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  1. there's a rainbow always after the rain.. :D

    yes, they are starting over again but isn't there a saying "love is sweeter the second time around"..now is there second chance..

    and i know they will make it there;to the top.. we'll just be there for them to support,always..

    and if people will only be open minded and be considerate to see what's there beyond the face, the rumor, the mistakes and anything else that's keeping them blind to see what T-ARA is...- a group of people whose reaching for their dreams and they are willing to share their talents and hardwork with us.. isn't that amazing?...

    T-ARA loves us.. they share what they have, they give what's there to give.. and in return we should believe in them.. and be proud as a Queen :)

  2. remember guys there's a rainbow always after the rain.. i know you guys can redeem yourselves and be back again.. step by step.. little by little.. eventually everything will be ok..
    i'm happy coz everyone learned a lesson.. even us.. no matter what happens stay humble.. be brave and never loose hope...
    haters will always hate.. just prove to them that you deserve the respect and acknowledgement coz you've all worked for it..
    we will always be here for you guys! support you till the end!.. T-ARA FIGHTING!!!
    Godbless! have faith :)

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