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  1. I just worry that everyone put high hopes for Danee & forgot that she's a 14yrs old girl with little or no experience in entertaintment industry. What if her acting wont be as good as our expectation(or worse)? Or what if the drama flops?

    I hope ppl wont give her bad reaction by than, hope those haters will not use that opportunity to bash her.

    Danee is going to be a part of T-ara, no one can stop KKS in doing that, so for the sake of T-ara lets be realistic & not put our hope so high for Danee.

    But if she's doing great lets give her standing ovation :D

  2. Agree that Jiyeon is the visual & most popular member, but personally Boram is the one who always caught my attention.

    Not only for her height (no offense - now I like pettite woman), but her hair color (mostly stay black when everyone else dyed theirs) & her position/pose when T-ara taking pictorial (mostly at center or with different pose - sit while others are standing etc)

  3. So the article was made up, and the real situation was not that bad.

    I'm glad for that, Im sure that not all K-audiences were that bad (stupid, childish, narrow minded, etc) or we wont see our girls slay the charts as they do now.

    But I still feel that the girls will be more suitable for the rest of the world rather in their own homecountry.

    Let's make T-ara goes world wide! S.Korea (sorry to say) is "too small" for them!

  4. Actually someone did "remake" the song using the beat from the teaser, and its really nice! <3

    Daebak for that guy, hope he wont get any trouble for that. :)

    Yes I also agree that Sexy Love is not the best song from T-ara, but not because of the repetition of sexy word. I like their BP better.

    But the sexy dance is awesome! I love to see Boram & Qri changes.

    Though I really love Boram with pony tail, but I know its time for her to show that she's more than a cute looking, she's 26 for Christ sake!

  5. When will those idiots give up giving T-ara bad times? Well, maybe they dont have anything else to do in their pathetic real life, they feel like they're someone important in the net since they are capable of frightening those gutless TV stations. When in reality maybe they are only have miserable life (past, current & future)

    Anyway I really love how the girls move on with their live & able to stand up again with their comeback. Daebak! <3

    Looking forward for everything they'll do next :)

    As for the little ones, I hope they will have other opportunities to perform. All the best for the little & "big" T-ara! (did I say big? Ow but thats including u too lovely Boram <3 )

  6. Sexy Love is amazing! <3 (Really love Boram there) Either song and both MV's! I hope it will be an all kill soon :)

    As for D&N, can't see any reasons why do they have to involve non members in this song. No offense to Shannon & Gavy. These 2 will easily outsing by So Yeon & Eunjung.

    Or maybe if it was sing by other members Ahreum wont be able to stand out? But hey, KKS can always give Ahreum 90% of the lines to her and use the others as dancers.

  7. I really like T-ara's attitude and from a foreigners perspective: those k-netizens are lucky to even have T-ara.

    Show them who the real boss is!

    Yeah k-netizens doesn't know how lucky they are! Wish I can move T-ara to my country, they'll be adored here.

    Now after the Sexy Love teaser released, suddenly they gave positive responses....what the heck! Do they suffer from mass amnesia??

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