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  1. I don't get why the uploader had to make that comment. Some people of course acted like retards shouting Hwayoung, but at least K-Queens where there to support them.
  2. Jamming to the new OC song <3

  3. What is this? Girl's Day new single? Guess for an OST or something.

  4. Just woke up, lazy Sunday :|

  5. Honestly I don't want her to go back, it would be awkward and they would probably abuse her into quitting or make her life miserable, but it would probably benefit her and T-ara's image. At the very least, this may create a precedent that will make PD's think twice, before doing this. But I bet no will care that Eunjung actually got threatened and bullied in this whole situation.... So much for anti-bullying justice.
  6. Going to take a break, be back later.

  7. I need to get some sleep, all this drama and stupidity is frying my brain cells.

  8. I don't even know how KKS is still CEO after all of this... The guy should just resign while he can.
  9. The amount of des-information is staggering. So many T-ara and Hwayoung fans out there...

  10. CR7 .... Cmon....

  11. Can't wait for this. But I can already see, the other members are getting seriously shafted in the MV.
  12. This is going to be good! Can't wait for this, especially if they promote the song in shows.
  13. Wow such a cheap MV.. They all look so gorgeous, they deserved much better. So do J-fans, and i-fans for that matter...
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