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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [14.09.28] T-ara sign $5 million USD contract to begin entry into Chinese market   
    [14.09.28] T-ara sign $5 million USD contract to begin entry into Chinese market

    T-ara has revealed their plans to enter into China.
    Following the immense popularity of the Hallyu Wave, Newsen has revealed that T-ara, who are one of the most popular K-pop groups in China, has signed a contract with the Chinese management company Longzhen Culture Development. The company also supports artists such as Andy Lau, A-mei, and Jacky Cheung.
    T-ara plan to be active in China not only in music, but in dramas, films and CFs as well.
    On October 13th, T-ara will depart from Korea to China for five days. They will hold a formal signing ceremony at the New World Hotel in Beijing and conduct various promotional activities. There are plans for T-ara to be published and interact with over 100 different Chinese media sources.
    T-ara's "Sugar Free" has been immensely popular in China with the music video ranking #1 on the domestic K-pop video charts. Hyomin and Jiyeon also took over the #1 spot when they released their solos there.
    The details of their contract was revealed to be worth nearly $5 million USD.
    Check out more photos from T-ara's contract signing over at our Forums.
    Source: http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201409291048001210
    Cr: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [14.04.02] Jiyeon reveals mysterious "7" teaser photo ahead of solo debut.. D-28   
    [14.04.02] Jiyeon reveals mysterious "7" teaser photo ahead of solo debut.. D-28

    Jiyeon has revealed a strange teaser photo ahead of her upcoming solo debut at the end of this month.

    On the 30th, Jiyeon will foray into becoming a solo artist by releasing a song produced by hit-maker Double Sidekick. Since their debut in 2009, this will be the first time a T-ara member has gone into promoting as a soloist.

    Core Contents Media revealed today (2nd) a teaser photo containing the bottom half of Jiyeon's legs and the number "7." Jiyeon is wearing pink leg warmers around her ankles with ribbons tying her legs together.

    Core Contents Media revealed to Star News, "Jiyeon's solo concept is sexy and will be similar to Park Jiyoon's "Coming of Age Ceremony", but with a modern 2014-esque twist. As she prepares for her first solo promotions, she has been putting her all into preparing and ended up losing 5kg (11lbs)."

    For Jiyeon's solo debut, she is also changing things up around her usual T-ara image. She is working with the best music staff, choreographer and stylist to show a new side of her.

    In regards to the number "7" being featured on her teaser image, Core Contents Media said that "7" refers to her song and the meaning of the song will be revealed soon.
    Source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2014040211145302591&outlink=2&SVEC
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to hatespastels in [14.03.10] T-ara Jiyeon-Hyomin to reveal distinct personalities in solo activities in April   
    Hyomin I expected, but Jiyeon too? I would've preferred her moving further in an actress direction, but this is great as well!
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [14.03.10] T-ara Jiyeon-Hyomin to reveal distinct personalities in solo activities in April   
    [14.03.10] T-ara Jiyeon-Hyomin to reveal distinct personalities in solo activities in April

    Girl group T-ara (Qri, Boram, Eunjung, Soyeon, Hyomin, Jiyeon) will have members pursue a solo career for the first time since their debut five years ago.

    According to officials on the 10th, Hyomin and Jiyeon and preparing to release solo singles in April. They are considering promoting simultaneously, but also considering having Jiyeon promote in early April and Hyomin promote in early May. The agency is putting in full work to prepare each member for a solo debut. After T-ara, both members are interested in being active as solo singers again.

    T-ara had their first unit will T-ara N4 (Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon, Areum) last year, but this will be the first time a member will pursue solo promotions.

    According to their agency, Jiyeon will work with Double Sidekick to promote as an artist with a style similar to Sunmi. Brave Brothers will help Hyomin debut as a singer with an opposite image from T-ara. The two distinct personalities will be exposed as different from the original and traditional image of T-ara.

    Their agency also said to Star News, "In the group, the two members show excellent ability as artists and they will be able to attract a lot of attention and show those skills through a new genre and color for themselves."

    T-ara debuted in 2009 and have constantly had hits from "Bo Peep Bo Peep" to "Roly-Poly" and "Lovey-dovey".
    Source: http://star.mt.co.kr/view/stview.php?no=2014031010310218797&outlink=2&SVEC
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to phucth91 in [14.03.04] T-ara Jeon Boram, one step forward as a musical actress   
    [14.03.04] T-ara Jeon Boram, one step forward as a musical actress
    Popular girlgroup, T-ARA’s, member Jeon Boram. Seeing how she’s not the main vocal, it’s true that her presence doesn’t stand out next to the other members. She rather received attention for being Jeon YoungRok and Lee Miyoung’s daughter. However, she’s now engraving her presence as she’s gaining recognition as a musical actress taking the rule of the heroine in the Musical ‘The Lost Garden’.

    wearing a boxy man-to-man t-shirt with jeans and sneakers and having a short hair cut, Jeon boram showed a childish enough look for you to not believe she’s twenty-nine years old. We knew well she had a baby face, but seeing it directly with our eyes, it’s not just a baby face but it was to the point where you would forget and mistake her for being a middle school student.. Since we always see her with the six members, it was awkward how she’s receiving the spotlight alone like this. We worried a bit about how can such a girly person be able to survive in the extremely fierce idol world.

    Jeon Boram said that after a T-ara concert in Cambodia, without being able to rest, she took a flight back and returned to The Lost Garden musical theatre, Yongin Peun Art Hall. Naturally, her condition wasn’t good. She said she couldn’t eat anything as she worried anything she eats in her state of tension might upset her stomach, there were lots of worries for her.

    An idol’s busy schedule that we only ever hear about, witnessing it directly made our hearts bitter. We thought that this interview, that took the time she might have been able to rest in even if a little bit, wasn’t any good for her either. However, as the interview started and we began to talk about the musical her eyes started to sparkle. Her voice that sounded tired got better too. The staff that came in and out of the practice room, how she happily greeted them first, one by one, was remarkable. It felt as if she overcomes her hard schedule with the passion and love she has for musicals. As time passed by, and we switched to talking about the interview’s main topic about the worries she lived with as a member of a girl group that had lots of up and downs and about being the eldest daughter of parents whom divorced when she was a child, she was no longer the shy and young girl, but she returned as the mature adult in her almost-30s age.

    You’re expanding your field area as a musical actress. We believe that the The Lost Garden is your second musical.

    "I really really like you" that I did with my father in 2010 was my first time. But it was very different then so now it feels as if I’m trying it for the first time. Back then, I was confident and comfortable since I was doing it with my dad, but for ‘The Lost Garden’, I was more nervous since I’m going on stage alone and since more than anything, it’s a sung-through performance. A sung-through is a musical that is composed of only singing and dancing without any dialogue, but having to express everything with only singing and moving excluding any dialogue that we can complement the acting part with was hard and fascinating. However, thanks to that I gained a new experiment and I was able to learn how to sing and control my emotions and so on.

    We heard that the reactions on the day you performed with singer Kim Tae Woo were really good

    I think it’s because Kim Tae Woo sunbae did well. If people enjoyed the performance I appeared in I think it wouldn’t be because I’m good at singing or because I’m excellent at acting, but because I match well with my character. the role ‘Mercy’ that I play is a girl with a good spirit but since her physique is small, I heard a lot that I match naturally with Kim Tae Woo sunbae who’s playing the Giant role. in the scene where I sit on the tree and Kim Tae Woo sunbae lifts me up and puts me down in a flash, he lifted me up so easily, they say that it was so unreal like a giant and a little girl (laughs).
    You’re not the main vocal in your group but you were chosen as the heroine for a masterpiece musical
    I am really thankful. They said they casted me because I match well with the character rather than for my singing skills. They needed a small kid but it just happened that I have a lot of similarities with that kid (laughs). Although I am the heroine, there aren’t that much scenes in which I appear in. Wondrous Dreams, The Lost Garden, etc, I sing 3 solo songs, but I joined late and wasn’t able to practice a lot due to the many overseas concerts, it was upsetting and unfortunate.

    For that reason, there would have been lots of burden, what kind of efforts did you put in

    I said I’ll practice my singing a lot in that short period of time, my skills just don’t improve. my acting was the same as well. Even with my tight schedule, I practiced singing whenever I had time. Trying to do better and rather than to be greedy, I thought a lot about the character ‘Mercy’. Actually, I still don’t know what kind of a kid is Mercy. It’s an important role that opens up the bad-tempered giant’s heart but even in the original work, they didn’t clearly explain whether she was a girl, a fairy, or a godly creature. That’s why expressing (her) was hard and I was only able to worry a lot.

    How was working with Kim Tae Woo, who’s originally a fellow idol

    I was a huge fan of GOD ever since I was young, so going on stage with Kim Tae Woo Sunbae was only like a dream. We performed together for a month, but rather than being in an equal position as the hero and heroine, he was still a celebrity and a star to me. I even got his autograph a few days ago (laughs). Kim Tae Woo sunbae is the type to rather than giving advice in a formal way, he’d teach me and take care of me as if I was his magnae/dongsaeng, naturally and without any burden. As a singer and as an actress, I was able to learn lots of things (form him) that can help me in the future.

    You had your musical debut with your dad, but what did your dad tell you this time

    At coincidence, my mom, dad, T-ara members all came at the same day so I was so nervous. But unexpectedly, my dad complimented me so I was surprised. He told me “I wish you can do more of these musicals”. “only if you have a little more confidence,” He advised me. Actually, that was the part I worried about the most while doing the musical. As I do group activities, singing alone is still awkward and scary. Everyone stands head and shoulders above me but I was afraid I would get in the way and I couldn’t help but feel small. As a father, I think it broke his heart to see me crouching. The director was like that as well, and the people I work with, they told me “we are believing in your potential and trusting you in this so just do it your way”, those words gave me lots of strength.

    What did your mother, Lee Mi Young-ssi, say

    My mom always fully believed in me ever since I debuted. She was so pleased watching this musical. Rather than my singing skills or the importance of my role, I think she liked the fact that I’m participating in a nice work that is flashy and has lots of visuals.

    The oldest daughter at home, and the oldest unnie in your group. I have a small built and look young and also there are lots of people who see me as an immature kid with an introvert personality but the truth is that I’m a grown-up kid. My mom says that a lot too. That I matured too early.
    Family is my strength

    As Jeon Boram is known for, she’s is a 3rd generation entertainer. Her grandfather is movie actor Hwanghae, her grandmother is singer Baek Sulhee, her father is the original creator of oppa budae* in the 1980s Jeon Yong Rok, while her mother is actress Lee Miyoung. When her parents divorced when she was in 4th grade in elementary school she lived with her father at first for few years, after that she moved to her mom’s house and until now, she lives with her mom. Jeon Boram, who said she has a friends-like relationship with her mom, said in an interview few years ago ”My mother is my support. However, I wish there was someone who can be like a support to my mother as well. the part of being able to fill the place of children and the part of someone being able to fill the place next to her, aren’t they far apart” while she expressed her hope of her mother remarrying.

    *T/N: Oppa budae is what the group of fangirls stanning oppas are called, it means “oppa troopers”.

    I look young on the outside, but I think I’m deep in the inside.

    The oldest daughter at home, and the oldest unnie in your group. I have a small built and look young and also there are lots of people who see me as an immature kid with an introvert personality but the truth is that I’m a grown-up kid. My mom says that a lot too. That I matured too early. I now do not live in a dormitory but in our house, there are lots of times when I spend the whole night drinking wine or beer with my mom while talking with each other. Instead of saying it’s a mother-daughter relationship, it’s rather a friends-like relationship with my mom. We relay on each other to the point where we can’t live without each other. Of course even with that being said, we still fight too but there are lots of time when I open up to my mother when being an entertainer is hard and when I receive lots of stress. It doesn’t work even when I try to be more sensitive, I apologize.

    You must get upset when you hear that you benefited a lot from your parents.

    That’s not right. Because actually, it’s true that I was able to debut thanks to my parents. I feel reassured and thankful that I have my mom, dad, and sister. In fact, even now there are lots of times when I have it hard but it is thanks to my family that I couldn’t give up. When I see my mother and father being proud I I feel like I really did well and would not give up. Because I’d think that what is there that is able to make my parents happy if not for this. I gain lots of strength by just staying with my parents.

    It seems that genes do not deceive. Your sister, as well, made her debut as a singer.

    She debuted as a member of a hip-hop group called D-Unit in 2012. Actually, I didn’t know that I’d be able to debut before my sister. Given that I have an introvert personality, I hated being on the spotlight and liked drawing more than singing. My dream was originally a kindergarten teacher. Even when I debuted in the entertainment industry, I tried to start as an actress rather than a singer, but by chance, I met with our now rep. and ended up joining as a T-ara member. On the other hand, my sister was good at singing and had lots of talents so I thought she’d debut as a singer. Since our age gap is only one year, we have lots that we agree on with each other.

    What kind of father is Jeon Yong Rok-ssi

    in contrast with my mother who whole-heartedly supported me since the start, my father said that his heart suddenly stuffed up when we debuted as singers. Because he knew how tough that path is, he couldn’t just be happy about it. When we started it for the first time, “You take care of it” was the only thing he told us. Even now, instead of giving us deep advice and taking care of us, her encourages us and watches over us in his heart. However, it seems that he’s getting old lately. few years ago, suffering from colon cancer and rectal cancer, his heart has gotten weaker, he’d say “I’m a grandfather now”, he depreciates himself a lot but it hurts my heart whenever that happens.

    Living as a female idol

    Jeon Boram who debuted in a CF in 2008, while preparing for her acting debut she joined as a T-ara member in 2009 and got really popular. Next year, 5 years of her debut as a singer, she’ll turn 30 years old. She’s the oldest unnie in her group, and even among girl groups she’s one of the oldest. For that reason, teenagers are increasing and many idols are coming out in one year, she can only worry a lot about disappearing from the entertainment industry.

    30 years old by next year. It seems that you’ll have lots of worries as an idol star with ups and downs

    Throughout all that time, I only looked ahead of me and ran so I didn’t have the time to worry. It’s only lately that I started to have lots of such thoughts. I didn’t decide on until how old will I have to be an idol but since there aren’t at all any cases in which one continued to do it after being over 30 years old. Even not necessarily as idols, the members all act and have lots of talents so I see each of them finding her path. I wondered if it wouldn’t be the same for me as well.

    Until when do you want to do T-ara activities

    We went through the good and the bad together throughout the past 5 years, our teamwork now is better than ever. We did talk between the members about whether we will be able to last for 2~3 more years in the future. Although we can’t last together forever, if we get the chance we might be able to do activities together as we do individual activities. If possible, we hope to work together for a long time. They say that after a storm comes a calm, as we went through tough things together we came to know things that we didn’t know about each other and came to understand each other more. When I was doing this musical too, the members came and watched it. I thought it was a great embarrassment and a burden but actually, it really gave me lots of strength.

    What kind of role do you have in the team

    I think from what I appear as from the outside, I look like an old unnie but has to be taken care of as a dongsaeng. However, when I do the role of the unnie I do it for real. For the most part, being the type that listens a lot, I give lots of advice to the members when they’re having a hard time and let them rely on me. Now we are really like a family.

    If you were to tell us your future activities plan

    While faithfully doing activities as a T-ara members, if given the chance, whether it’s a musical like now or acting, whatever it is I want to work hard. This time while doing ‘The Lost Garden’, if it is a nice work, I disparately want to participate in it even if as a tree with no lines. Without being greedy, I want to calmly and orderly find what I am able of and put my efforts in it.


    Source: http://mnbmagazine.joins.com/magazine/article.asp?magazine=204&articleId=LLNOSR3T189VMF
    Translated by: t-ara.co

    I wasn't sure where to post this but I find it an interesting piece about Boram so I decided to post it here. If there's anything wrong please feel free to remove it.
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [14.02.18] T-ara to release a special tango style pop-dance song on the 20th   
    [14.02.18] T-ara to release a special tango style pop-dance song on the 20th

    Girl group T-ara has collaborated with composer Cho Youngsoo again.

    After collaborating last with Cho Youngsoo over a year and seven months ago for "Day by Day", T-ara members Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Soyeon will reunite with him for his signature "All Star" album.

    Cho Youngsoo's agency Nextar Entertainment said on Twitter on the 18th, "The first song for the '2014 All Star' album will be with popular girl group T-ara. The release is on the 20th so please anticipate it a lot." They also included a verification shot.

    T-ara last promoted "What Do I Do" and their members also are taking on individual schedules, but they have made time to join the project. Cho Youngsoo helped make T-ara's debut song "Lies" as well as "I Go Crazy Because of You", "Cry Cry", "Day by Day" and the "Women's Generation" and "Wonder Woman" project albums for T-ara, SeeYa, and Davichi.

    "First Love" is a dance-pop song utilizing the sexy charms of a sexy and elegant tango. The tango rhythm will contrast with intense and hurtful lyrics about an unforgettable first love. Rookie rapper "EB" will also feature in the song before his official debut.
    Source: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109786459
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.12.10] T-ara to auction off their own personal items in charity event on the 24th   
    [13.12.10] T-ara to auction off their own personal items in charity event on the 24th

    T-ara will hold a charity event for the less fortunate.

    T-ara will take a break from their busy activities to volunteer and directly donate to the elderly, disabled children, and nurseries. They will visit various neighborhoods and take the lead in the volunteer services.

    T-ara will hold a charity auction and auction off some of their own personal items such as costumes and accessories for a total of over 300 items. T-ara will directly auction the pieces on site for charity.

    T-ara's auction will also be live-streamed on the Internet worldwide for about three hours. Some of the goods being auctioned on the 24th can also be purchased over the Internet.

    T-ara's charity and auction event will be held on the 24th from 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM at the Nonhyeon cafe Cafenne and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. Other stars including Davichi, Ha Seokjin, Hwang Jungeum and Son Hojun will join the charity event and auction their own things as well.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131210n16727
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.12.30] T-ara's Boram cast as the lead character in the musical "The Lost Garden"   
    [13.12.30] T-ara's Boram cast as the lead character in the musical "The Lost Garden"

    T-ara member Jeon Boram was cast as the lead female character in the musical "The Lost Garden".

    The musical will begin on January 17th, 2014 and is the story of what happens when walls come down and hearts open. The setting is a beautiful garden that is guarded by an angry giant. Boram will be able to showcase her vocals in her solos "Wondrous Dream" and "The Lost Garden".

    Boram said, "I will try my best to express the pure genuineness of Mercy. Right now I am clearing out my mind and calming myself so I can execute my role to the best of my ability."

    The musical premiered in Shanghai on June 8th and 9th and then made it's way overseas. The musical is based on "The Selfish Giant" by Oscar Wilde and tells a story about love, friendship and happiness.
    Singer Kim Taewoo will play the lead male role in the musical.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131230n07079
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to CptFantasy in [13.12.04] T-ara's Japanese fanclub suddenly shutting down.. Will they stop Japanese activities?   
    I've found that making gifs instead of stressing over misleading news articles enhances my enjoyment of the music.
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.11.25] "Reply 1994" star Son Hojun to star in T-ara's new music video   
    [13.11.25] "Reply 1994" star Son Hojun to star in T-ara's new music video

    Son Hojun will star in T-ara's new music video.

    According to Core Contents Media on the 25th, Son Hojun recorded his scenes for the music video on the 21st and above is a picture of him with the members during a break.

    Core Contents Media said, "The appearance of Son Hojun in T-ara's music video was determined a long time ago. There was a friendly atmosphere as the members filmed with him."

    Son Hojun has appeared in a variety of dramas including "Coffee House", "Shanghai Brothers", and currently attracting a lot of attention in the tvN drama "Reply 1994".

    T-ara will release "What Do I Do" on the 2nd of next month. It's their reinterpretation of the "What Do I Do" that won as the University Song of The Year in 1977.

    Core Contents Media also revealed that the T-ara members choreography and facial expressions will be reminiscent of a musical. The music video was also filmed in the aspect of a musical.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131125n17551
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.11.28] T-ara's Boram releases TTL/Snow White style teaser image   
    [13.11.28] T-ara's Boram releases TTL/Snow White style teaser image

    Ahead of their comeback, T-ara has released the teaser image for Boram.

    The 4th member teaser released to the public was Boram. In her teaser images she sports a new hairstyle - a short bob that gives her more edge.

    In her images, she first appears in a TTL style and then has a contrasting image of a girl eating a poisonous apple in a fairy-tale Snow White style.

    Jiyeon's teaser image was dark and sorrowful, while Eunjung's was futuristic and provocative and Hyomin had a mysterious, sexy bunny charm. Now with Boram's image, it shows all four so far are different from each other and expectations are rised for the remaining two members.

    T-ara will premiere their music video on December 2nd at the COEX Megabox movie theater.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131128n11141
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to kkyc222 in [13.10.22] T-ara, a Tearful Interview. Instead of explaining, they are reflecting.   
    T-ara, A Tearful Interview… Instead of explaining, they are reflecting
    By Kim Yong Ho

    I met with girl group T-ara. The “T-ara Incident” that caused uproar in Korea last year. At the time, after finishing their Japan Buddokan concert, success was right in front of their eyes, but a small argument between the members became a large controversy through SNS. More so than the truth of what happened, the public was more interested and passionate in their witchhunt. There is nothing more saddening than to be misunderstood. The T-ara members had also wanted to defend themselves saying that “This was not what happened in reality.”

    Just like that, a year has passed and T-ara met with us reporters. But this time, the interview is not a consoling one. The controversy has to be something they face once more before their wounds can begin to heal. So right from the beginning I asked a powerful question “Why do you think T-ara is being criticised?”

    The girls jumped at the question. But it is a question that must be answered. Perhaps it was a question they were mentally prepared for. Member Eunjung carefully replied, “We think that there must be a reason. Although there were some misunderstandings, because we think part of the reason we hear those words is because of us, we have humbly accepted [the criticism].” Hyomin said “Because we disappointed a lot of people who gave us love, we were wrong. That was an irreparable mistake. We can’t pretend it never happened. We have reflected upon our immature actions and think that we can only work hard to [make up for it].” Eunjung said, “We think that not expressing our thoughts at the time was one of the reasons we were criticised so much. We are very regretful for not expressing our thoughts from our hearts well at the time. But now, instead of using words, we think that we should use action to demonstrate [our hearts].” The members expressed their regret.

    T-ara used to be one of the most loved girl groups. But now they are harshly receiving hate. A change like that is difficult for young girls to accept. I asked, “Isn’t the reality now very saddening?” But the answer I received was a mature one, “It seems like the sad period has passed and now we are thankful for little things.” Soyeon said “In the past, being nominated for 1st place seemed to be a given. But now, when we hear that we have been nominated for 1st place, we feel so happy we get goosebumps.” Eunjung said, “The way we think has changed. I think we are lucky to have obtained these results from working hard. We hope that we will achieve better results in the future.” Jiyeon said , “It seems like we really learned a lot. We learned to be thankful for little things.” T-ara talked about their thoughts on their comeback. Eunjung, “Achieving a lot of popularity at a young age can make people arrogant and that appearance can be revealed unconsciously. Although it may not be revealed with bad intentions, it seems to have been interpreted as such.” Answers like these, instead of defending themselves, it seems like T-ara has embraced a reflective attitude.

    Suddenly, the young girls began to cry. Hyomin and Eunjung were the first to pick up tissues. Soyeon, although saying “I really don’t want to cry”, started to choke up as well. Jiyeon, who usually does not say much and has been misunderstood a lot, her tears also ruined her makeup. The members all expressed their thanks to their fans. “We are so thankful for our fans who have stayed by us even after so many bad things happened. We understand how valuable they are,” they said, revealing their honest thoughts.

    T-ara recently released their 8th mini album “AGAIN” and is promoting with double title tracks “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.” In particular, No.9 has reached 1st place on several charts upon release and was even nominated for 1st in a music programme, achieving popularity. But T-ara is still very humble. With their heads down, they said “Instead of a desire for 1st place, we have been practising overnight with the thought that it would be great if we can receive love. We are thankful for getting response that is better than we thought.”

    Looking at T-ara, who expressed, “We were afraid about performing on stage when we knew we wouldn’t receive applause, but for those who have given us applause, we will do the best we can,” I am touched by the way they are struggling to overcome their trauma. I wonder if shedding tears like this will make them feel better. I look forward to T-ara overcoming these trials and becoming a cheerful girl group once again.

    Original source http://www.sportsworldi.com/Articles/EntCulture/Article.asp?aid=20131022022822&subctg1=50&subctg2=00&OutUrl=daum
    Translated via Chinese trans by TCN: http://www.t-arachina.cn/bbs/thread-67945-1-1.html
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.10.23] T-ara to recreate Sand Pebbles' song "What Do I Do" for December comeback   
    [13.10.23] T-ara to recreate Sand Pebbles' song "What Do I Do" for December comeback

    Retro queens T-ara will return!

    T-ara will do their reinterpretation of Sand Pebbles song "What Do I Do" that first became popular through college music festivals in 1977.

    T-ara will sample Sand Pebbles song "What Do I Do" to recreate and update it with composer Shinsadong Tiger for a brand new 2013 version. The arrangement will be trendy for young adults but will also bring back memories for the older population. It will be a pop dance song with a traditional melody.

    T-ara created a retro craze with "Roly-Poly" and want to recreate that craze again in 2013 with "What Do I Do". They want to be able to bring back happy memories of the past once again.

    T-ara's jacket image for "2013 What Do I Do" was released today and it features a cassette tape.

    T-ara will release "What Do I Do" on December 2nd.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131023n12294
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to Robbe_881 in [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (10/18)   
    [iG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (10/18)

    "감독님이랑 켄토랑!"

    "도쿄국제영화제. JINX!!!"


    Credit: Hyomin's instagram + Robbe_881 + tiaradiadem.com

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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.10.15] T-ara: "Our American advancement became a problem because of too much hype"   
    [13.10.15] T-ara: "Our American advancement became a problem because of too much hype"

    Girl group T-ara opened up about their American expansion controversy.

    On the 14th, T-ara met in Gangnam for an interview at a cafe to discuss their comeback and more. Regarding their American advancement, they said, "T-ara N4's entry into America was misleading because the information was exaggerated."

    T-ara's unit T-ara N4 (Hyomin, Areum, Eunjung, Jiyeon) announced their a press conference in May that they received a love call from Chris Brown to enter the American market. In America, T-ara showed up on stage at a pool party, and the controversial performance affected T-ara's image once again.

    Eunjung said, "We learned through articles that we'd be going to the Untied States. Suddenly, we quickly were preparing for the United States! We saw the place where we would be performing with Chris Brown and it was a party-type of place that we first thought would be contemptible."

    Following, "We didn't like the feeling we had while performing on stage with the others just standing beside us. Despite this, we're still proud that we were able to perform on stage in a prestigious place like the United States."

    Eunjung then said that "The United States advancement had too many expectations and hype surrounded around it, so it created a bigger problem in the end. Our company was expecting a record label contract and at the time saw a company offer us something good, so things didn't work out as we all thought (?)"

    Meanwhile, T-ara are currently promoting as six with "Number Nine" and "I Know The Feeling".
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131015n03906
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.10.11] Hwang Jungeum sends a message to T-ara, "You have suffered a lot, but be happy now"   
    [13.10.11] Hwang Jungeum sends a message to T-ara, "You have suffered a lot, but be happy now"

    Hwang Jungeum left a message of support for T-ara.

    On the 11th through her blog account, Hwang Jungeum posted, "Pretty T-ara dongsaengs album came out! I can see their maturity. Their hearts suffered a lot, but now, promote happily and prettily." She also included a picture of their new album.

    T-ara's image has transformed from their traditional image into a sexy image. They exposed their smooth legs and dark makeup - a sexy charm.

    T-ara's mini album "Again" has double title tracks, both which have appeal as emotional songs with compelling lyrics.

    Hwang Jungeum is currently in the KBS2 drama "Secret" and her words of support for T-ara have caught attention.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20131011n14450
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.09.27] T-ara appointed as models for Japanese fashion brand "DPG!" and talk about Japanese comeback   
    [13.09.27] T-ara appointed as models for Japanese fashion brand "DPG!" and talk about Japanese comeback

    Girl group T-ara has been appointed as models for the Japanese fashion brand DPG! and attend the opening ceremony of the store in Aoyama.

    On the 24th at the opening event, Qri said, "T-ara is all interested in fashion, so we are really happy to be given the chance to be models."

    Eunjung said, "I love the concept of '365 days of style' because everything they have is pretty and goes together well."

    Later, Soyeon talked about T-ara's activities. "On October 0th, we will comeback with an emotional and sorrowful dance song called "No. 9" and later release the Japanese version."

    Eunjung then said, "It's been over a year since our last song 'Sexy Love' was released in Korea. We are preparing hard to give a lot to this promotion cycle."

    T-ara was pictured cutting the tape in front of the store to officially begin day one of DPG! They also thanked and talked with media and consumers.
    Source: http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr/bulletin/2013/09/27/0200000000AKR20130927028100005.HTML?input=1179m
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.09.26] T-ara's Soyeon revealed to have been dating Click B's Oh Jonghyuk for almost 3 years   
    [13.09.26] T-ara's Soyeon revealed to have been dating Click B's Oh Jonghyuk for almost 3 years

    The rumors were true. Click B singer Oh Jonghyuk (30) and T-ara member Soyeon (26) have been dating for almost three years. By word of mouth, their relationship has been confirmed to Sports Seoul. They recently celebrated their 1000 days together and are in a serious relationship with each other. They both had to overcome Jonghyuk's enlistment in the military service.

    On the 23rd, Oh Jonghyuk and Soyeon celebrated their 1000th day anniversary with Sechs Kies Jang Soowon (33). They all went to a cafe together and enjoyed pork. Although there was no cake, the friends all shared the time together for the significant date in their relationship.

    Sports Seoul caught Oh Jonghyuk and Soyeon on camera and the sweet atmosphere of the couple. Oh Jonghyuk was consistently a gentleman and cute to his girlfriend. They both showed affection for each other and Jonghyuk would often stroke Soyeon's cheek during the dinner.

    Soyeon first confessed she was a big fan of Click B when she and Oh Jonghyuk appeared together on the November 2010 episode of KBS "Star Golden Bell". At the end of the show, Jonghyuk said, "These days not as many idols know me, but I'm very happy there is one who does."

    The two also appeared on "Bouquet" after that in December. On December 28th, 2010, the two began their relationship together as boyfriend and girlfriend.

    In April 2011, Oh Jonghyuk enlisted in the military. In June, he was finally finished with his service. Oh Jonghyuk and Soyeon patiently waited for each other. There have been accounts and sightings of Soyeon going to see him, and despite T-ara's activities, she still made time for her soldier boyfriend. Thanks to Soyeon, Oh Jonghyuk was released from the military with perfect health.

    Oh Jonghyuk constantly cheered for T-ara. When the Hwayoung bullying controversy happened, Soyeon had it tough day-to-day, but from the military, Jonghyuk encouraged her and gave her advice. They had many obstacles in their relationship, but they have maintained the love for each other.

    Oh Jonghyuk debuted under DSP Media in 1999 as a member of Click B and was active until 2003. He was the most popular member because of his handsome looks and his excellent singing skills. After that, he promoted as a soloist under the stage name OJ. In March, he renewed a contract with DSP Media which gathered attention.

    DSP Media said, "Soyeon and Oh Jonghyuk have been meeting with each other for a while now. He fell in love with her cute charms and her beautiful eyes." Soyeon's agency Core Contents Media said, "Yes, they are dating. Their parents and family know and support them. They are careful in their relationship and ask for support."

    Soyeon is loved by T-ara fans. She's been in dramas like SBS "Giant" and KBS2 "Haeundae Lovers" and will comeback with T-ara on the 10th of October.

    Source: http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/1243359.htm
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.09.26] T-ara to have comeback stage at Hallyu Dream Concert   
    [13.09.26] T-ara to have comeback stage at Hallyu Dream Concert

    Girl group T-ara will comeback with "No. 9" on Sunday, October 6th at the Hallyu Dream Concert before making their broadcast comeback on the 10th.

    T-ara's "No. 9" first be revealed at the Hallyu Dream Concert, four days before it's release on the 10th. Their agency believed this would be the best idea despite the givencircumstances that fans could record the audio and leak it out to the public or ruin it for other fans.

    In addition, T-ara revealed a new poster today, showing off their mature image in a sorrowful state.

    "No. 9" was produced by Shinsadong Tiger and Choi Kyusung and has been described as an "unconventional song" with emotional lyrics. T-ara will stick to what they are known for which is intense dance song with addictive melodies.

    T-ara will unleash their teaser for their comeback today through their website at 1:00 PM KST.
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130926n05742
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 reacted to nathaniel in [13.09.16] Prior to October comeback, T-ara will release desert music video teaser on the 25th   
    [13.09.16] Prior to October comeback, T-ara will release desert music video teaser on the 25th

    Girl group T-ara will make a return to the Korean music industry after being away for one year and five months.

    On October 10th, T-ara will resume activities in Korea. Prior to this, T-ara will film a three-minute music video teaser in a foreign desert location and shoot images which will be released on September 25th.

    This year, T-ara has been doing unit activities. T-ara N4 has promoted in Korea and the United States, while QBS promoted in Japan. The members also have had different individual activities.
    Their agency said, "After a long time being away, T-ara are pouring a lot of effort into their Korean comeback. We ask for a lot of interest into the song which is traditional T-ara, but better." They stated the new song will be a traditional T-ara song, but only more addictive and with a more focus on the music.
    They will also release a new mini album that will contain 5~6 songs.
    T-ara once again went through members changed earlier this year when it was announced that Areum had left T-ara and T-ara N4 to pursue her dreams a solo artist. Dani also is a member of T-ara, but has not debuted with them yet. It was revealed that for this time, T-ara will still promote as six members.

    Core Contents Media said, "Dani will not have any activities with T-ara. She recently came back as a featuring rapper in our company girl group F-ve Dolls' new title song 'I love you! But you don't love me'. For now, she is involved only in those activities.
    In addition to their comeback, T-ara's agency answered questions about Areum's present situation. "Areum is still continually practicing hard with the goal in mind of a solo comeback. When she will return as a solo is not yet decided amongst us."
    Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20130916n10344 // http://news.nate.com/view/20130916n13453
    Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem
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    kuriya17 got a reaction from tah-ryin in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    I wish them more success. More love. More of confidence. More of fighting Spirit. More of happiness.
    I just love this girls so much.
    But i laughed at the answer of eunjung regarding the 5 yr crisis. Yeah, it is a bit too early lol XD
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    kuriya17 got a reaction from mindori in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    I wish them more success. More love. More of confidence. More of fighting Spirit. More of happiness.
    I just love this girls so much.
    But i laughed at the answer of eunjung regarding the 5 yr crisis. Yeah, it is a bit too early lol XD
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    kuriya17 reacted to kkyc222 in [13.08.26] T-ara's tears have become Pearls   
    T-ara's Tears Have Become Pearls

    Girl Group T-ara welcomed their 4th anniversary recently. Once having enjoyed top popularity, this gemstone-like girl group has suffered hurt. The arrival and departure of some members (Hwayoung and Areum) and unconfirmed conjecture was discussed fervently. Their popularity that was not easily accumulated over the years seemed to have been destroyed in an instant. They seem to match the “5 year crisis” that idol groups commonly face in the Korean music industry where idols’ contracts [last around 5 years].

    To say that they are not burdened must be a lie. After the controversy that broke out in July last year, T-ara did not respond to any Korean media interviews. Because they believed that if they silently continued their own way, one day, their fans will understand them and any momentary misunderstandings will be resolved. In this case, we are not here to pick at their scars. To talk about T-ara’s past, present, and future – something that they will have to face sooner or later – we carefully conducted our interview.

    T-ara’s Eunjung who found courage to meet with Billboard Korea said “We cried a lot.” But they still continue to smile brightly.

    Q: If you were to think back to the past 4 years?

    A: We don’t feel like it’s already been 4 years. It still feels like we are rookies who’ve just reached 2 years. Compared to the actual number of years, we’ve been busy with a lot of activities. Other than music broadcasts, member’s individual acting activities, sub-unit activities, and musicals, we’ve lived such busy lives that we couldn’t even sleep a lot, time just passed by in the blink of an eye. Thinking about being able to achieve today’s position and to receive our fan’s love… Our fans’ congratulations have made our shoulders feel heavier, and our sense of responsibility has grown as well. In the future, we will be more careful about every word we say and everything we do.

    Q: The most memorable activity is?

    A: Bo Peep Bo Peep. It was a song that showed off the charisma that only belonged to us. The first time we put on the tails on our costume and wore the cat paws, we really didn’t like it. We wanted to be a cool and pretty girl group, and we wondered, do we really have to do this? But it was through this song that we achieved our first number 1 and even made it to Japan’s Oricon chart. If we used this song as a starting point, all of T-ara’s other concept and music were never too over the top. It was the song that allowed other countries to know our name.

    Q: From debut to now, things that have changed and things that have not changed are:

    A: The way we think has changed, and we’ve become more mature. When we first debuted we did not have our own goals, we were just like kids who did whatever our company told us to do. Now, we will positively think about everything we do, and we also understand the preciousness of fate that allows us to meet even the strangers who pass by us for a second. The things that have not changed is, even though we are no longer that young, the members still love to joke and play. Everyday is a continuation of a sitcom. This is what motivates us to stand on stage happily.

    Q: Thoughts about the “5 year crisis” that idol groups face

    A: Our crisis seems to have come a bit early. Haha. This seems to turn out for the better, it’s as if such a crisis does exist as people say. Although the sayings about members’ conflict and bullying will follow us around like labels, we think that as long as it is not true then it is fine. We won’t worry too much about it. If such sayings were true, then it would be very distressful, but the stories are all different from reality. It is not something that we can resolve even if we worried about it.

    The motivation for the T-ara who has become mature.

    T-ara is truly the “Korean Digital Sales Queens.” Lovey Dovey was number 1 on Gaon Chart in the first half of 2012, defeating Big Bang. In 2011, they also achieved number 1 on Gaon's Annual Aggregate Digital Chart through Roly Poly. That year, their Japanese debut track “Bo Peep Bo Peep” also made it onto the Oricon weekly chart.

    Even when involved in endless controversies, T-ara’s music and stage performance were also recognized. “Sexy Love,” which was hesitantly released when T-ara was surrounded by a lot of rumours, and the summer track “Bikini” also charted and achieved a “long run.” Their recently released second Japanese album “Treasure Box” also charted number 1 on Oricon on the day it was released.

    Q: What is the secret to popularity?

    A: There is no special secret. First, we have to thank the composers who give us good songs. And also the fans and company staff who support us by telling us “everything will be better,” they’ve given us a lot of motivation. As a result, we gained confidence. We work hard on stage to compensate for our inadequacy, these all seem to have a combined effect. When speaking about T-ara’s energy, we have also borrowed from the popularity of the retro dance and the shuffle dance. Unknowingly, our performances are able to show off “T-ara’s image” and “T-ara’s concept.” To have a defined colour and flavour, we are really happy.

    Q: Don’t you feel tired to have such active overseas schedules?

    A: Although getting used to the time difference is always difficult, it is the most difficult when the food doesn’t suit our tastes. In the end sleep become our best medicine. Actually, every member seemed to have lost weight without intentionally dieting. Like a normal girl group, we eat well and don’t pick and choose when it comes to food.

    Q: What do you do when you rest?

    A: Watch movies, eat good food. When we are in Japan, we often go to Harajuku but we have not been there recently because we’ve been busy.

    Q: Isn’t this just the right age for dating?

    A: Although the work we have now is good, we still want to date. Just like a normal university student, a romantic stroll around campus while holding hands, a date in the library. It seems like the more we are not able to do it, the more we want to do it. My ideal type is someone who has a manly side, but who also has the soft side of someone young, someone who is kind and well-mannered. Appearance is not important. It’ll be great if it is someone who is able to let other people feel his charisma and charm that is unique to him.

    Q: What kind of artists do you want to be remembered as?

    A: The strengths of artists who have been active for 1 year and those who have been active for 10 years are different. I hope when people think about T-ara, they will smile and say “Ah they really had a difficult time then” or “They were really great then”, I hope that we can be a familiar and warm group in their memories. A group that is able to show off different styles like a chameleon. Or even to the point of getting critiqued by people “Do you have a split personality?” A group that doesn’t stop changing and is able to show and convey a message through their music.

    Q: To T-ara, CCM’s present Kim Kwang Soo is:

    A: The only person who can make us happy and feel tired at the same time. He has weakened a lot. He used to always lecture and scold us, but recently he asks us for our opinion and shares with us his difficulties. He has the feel of the powerless arms of a father who is growing old. His emotions are also becoming very rich and abundant, it seems like it is time for us to take care of him instead.

    Q: A word to your fans?

    A: Thankful. For always believing and watching over us no matter what. To be able to lay aside right or wrong and to believe and wait for someone is really something that is not easy. We don’t look at our fan club as one group, but now we see each fan individually, one person by one person. They are all precious. Even for those who cannot support us as fans until the end, we won’t feel sad or resentful. We won’t forget those people who have given us love up to this day.

    T-ara has become stronger, their hearts steadier. They are no longer a girl group that has an extravagant exterior, but have become a pearl that shines quietly and faintly. The beginning of a glistening pearl is also created from a wound. Famous Korean poet Jeong Ho Seung said “A beautiful gemstone can only be created with time, brimming sincerity, and the embracing of trauma.” It is time for the future of T-ara, who will soon enter the US market, to catch the eyes of the public once again.

    Original article: http://www.billboard.co.kr/?c=v&m=v1&idx=37066
    Translated by via Chinese Subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2556657897
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    kuriya17 reacted to kkyc222 in [13.08.26] T-ara N4, December US Billboard Debut   
    T-ara N4, December US Billboard Debut

    T-ara began subunit activities in the beginning of this year through T-ara N4 and QBS. Their styles are different. T-ara N4 is targeted at the American/European market while QBS is targeted at Asian countries like Japan and China etc.

    Eunjung explained "If you say that you can feel the unique and true colors of the 6 members of T-ara when we are together, then the subunits are a different side of us." T-ara N4 gathered together the "strong" women and their music is filled with a strong and hip hop atmosphere. QBS is the opposite, very feminine, and is made up of the members who fit the image of white dresses by the sea and under the blue sky. Eunjung smiling, said "Both images are very good," "Because we can't do both at the same time, we don't feel greedy about the subunits."

    The subunit that has received special attention is T-ara N4. They have knocked on the doors of the US market, and received the praise of hip-hop star Chris Brown. Previously in May, they went to America and set up their future music activities with Chris Brown and T.I etc.

    At their interview with Billboard Korea, T-ara revealed for the first time parts of their plan for the US market. Their US album is starting to take shape. Their debut date may be December of this year. In their single album, two new English songs will be recorded along with the new version of Jeonwon Diary. The English version of Jeonwon Diary was arranged by Chris Brown personally.

    The title song has not yet been determined, but it should be one of the new songs. Jiyeon said, "We've finished recording it and it is a very exciting and electronic dance genre song," "There will be a featuring by a pop star which will surprise people."

    Their contract is signed with America's Empire Records. There are still some who remain doubtful and refuse to believe this, turning up their noses at the news of T-ara entering the US market and even making fun of their outdoor performance when they were invited by Chris Brown, saying that they've only performed on a small stage and whether all this hype is an exaggeration.

    At this, T-ara did not have any response. Because of some controversies, their music achievements has been downplayed and belittled. T-ara lightly said, "Theres nothing we can do about this, it seems like it is something we must face," "If we were to explain, why not perform to our best instead, and make those who like our music believe us. We cannot force the public to like us."

    Very frustrated. Not every performance is a large scale performance. "Whether the performance venue is big or small doesn't matter. Even if there is only one person in the audience, standing on stage itself is something to be happy and excited about" This is what they think.

    That there were some problems of communication is true. Eunjung said, "Honestly, we were alarmed when we saw how narrow the stage was. But this was not anybody's fault. It's just that we should have carefully asked for more details, there was just inadequate flow of information prior to the performance. Chris Brown also performed on that stage the same way we did. But our performance seemed to have been distorted and misrepresented, as if we performed on a stage that was not meant to be stood on, we are a bit sad about that."

    Chris Brown is still a supporter of T-ara. Chris Brown and T-ara member Dani are close and this along with some musical aspects of T-ara N4 is why he came to this decision. T-ara said about themselves "We are lucky." Reviews of T-ara as the "Girl Group with the Most Korean Flavour" plus the use of Tae Pyeong So (traditional Korean music instrument) in Jeonwon Diary caught the interest of the relevant people involved with their overseas album.

    Recently, T-ara has been busy learning English and Japanese. The members expressed "We never even dreamed that we could enter America," "Because we could not adequately prepare/learn foreign language like other groups, and because an opportunity like this is rare, we will work hard," They are not afraid of failure. T-ara said "We might not succeed. If we started to have these worries, then we should not start altogether." "If we continue our activities with a sincere attitude, then we should be able to achieve a good result. After Japan's Oricon chart, we want to leave a mark on a page of the US Billboard chart too."

    Original article: http://media.daum.net/m/media/newsview/20130826171510678
    Translated via Chinese subs by TCN: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2556263953
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    kuriya17 reacted to Robbe_881 in [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (08/06)   
    [iG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (08/06)


    Credit: Hyomin's instagram + robbe_881 + tiaradiadem.com

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