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  1. u can still sign up for t-ara daum fancafe. but to join membership for their fanclub, u would have to wait til they have open enrollment again, its only once a year. this announcement is for the people who register last year and paid their $20 dues...only now we are getting our membership card and goods. unlike the 1st year membership, only domestic fans could get limited goods.
  2. They are able to ship to other country too. It's not only available to korea...it's just a matter of paying for shipping cost.
  3. Luckily this book is not out of print. Can always get another copy or use clear protector/binder. We appreciate u sacrificing your book. ^^
  4. Nice. Your Scan is very clear, it's like u took your book apart. Thanks for sharing. I wish japan would release another pb.
  5. I wonder what happened to the cover we voted on their fancafe. I wonder will they use this as their cd cover or the one that won. Personally, I would prefer this.
  6. Yes. That is the site for foreign fans to sign up to book membership. But you have to register and create an account...look on the upper right corner for link to register. After payment, you must take a screen cap and post it on their daum fan cafe.
  7. From being a member for the 1st membership...it mostly benefitted the korean fanclub vs international. You have access to other part of the daum cafe, attend the first fanclub meeting and priority for shows where t-ara guesting plus limited goodies, occasional sns texts and 1 webmazine that was sent to my daum email. The limted goods are the stuff on the right...the newsletter/flyers on the right are from japan sweet treasure fanclub minus the latest issue which I don't have included...
  8. just wondering, for now we just pay the 20000 won for the membership? what about the shipping fee to send the special goods? will we pay that later? the process last year was so much easier...
  9. Especially with korean album. I expect an awesome photobook and hopefully a poster with the group picture above.
  10. I will try to find out some info as well and share. Hopefully, t-ara makes the trip out here since it will be their first time in the US. I would love to help out if able to...hopefully I can get off of work.
  11. this is from the treasure box diamond edition dvd? can't wait to watch the full video. still waiting for mines to arrive. I know its a japan released but I wished they had English subs sometimes...
  12. still waiting for my treasure box cd's to arrive...

  13. The song is good but yea the mv was a letdown. I wish it would have complimented the music well with a more upbeat summer vibe mv like sistar loving you or secret yoooo mv. For me personally, this one had the feel of one of those cheesy karaoke mv.
  14. no they didn't release a cd, it was meant as a digital single. however they have a promotional cd that they distribute to the various music stations and music journalist etc to help promote the song. @JohanaUS_Tara I asked 2 Korean dealer to help me search for it...only one of them was able to find it...thank goodness otherwise I would've been stuck with two. lol. I paid $200 USD for it. it's a promotional cd and very rare. @Elienore here it is. this is how it looks like.
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