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  1. I really want this time her role is main. I want to see her acting skills, really. I'm looking forward to this a long time. I'm just scared she'll be tired of that and Tour,comeback... but I believe in her. She can do anything cause of talent. How matter what, I'll always support her. I'll pray for her everyday..

    "Jesus..u know my sister Park soyeon.???i know her to,jesus.!!,u know her schedule.?i know to..she was come with her new drama in agust 13th..so,jesus..please,bless her with her activity now..give for her a health body,and making her always be strong in carrying out the activity of the solid shooting and strangling.!, give it to her anyway, endurance, good acting and a lot of fans.!! especially longevity, success and boyfriend.!, in jesus name..amien.!"

    Soyeon unnie, fighting!!!

  2. Hahaha, Unnie, you're so cute, funny and pretty...Escpecially are the first and second video. Thank for sharing me.

    Always keep your smile like that, unnie and be strong. Whatever you do, I'll always support every time. Wish your first Japanese studio album'll be sold over 1,000,000 copies in short time. Fighting T-ara !!!! You can do anything. I believe in that.

  3. Robberies!!! You stolen T-ara's money!!!!Why ??? I want you know if fan of T-ara was there,you couldn't escape. And lucky for you is Jung kept the money. If Ji kept that, she would chase to get back from you

    Jung unnie !!!Please,don't cry. That's not your fault. No one blame for you. Crying all night is enough. If you keep crying, your fan will be sad. Other member got it,unnie. and i know you never want the trip is a sad memory. Therefore,don't cry again, Ok?

    Jung unnie fighting!!! ^^

  4. Soyeon unnie and Hyomin unnie are so bright. Pink and red ^^

    I'm so proud of being T-ara fan because their behavior to reporters like before when they bend 90 degrees to thank fan cause of tripple crown.

    They're so friendly and polite ^^. Fighting T-ara, I'll wait for your video about the trip to Europe. But the most important thing to remember is please nobody 'll be hurt again, special you, Soyeon unnie. ^^

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