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  1. Wow. Wow  * speechless*


    It's finally confirmed. Though we were already teased by these pictures before, with this confirmation, I am still very surprised. This, this is the side I didn't expect from Eunjung. She stayed true to what they said that this solo will be a totally different concept from T-ara.


    Now, I want to know whether this will be just a single song or a mini album. I want a mini album. And rap song too.

  2. Wow! * speechless*

    Wow! * keeps staring at the the pictures with mouth open*

    Edit: After picking my jaw from the floor and blinked, I say this gives me motivation to go back to gym. What a big transformation for Eunjung. I remember reading my T list and how people,including fans, were making fun of chubby Eunjung. And now, all I can say is Wow!

  3. Wow, I was kind of hoping for this so I am glad there will be one. I think it was good strategy that they release one at a time so the mv got a lot of views. Now that people are starting to settle from the hype of their comeback, they are bringing in the drama MV. So this will bring the attention and hype again as I for one am looking forward for the drama MV so much. That will suffice( for now) for craving of Eunjung in drama.

  4. As much as I would like to see Eunjung in a drama or movie, I am happy that she is also expanding her field. And i am thankful that she has given these opportunities. It may be a step back considering she was already lead is dramas. But this is a good step nonetheless. Voice acting/narration is also hard. And because she wants to concentrate on T-ara activities, she left as MC( which needs weekly commitment) and stay away from acting( which need More commitment). SO to see her participating in specials and MC and narration, I am very happy. These will help us Eunjung fans as we await for her return to dramaland. I hope though that after T-ara promotions and US debut, we will see Eunjung in drama again. I miss her acting soooo much. I am already resorting to dig up her old movies and drama appearances pre debut just to see her acting.

  5. Since Eunjung mentioned guitar, does it mean she was playing guitar? Or other instrument?

    It's really more exciting to know this news. Thank you Eunjung for always keeping your group and fans in mind. You are such a jewel.

    I still hope though that I will see her play the piano. Or that Yukelele/whatever she received in Mongolia.

  6. She's really cute in those those clothes. Wished she will have a saguek drama again soon.

    It would be interesting if she plays a cross dressing character ad well since she can really really look like a handsome man.

    I am looking forward for this special to air. I hope this will receive positive response so it will become a regular show. And Eunjung could be a regular MC.

  7. Can't help but cry after reading this interview. I love Eunjung's answers. She was always mature when she needs to be and she is continuing to grow.

    She is really brave. It makes me sad to remember the sad time. I can't imagine how she feels when she was asked and open the wounds,especially as she was the one mostly affected. Like she said, that scandal will most likely follow them everyday wherever they go like a label. But as long as they know that it wasn't true, they can held their heads high and continue and stay strong. They will face every trial, obstacle or typhoon. As long as there is one who believes in them, they will keep going.

    I believe this character is what Korean society needs. Lately, netizens and media have too much power that they can push someone to suicide. As T-ara makes it through all what happened, it will be an example and testament that even if majority hate and criticize, one can survive and make it through for as long as one remain strong and resilient. Like T-ara.

    Of course, it is because of those who support them, no matter how few. T ara and queen's, fighting.

  8. After reading Eunjung's interview with Billboard, her departure from SC, Dani's tweet, I can say that this debut is on the way. I pray and wish for the best for these girls. Road to success is never easy. They has a rough introduction to American stage, but it's not something to lose hope for.

    Sure ,more obstacles will come, not to mentioned what they had gone already, there is always hope that they will succeed in the end. As long as they stay strong, stay positive and work hard, their efforts will pay off.

    Many will doubt them, many will mock them, but I believe in them and will continue to support them.

  9. I just found out not long ago that Eunjung will leave Show Champion. Watching her every week has been part of my life since end of Jan. I can't help but cry. But I am also holding the hope that she has a better project coming up. The reason why she is leaving Show! Champion. Eunjung, I will miss seeing you in Show Champion but I am looking forward to your new opportunities and projects. All the best.

  10. Now to Mongolia?! T-ara really is touring every state of the world STARTING THIS YEAR! :D

    Good to know they are expanding. If I look at things positively, I look back at Hyomin's words "Things happen for a reason" and thought, maybe what happened became an opportunity for them to be stronger and spread their wings. well i hope they will also come to Ph or Australia( Mel).

  11. Wow. Beautiful layout. Very similar to the one this forum had when I started. At first I thought, "Am I in the right page? But I see Qri in the header, so must be T ara site." Then I realized " Oh, lay out change, NICEEEEE"

    I wish to thank all the contributors and staffers of this wonderful forum for making a continuous, loving and wonderful T ara experience for everyone.

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