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Status Updates posted by kniow21

  1. I need to finish typesetting WGM today, or else I won't be able to sleep :/

  2. Cough cough... I think my asthma will come out T_T

  3. The xxxx... I was encoding it without sub and logo? O_o Ugh, I have to start it again T_T

  4. "My my my dilemma, from the moment I met ya~"

  5. Where is my tissue box? I NEED IT!

  6. I'm in the mood of watching romantic comedies (while trying to recover from this cold)... any good movies? recommendations?

  7. Whole body hurts T_T

  8. Up! Ugh, I feel bad... sick... hurts

  9. Yeah, finally I can breath through my nose ^^ How can somebody get cold in the middle of a hot summer?! Just ME! LOL

  10. HOMG I LOVE MBLAQ'S MONA LISA!!!!!! <33333

  11. I HAVE FOUND A JOB!!!!!!!! Now I can concentrate on subbing... no more stress :)

  12. My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Selena Gomez & The Scene (122), 2PM (76) & f(x) (46) http://bit.ly/hMYaKM

  13. It's so hot here...

  14. The xxxx everybody is misunderstanding me :( I won't talk then...


  16. I'm going to party tonight ^^

  17. ugh, starting to have a headache again T_T

  18. I got a terrible headache, but I'm okay now ~ took me two hour though... Hello everybody :)

  19. Somebody hold me... or I will fall hard one day... I know... it's building up and then FALL!

  20. LOL I'm saying @TiffnaySHOCK is slow with QC-ing when I did 30 lines so far with this show in 2 hours 8) I'm SLOW! changing everything!

  21. Another long day /sigh

  22. LOL whad the xxxx does he want from me again? Thought that he would understand my no (twice) :/ plus thought he has a girlfriend now....MEN

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