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  1. RT @_transbot: 161223 Areum's Instagram https://t.co/vGBzwGVbNH https://t.co/T38wkVoCrZ

  2. RT @maomaosforehead: Please save Seungwan and Joohyun https://t.co/GGdlXfpHt4

  3. RT @RVSeulgi_Trans: I voted for #RedVelvet for Greatest Girl Group 2016 #SBSPopAsia https://t.co/qHKLzePJKU #RedVelvetSBSPopAsiaAwards

  4. RT @maomaosforehead: Irene looks so alarmed

  5. RT @ReVelUpSubs: Our Bingo Talk was taken down by SBSPlus (Got a copyright strike too ㅠㅠ) But you can still watch it on our website: https:…

  6. RT @WNCJOY: (CAM) 160903 스카이 페스티벌 음악중심 - Ice Cream Cake FULL -https://t.co/HGQnkaQgEW #레드벨벳 #RedVelvet #조이 #Joy https://t.co/dDFKo0DgXF

  7. lol :( https://t.co/JPikWL8yHu

  8. @patooteenee your welcome o/

  9. RT @WNCJOY: [2016 Joy’s Bday Support] ▶DVD Track List◀ 11 Tracks, All Unreleased Due August 17th (KST) https://t.co/C278Y6SWpz https://t.co…

  10. RT @sonsomething: #예리 #YERI #fanart #RedVelvet #레드벨벳 #레드벨벳2주년 #2YearsWithRedVelvet https://t.co/sTkkcaLjyB

  11. RT @Jingdot: [Jingdot 4th PTB 'Shining Moment']

  12. RT @rvlvt: baby eating her candy https://t.co/OIkr0YA6Q9

  13. RT @thinkB329: 자꾸생각나 1st PHOTOBOOK '흔치않은 설레임(Romantic Picnic)' https://t.co/N7PdCfnHVn

  14. RT @vancew90: [TRANS] Comments on Naver article about T-ara’s agency taking legal actions https://t.co/D2HSHCdP7A https://t.co/tn7lxC8UvQ

  15. RT @vancew90: [NEWSEN] Jiyeon wearing a rashguard, showing off her slim and slender waist, a beauty that evokes admiration https://t.co/ZbL…

  16. RT @redjuhye0n: [trans] dj__s2: "#Dream #DreamConcert seulgi is pretty!! red velvet is the best!!" https://t.co/Dqxu7H5PXi https://t.co/MtK…

  17. RT @_transbot: [TRANS] hyominnn: Thank you for wishing me happy birthday

  18. RT @tinytushy: Are any of them wearing shorts even https://t.co/RE0hvyPOpR

  19. RT @engm_kr: 160514 #웬디

  20. RT @baejuhyeoned: 160506 MC Irene and MC Bogum! https://t.co/6hB9haxv00

  21. RT @_transbot: 160428 Soyeon’s instagram https://t.co/IJd00ofh9m https://t.co/FVE8cGijZE https://t.co/heM1LfJB2x

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