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  1. I'm lurking. Yes, I'm lurking lol after almost 1 year being away. Looking at our old posts it felt so nostalgic to me. Damn I miss those moments. But yeah I'm aging, real life is taking its toll on me, my priorities changed, career comes first. Anyway I will never say goodbye to Diadem and T-ara (even thou they're gonna disband) coz I know I will be back here every once in a while. I won't delete my old posts especially in our Eunyeon thread coz I love 'em damn much. I remember very well how much effort I put in doing the analysis before sharing those investigation and findings on these two byuns lol. I hope those posts will remain in Diadem for our future Queens' reference. 

    Oh well.. why does it feel like a goodbye note? LOL.

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