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  1. @mingukislife congrats fam!!

  2. @gwallalisa source pls..tnx

  3. @BP_ROLISA can someone help to translate.thanks in advance

  4. @PinkOnceMooJack yes!! :)

  5. fanboys!!! https://t.co/6knHvDToL2

  6. RT @OneHallyu: Join us for our giveaway part 3! https://t.co/owz8msbunK

  7. RT @marnolo_forever: Fighting JjongAh #JjongAh200Days

  8. im so happy!!congratulations to eunjung unnie! i know and i believe you will be great! eunjung fighting!!!. mbc: thank u
  9. is it just me or our Hyomin looks like Kristen Stewart. i love he MAMA awards night look!
  10. http://t.co/FuK2bBl7 nothing sexier than a Subway Sandwich Artist spreading tuna salad with an ice cream scoop
  11. How long do you have to be ignorant before you start experiencing bliss? http://t.co/Z4LuRs6I

  12. http://t.co/psngWkx5 I don't use Miracle Whip, I use Coincidental Circumstances Easily Explained by Reason Whip.
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