I'm kinda fake I suppose xD), but it seems like common etiquette to me to at least try and make the best of a situation. Not saying it's something every one can do, though.

    Also I'd like to defend Hwayoung by saying I think she's the best rapper in T-ara, and that she's definitely proved herself with time.

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