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  1. @utadahikaru Just sing to them 1 of your songs ?? ??

  2. @NianticHelp @NianticHelp Hi, please this take note this is not the 1st time trainer club is down .. google account… https://t.co/YIqrqO1pBV

  3. @EXIDear @LESingapore ??

  4. @AMAJING93 Still avaliable? ?

  5. @Citrus_Angels ??? u pro leh.. think no need use a lot time 1.. can provide short entertaintment news 1.. can try u might get it ????

  6. @Sg_Nabonghini ?? i was there too..lugia escape ?

  7. A long Story ~ 一言难尽? https://t.co/Jah5D3llX8

  8. @Citrus_Angels Ya i try tat b4 too this channel cant be play in korea.. jst like in sg cant play sbsmusic channel ?

  9. @ssothebest https://t.co/DJTM2mtbSG

  10. Stone Edge~ https://t.co/QBTYfZB26m

  11. @Citrus_Angels jiyeon with qri jst nw ?

  12. @CornOppa korea can play pokemon?

  13. RT @SoljiSingapore: Happy New Year's Eve LEGGOs ^^

  14. ? strike a jiyeon card ~ https://t.co/9gHad2I4ON

  15. @Citrus_Angels ya lor y ah?? yst the mnet hurt untill today aso no?

  16. Hypno selfie with jiyeon

  17. @Citrus_Angels ohh ohh haha

  18. @Threeanglespro hi how do me get to knw our Cat1 pass result in Either a High Touch Pass or Group Photo Op & Rehearsal Pass? Gfriend Shwcase

  19. When will we b able to see a Final Form of SugarFree (T-ARA&EXID)

  20. @Timetoloveee 恭喜发财 !!!

  21. RT @MaknaeLine__: @Chrisztianz @mjc0930 hahaha..... But i'm a faithful Queen's... lol... but i like some of A Pink Songs.. :D they are good…

  22. @Timetoloveee famous plc maybe myeong dong alot shop there , ehwa woman university also quite nice plc alot things to shop.

  23. Cool n powerful advertisment

  24. RT @EXIDERS_: [!] #EXID LE wrote part of the lyrics DIA's 'My Friend's Boyfriend'

    listen the song here > https://t.co/6T9CjRCGzn https://t…

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