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  1. Thanks for sharing ^^ Gosh everyone looks so precious <3 words can not describe this picture
  2. It's official, my bias has changed to Soyeon.

  3. Oh gosh what are you? ( just too flawless. Everyone looks amazing. Rambo, you need to gain more meat in those legs of yours.
  4. I totally loved the MJ outfits. I love it even more because the outfits were so unexpected. For Sexy Love, I would always imagine something girlie but this is just plain sexy and I loved how they styled Areum's hair <3 P.S the fan chants were totally fab
  5. Lookie~ Soyeon returning from service. She looks fabulous, seriously
  6. I'm also waiting for that day. But if they do come, they're MOST LIKELY to hit California, L.A. to be exact /while some of us lives on the other side of America >__>
  7. Ah.. Concerts in Asian... while I live in the United States.. lol. Good luck to our girls
  8. I love how the shortest is in the middle and then both sides gradually becomes taller ahaha
  9. Oh wow 700! I'm starting to really like HK fans lol.
  10. Thank you everyone looks so amazing Qri's beauty never fails to make my heart skip a beat.
  11. Oh my gosh Qri thank you for this Doesn't work? D: that sucks
  12. there seem to be a lot of good pictures with hwayoung. It'll be lame if they decide to remove/edit those pics out
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